Overwatch 2 Hero Guide – Winston




Overatch Hero Guide – Winston

Today we will begin taking a look at the next role in our guide list, that being the Tank. They are one of the most important parts in the game as they role is key for achieving a victory against your enemies. They can represent a lot of things inside the game, mainly damage takers but that is not the only thing some of them can do. 

For example we have a high mobility tank or another representative that hooks enemies. They are amazing for taking down low health enemies, like healers snipers. You can even think of them as something like big and chunky assassins. 

Today we will be taking a look at one of those specific representatives, namely Winston the super smart space monkey. As always we will begin with a small lore introduction in order to get to know him better and proceed with looking at his skills and how to utilize them the best.

Who is Winston?

Winston is a scientist and adventurer at heart who used to have his base of operations on the Horizon Lunar Colony but later on had to leave it. The 29 year old Winston used to be a part of the Overwatch organization as well and has proceeded to be the one to try and revive it in the current timeline.  He is a super intelligent gorilla that was crated as an experiment to genetically engineer a genius primate. 

Before we get into him specifically we have to talk about the Horizon Lunar Colony. It was established as the first step into human space exploration and it was inhabited by humans and genetically enhanced gorillas with the idea of testing out prolonged space habitation. Out of all the gorillas one showed a lot of potential for growth above the expected one by the scientists. 

That is why Dr. Harold Winston decided to take care of it and teach it everything he could. He showed him various scientific experiments and even showered him with stories of humans and their amazing ingenuity. The young Winston would generally pass the time in the station, observing experiments and looking at Earth through the observation deck in the station. 

He imagined countless interesting experiences and possibilities that awaited him on the big blue world. Everything was going well for him and his life with Harold was full of joyful experiences but alas that all changed one day. The other gorillas decided that they had enough of the humans on the space station and led a dreadful rebellion which took the lives of all the humans on the station. Winston was distraught at the actions taken by the others and took the name of his caretaker, afterwards making a rocket and escaping to Earth. 

There he found an organization that matched what his father had taught him about humanity. That organization was called Overwatch. He decided to join them and do his best to save others. 

He became one of the heroes, he always heard about when growing up

Unfortunately after the fall of Overwatch, Winston went into seclusion and was cut off from everything he loved and believed in. That all changed one that when his lab was attacked and he finally took the decision to bring back all of the members of Overwatch. 

Let us continue with taking a look at all the abilities this amazingly fun and useful Hero! 

  • Tesla Cannon – This is the main weapon of Winston that discharges an electrical current that hits enemies in a short range while keeping down the trigger button. This weapon is quite good for those of you that are not the best at aiming as the current hits enemies automatically.
    This makes Winston a perfect beginner hero. While he is good for new player, mastering him is definitely worth it and helps in later stages of your gameplay.

  • Jump Pack – With this ability Winston propels himself through the air by making a big jump and deals decent damage, while staggering his opponents when he lands. This ability is quite good as the cooldown is not that big and can definitely help you get out of a sticky situation. Also it is amazing if you want to reach the enemy healer for example and kill them before jumping right back out of danger.

  • Barrier Projector – Winston deploys a barrier bubble around himself that absorbs damage until destroyed by the enemy.  As typical with most barriers in-game your allies can safely shoot from inside it. Also amazingly good once you engage the enemy. By deploying it after landing you can safely defeat the squishier enemies before jumping to safety.

  • Primal Rage – This is Winston’s Ultimate ability and it gives you a significant tankiness that can help you survive tough situations. He receives a health and melee attack boost that makes him an unstoppable beast on the field. Also the Jump Pack ability’s cooldown is significantly reduced so that he can spam it as much as he needs. Keep in mind though that in this form you can only melee attack and when you hit someone it pushes them away. You can use this one quite well if you are close to a ledge and push off the whole enemy team before they know what happened. 

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