Overwatch 2 Competitive Rank System



Overwatch Competitive Rank System

The Overwatch Competitive Ranking System is an interesting topic to be looked at. Many players are at times confused as to how it works and what it is. This is why we have compiled some useful information that could help you with understanding it.

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The Overwatch Ranking System has been quite stable ever since its overhaul in season 2. Most of the changes that were implemented at that time are still valid even today. We will be taking a look at the Competitive Tank Tiers first and how they are separated. This is to help you understand what we will be talking about down the line. There are 7 basic Overwatch Rank Tiers you can be placed at and later climb or descend as well as one other that is not necessarily set within a certain skill rating. All of them are decided by the amount of Skill Rating you accumulate during a specific season. The Overwatch Ranked Tiers are:

1.       Bronze: 0-1499 Skill Rating

2.       Silver: 1500-1999 Skill Rating

3.       Gold: 2000-2499 Skill Rating

4.       Platinum: 2500-2999 Skill Rating

5.       Diamond: 3000-3499 Skill Rating

6.       Master: 3500-3999 Skill Rating

7.       Grand-Master: Above 4000 Skill Rating

8.       Top 500 – This Overwatch Ranked Tier depends on the overall Skill Rating of players in your region.

The progression with Overwatch Competitive Ranks is made in such a way that it is easily comprehendible. Winning games will provide you with SR which will help you climb the ladder of the Overwatch Rank Distribution. While losing games will also lover your current Skill Rating. There is also the issue at how you perform as that will increase or decrease the SR you gain or lose after a game.  Also now that since season 18 SR decay was removed, you no longer have to be concerned about being away from the game for a bit. You will be able to come back to it at the rank you were before taking a break.

In the Competitive mode, you can also team up with your friends and enter as a group. There are some restrictions on that though. For Diamond or bellow all players have to be within 1000 Skill Rating from each other. With players ranked Master the difference has to be 500 Skill Rating and for players ranked Grand-Master the difference can only be 350 Skill Rating. Also keep in mind that people that have no completed their placement games cannot match up with friends that are at Diamond Tier or above. This is quite valuable information as there are a lot of players that play with friends. This restriction is put in place so that you don’t end up against Master Tier players while only being Bronze yourself.

Now that we talked about the main Tiers in the Overwatch Ranked Tiers we will take a look at the Top 500. This is a special rank that only the best players in a certain region can attain. During a specific time in each season the Top 500 List is released and it is not influenced by the other Tiers. This means that if for example number 450 is currently ranked at Diamond then he will still be eligible for the Top 500 Tier. The only thing that is important here is how others are placed and what the overall skill level for your region is.

Recently there was also a change made to the Placements Games which players must make at the beginning of each season. This is an incredibly important change as these games will decide your starting position during the season. This might not seem important but it surely is as if you do not play well during these games you will be placed in a lower Tier. The issue here is that at times there are bottlenecks which are hard to get past. You will not always have the best teammates which is something that can ruin your whole gaming experience and slow down your progression. This is why we offer an Overwatch Placement Games Boosting service which can surely assist you getting to your deserved Tier. It is always better to fall down Tiers until you reach the one you can play the best at than to climb them endlessly. The change that we were talking about is the number of placement games which you have to do currently. Previously they were 10 games each season but now that the role queues have been implemented they were lowered. Currently you will only have to do 5 placement matches for each of the roles. This means that if you prefer playing healer only, there is no need to play and get placed with the other roles.

Overall as with every Competitive game the ranking system is very important. This is because if you want to play with other players that are near your skill level you can only do so in Competitive. In quick matches is it often random and at times you can face exceedingly powerful enemies which can lower the enjoyment you receive from Overwatch. We hope that this information was helpful to your understanding of the system.

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