Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Ana



Up next in our roster of Support Heroes is the amazing Ana Amari who is still active even if she is 60 years old at the point we are in the game. Currently she is a Bounty hunter with a base of operations set in Cairo, Egypt. Ana has quite the interesting combination of abilities that affect every hero on the field. She can either heal or impair enemies or even make them fall asleep on the field.

Her story is also one filled with quite a lot of interesting lore, with her even having a daughter currently in the game which a lot of you may know as Pharah. Overall today we will be taking a dive into her interesting lore and afterwards inspecting her abilities and providing you with some tips for them.

Ana was one of the founding members of Overwatch and has always used her abilities and knowledge to defend her home and protect everyone that is close to her. Unfortunately the whole Omnic Crisis dealt a heavy blow to Egypt and depleted their security forces. This meant that they could not mount a large defense of offense but guerilla style warfare with a heavy reliance on snipers.

This is where Ana fits in as she was the regarded as the best sniper in the whole world. Not only was she good with the rifle that shoots darts but her fast thinking and charisma made her the perfect choice for Overwatch. They managed to recruit her and after the success of the original mission Overwatch had, she stayed quite a lot of time afterwards. She even became the person currently known as Soldier 76, Morrison’s second-in-command.

Even though she had acquired quite a high position in the organization, that did not stop her from actively participating in combat missions. She was active all the way up to her fifties, when she was supposedly killed by a Talon agent which a lot of you may be familiar with called Widowmaker. Even if the whole world thought she was dead in actuality she was alive but severely wounded and even lost her right eye.

While recovering though, she realized that her whole life was spent in fighting. The thought weighed on her quite a lot and she decided to stay away from the fighting and live a normal life. That changed though as she could not sit idle as she watched the growing conflict and the numerous of people suffering and being threatened by it. That is why she decided to get back into the fight and protect everyone that she considers close and stop the forces trying to bring in this mayhem.

We have talked enough about her amazingly interesting and diverse lore, let us take a look at how she plays!

She is a powerful Support type hero that can help the team in a lot of ways. She can heal and even do some decent damage but one of her biggest bonuses is her small frame as that makes her quite difficult to hit. We shall now take a look at her abilities and weapon.

1.     Biotic Rifle – Ana shoots a dart that either heals allies or does damage over time to enemies, it all depends on what you hit. If you want to zoom in for more accurate shots, her rifle has a decent zoom that will help out if you are positioned on the high ground. The rate of fire of her rifle is really good and you will be able to definitely heal or do deal tons of ongoing damage in a short amount of time. Do not be afraid to sometimes stay and fight as she can square up against a lot of heroes.

2.     Sleep DartAna fires from her sidearm a dart that knocks out enemies for a couple of seconds. Keep in mind though that any kind of damage will wake them up right away. This is an absolutely amazing ability that can make quite a difference if you manage to hit the correct enemy. This will take them out of the fight for long enough that you will be able to defeat the remainder of the team.

3.     Biotic Grenade – Ana tosses a biotic bomb that deals damage to enemies and affected allies get healed and briefly receive increased healing.. The amazing part of this ability is the fact that affected allies briefly receive increased healing from every source and your enemies caught in the blast cannot be healed by anything during its duration. For this ability you should always try to throw it when heroes are bunched up or if your tank for example needs that bonus survivability.

4.     Nano Boost – This is Ana’s Ultimate ability and when she uses it on an ally, it gives them a giant boost to stats. They will start dealing more damage, while taking much less during the duration of this ability. Overall it is quite useful if you are in the back line with a Soldier or Pharah for example that has their ult ready. By combining the ults you will be able to wipe a whole team in no time. Another great use for it is if you want to break through an enemy team blockade with your tank.


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