Overwatch 2 Castillo Map Guide



Overwatch Castillo Map Guide

A few weeks back we covered one of the Overwatch maps namely Black Forest, which really surprised us with how much it had to offer, being really not on the same tier in terms of grandeur as the full-fledged maps. There we mentioned that it was indeed part of a map set introduced in an Anniversary event back in 2017, the next 2 maps we are not going to let sit on the side bench and instead take them out on the forefront. Today we will be bringing you Castillo, the neighbour map of its bigger brother Dorado. 

Castillo appears to be the most connected one of the three, since when loading into any of these three maps, on the loading screen it does say Necropolis and Black Forest when loading into them, but on Castillo it does say Dorado. Castillo is situated on a hill further out towards the mouth of the bay that Dorado sits on, from the first you can see that it was in fact designed with defence in mind, looking like a fully operational fort from the side. 

Many defensive measures have been placed, with several cannons situated to look onwards to the ocean. Furthermore, not all of Castillo is build ready for war, several little houses have been build up on one another and various amenities. 

Continuing on the what this article is all about and that is the guide. We are going to be starting off with heroes situated in the Damage category. Torbjorn is one such, his turrets can really do some massive damage and even more irritation since most of the lower part of the map is tight corridors, picking between taking down the turrets and actually taking down the other hero who is out to take you out.

Having turrets on the map is always helpful, but why not take the hero who can turn into a turret, Bastion is even more irritating, since now you have a turret who does even more damage, while being able to heal himself and even have option to get up and change position, and do not get us starting about having the ability to change into a tank. 

Heroes who have the ability to set traps are also irritating, some would say even more, but that is left to what hero is trying to beat them. Junkrat can really set upon carnage, since his basic attack has an area of effect damage type and can actually cover quite a bit of space in those tight corridors, and his ability to set traps can work wonders. 

Snipers can work wonders in almost all situations, but here, since most of the fighting is situated in those aforementioned tight corridors, her ultimate which can help her team see the enemies or her poisonous traps which can be set at doorways as to minimize time to react is the way to go, despite that, she is not that useful here. 

However, not all the map is based in tight corridors, the better part of it is rather pretty open 

We are mostly covering those small and tight corridors, since it almost every time better to circle around the enemy, since you are pretty easy to get killed up in the open. To finish off the Damage category, we are going to end with possibly the best hero in tight places and that so happens to be Reaper. No other hero excels as much as he does in the ‘’up close and personal’’ way of fighting, if you ever have the option of taking him, pick up the Reaper and prepare to reap the rewards. 

Turning onto the defensive side of things, the Tank heroes are up next. Tank heroes have an integrated weakness built into them, since they are all big and they are fighting in tight corridors, the chance of the enemy missing is reduced to minimal. 

Winston can set a shield to soak up some of the damage and even it if fails, he can still take some damage before falling. His ultimate ability can wreak havoc upon the enemy since what we mentioned about the enemy having low chance to miss, when he uses his ultimate, the tables have been turned. 

Reinhardt can do some serious damage as well as tanking up as much, with 1 swing of his hammer, he can cover almost all of the place in those corridors and that ultimate is also hard to miss in those situations. 

Supporting themselves or their teammates, you can do no wrong with the Support heroes, who can do some rather interesting mechanics. Brigitte is also placed here thanks to the same thing that Winston and Reinhardt were placed, that normal attack can really abrupt the opposing teams tactics. Having a shield which can be used also a way to stun an opponent, and even having a heal is really useful. 

However, few supports can match Moira in terms of fighting in those circumstances, either choosing the regeneration orb or the decay orb can change the tide of the fight, but surely try to be more cautious as her, since she does not have a shield and that can really lower the survival probability.

There are countless combinations of different heroes who can work here, we just covered some who we have tested and have solid proof of their ability to work in these specific situations. 

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