Overwatch 2 Blizzard World map guide




Overwatch Blizzard World map guide


Today we will be taking a look at the amazingly interesting and beautiful map “Blizzard World” which shows us all the biggest Blizzard titles in one place. Here we can enjoy some interesting rides, taverns, statues and so much more. This is a shout out to all of the amazing franchises that Blizzard has made and what is even more fun is that we can shoot each other while feeling like we are in WoW, Starcraft, Diablo or even together with the Lost Vikings. 

This map was something of a surprise to us player and it officially brings Blizzard even further into the Overwatch universe, which is even more surprising. We as Blizzard fans really like the idea of all this and hope that in the future we can see more such themed maps. But enough about the map premise, we should also look at some tips and tricks that you can use in order to improve yourself and get as many wins as possible! 

We shall take a look at what the attackers have at their disposal first

Overall there are quite a bit of flanking routes available which you can utilize as much as possible! You will be able to go through Fargodeep Mine, Duskwood and even the amusingly named Snaxramas. Here you should also try your best to gather a mobile team as heroes like Pharah, Genji, Winston and Tracer are absolutely amazing at distracting the enemy team while you secure the point as well as vital kills. 

On the first point you will have to try your best to get as many kills as possible as the walking distance from the defender’s spawn is quite long. Try your best to assassinate them with a Widowmaker for example. A Junkrat is also very useful as there are quite a lot of chokepoints and narrow walkthroughs where you can devastate the enemy. 

Something that is like a theme in most Overwatch maps is the high ground again. You can use quite a lot of ledges and vertical spots in order to get an advantage when pushing the Payload. Always try your best to have a DPS on one of those spots as that will be invaluable when fighting against the defenders. The second point is a little bit tricky and will take a bit of time to reach and you should be prepared for long fights and constant harassing from the enemy. 

Always keep an eye on your backline as it is very easy to reach, without even noticing the enemy. You will have to choose your composition quite well and try to get a lasting team and even a couple of more tanks than you would normally play in a team with. Some good picks for assaulting the second point are Reinhardt who will soak up the damage and a Winston or D.VA which will assault the enemy and get out of a sticky situation, if needed.

Up next are the defenders and what they can do in order to stop the relentless assaults of the attackers. As a defender you must try your best to hold out on the first point as long as possible. It is incredibly good for defending and will typically require a coordinated team in order to push through the defense. A good thing you can do there is to stay close to the Stormwind’s gate and not let the enemy take ground. 

The important thing here is to keep them from entering and also looking out for flankers. Also since this is a hybrid map, be prepared to play a couple of different heroes and don’t stick with only one composition. If you lose the first point, change to something else if needed so that you can take the enemy by surprise. Some amazing heroes that you can pick in any situation here are Reinhardt and Orisa, as they will be the valuable shield that helps you stop the attackers. 

The second point you will have to defend is placed in the Starcraft area of the amusement park. There you will have to take the high ground and defend it, because if you lose it, it will be quite possible for you to lose the point as well. Something you should try and do is to delay the Payload from Point A to the first checkpoint. The reason for that is, you will most likely be unable to stop them there, but delaying them is much more valuable in the long run. 

When defending the last point try to take control of the bend in the path as there you have cover and also high ground which can be used to harass the attackers. The idea is that you will have the element of surprise and they will not know what to expect around the corner. Overall as always try to always be aware of what is happening in the flanking locations and if you see someone there, take them out as fast as possible. Don’t get distracted too much by the main road as that will definitely lead to a loss. Just be patient and careful and you will definitely score a win.

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