Overwatch 2 Dorado map guide




Dorado map guide

This week we are continuing onto the bigger maps in Overwatch, lastly we covered the 3 maps which were introduced in the anniversary event. Today we will be covering Dorado, which as much as it is to play on, it can quite quickly go downhill you don't apply the proper tactics. 

Dorado is one of the numeral escort maps present in the game and we all know how those work, either charged with attacking or defending, your task is known. Transport the payload through a series of checkpoints and ultimately try to take it to the final one to win, now that is if you are on the attacking side, the defending has to do everything in their power to negate you doing just that. 

There is something that is unique to the different style of maps which is team compositions to apply

Those being the Deathball, the GOAT and the colourfully named Pirate Ship. We will be going in depth on the first one and that is Deathball. Solely focused on the formation above everything else. This particular composition allows for an incredibly fierce front line to slowly but steady move in coalescence with the back line, while the back line is shooting every opposition in their forefront. 

Big maneuverability here is not really a choice, since if so it happens that the back line does decide to break formation and try to flank the enemies, you are letting your front line a wide open spot from the back. The deathball while not being highly mobile, it can be quite difficult to overcome.  The formation normally consists of Reinhardt, Zarya, McCree, Widowmaker, Lucio and Mercy. Incredibly durable frontline, powerful back line of marksmen and constant healing from the supports.

Next up we have the GOAT composition, which in simple terms is mostly beefy tanks and with back line healers, this composition really depends on the damage from the tanks to be enough to wither the enemy away. Generally featuring Reinhardt, D.Va, Zarya, Brigitte, Lucio and Moira. Devastating amounts of consistent close quarters damage accompanied with incredible sustain once again from the healers.

The Pirate Ship is the last one and arguably the most fun one, that is if you are on the attacking side, being on the defending side can be rather troublesome 

This composition mostly focuses on the careful protection of your dear Bastion. Normally featuring Bastion as the MVP, Reinhardt, Mercy, McCree, Orisa and Hanzo. The shield spamming duo that is Reinhardt and Orisa are each capable of offering a great amount of protection to the dear Bastion. While the shields are being held up and refreshed constantly, the task of the bastion player is to set up his turret form on top of the payload and reign down hell fire upon the opposition. 

Hanzo can cover the high ground where he can shoot down anyone trying to flank up on the payload, McCree has basically the same thing to as Hanzo, but rather on the ground level, stunning players with your flash bang and unloading your clip can do quick work on most heroes. Mercy is here, as always, to make sure everyone is as healthy as they possibly can get. The Pirate Ship team composition is undoubtedly powerful for the attacking team particularly on escort missions, taking full advantage of Bastion's ability to transform into the turret and still be able to move is pretty hard to beat.

Dorado can be pretty tough to play at times, the attacking team has quite literally an uphill battle to wage. Numeral choke points are scattered thought the map making them good for flanking tactics. Sustain is the key to the long term survival of the attacking team. While all is happening and you are situated on the defending team, well your task is quite different. Dispersing their formation and then picking off their back line is what will net you the desirable victory.

Next up we have a few heroes which no matter on what side you happen to be, can still hold their ground better than almost half of the whole roster. To no one's surprise, Reinhardt is capable on whatever map you choose him and whatever mode. Having the ability to lead the front line with his shield really slowing down the pace of the game on both attacking or defending front. Able to dishing out serious close quarter damage if you so happen to be flanked, making them thing otherwise.

Mercy is who we have next, the angel of Overwatch is highly mobile and can literally keep you from dying, either by not letting your health reach zero or just reviving you if it so happens to reach zero. 

Being flash banged by McCree is a pretty hard way to go, not by the flash bang, but what happens in the next second is frightening. He can keep the enemy at bay from long range, but he is more suited for medium range. Without a doubt, McCree's kit is fantastic for dishing out serious burst damage at close range. In addition to all that, as we mentioned before about the numerous choke points scattered thought the map, those can be used by McCree in great effect.

D.Va is someone who can wipe out your whole team if the ultimate is placed correctly, but beyond that she is a tank capable of applying constant pressure to the opposing team. Using her to break up the formation of the enemy team or just stopping the advance is something she excels at.

Sprinting and high amounts of mobility is always an appreciated trait of any hero, that is why we have Soldier: 76 here to quickly make circles around the enemy team and strike from the back. If you do happen to have your plan foiled, there is always the option to use the same tactic again, just use sprint in the opposite way. 

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