Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Baptiste




Overwatch Hero Guide - Baptiste

Today we are starting off a really interesting series of guides about Overwatch Heroes. An interesting way to start it off is with the 30th hero released in game. Why you are asking and that is because there are three categories of heroes and it just sound right to start off the Supports. First off we will start with a little bit about his lore and then jump into how to best use his abilities about this support hero. 

Jean-Baptiste Augustin is 36 old and has quite the interesting story to back him up

Surprisingly enough he used to be a Talon operative but now he uses all that he knows in order to help the people. He was one of a whopping 30 million children that were orphaned because of the Omnic Crisis. He unfortunately did not have many opportunities and that is why he enlisted in the Caribbean Coalition which was founded because of the Crisis. 

The path he chose was that of a Combat Medic in the elite branch of the Coalition’s Special Ops. After his enlistment finished up, he was left without much of a choice with his specialized skills so he decided to join up with Talon. There for the first time ever Baptiste had the good life as the pay was good and he was even able to save up some on the side, in order to build a clinic in his hometown even if that meant experiencing the chaos in the war once again. 

Unfortunately though fate struck again as his orders became increasingly brutal and he was not ok with that. He decided to leave Talon but it was not so easy to get away from such an organization.  They would not let him go as he knew a bit too much about them and they sent assassins after him in order to silence Baptiste. 

Even some of his former comrades were on his tail as he drifted from place to place, while helping in humanitarian efforts. But keep in mind that he is not to be trifled with as some of the operatives that managed to find him, were never heard from again. In recent days he strives to work towards a better tomorrow for everyone around him and trying to make a real difference where it matters, because of his innate desire to help people. Baptiste as always works for the improvement of humanity!

Now that we talked about the amazing story of this kind hearted but not to be trifled with Combat Medic, let us look into how he is gameplay wise.  His weapon is a mid-range sub machine gun that fires in three-round bursts with quite decent damage output. It is quite accurate and can deal serious damage in the right hands. 

The interesting part about it is the fact that it has a secondary firing mode on his Biotic Launcher, which lobs out healing grenades. With the alternate fire you have 10 of them which can be fired off before needing to reload and they deal splash healing when they drop. It is important to note that they do not heal you, so you should focus on your teammates and try to stay in a safe area, away from the enemy line of sight. You should always try to heal as many allies as possible and should look out for groupings so that you can heal them all.

Now let us take a look at his amazingly interesting and fun to use abilities that will definitely come into play and help out if used correctly. They are:

  1. Regenerative Burst: This ability heals over time everyone in a certain area around Baptiste, as well as himself. This one is extremely useful as Baptiste does not have any other way to heal himself and should definitely be used as much as possible. Try to use when you start taking damage as after all this is an overtime healing ability so it will not top you up instantly. Positioning here is key, as it has a limited range after all. That is why you should always try to stay behind someone else and keep the heals flowing.

  2. Immortality Field: When Baptiste activates this ability, he throws a device which creates an area around it. It makes it so you and your teammates are unable to fall below a certain threshold in regards to health, basically making them immortal while the device is active. Keep in mind though that this device is actually destructible so you should always try placing it behind shields in order to prolong its effect. Also if you see it getting close to being destroyed, be prepared to use all of your heals in order to assist you team.

    An interesting fact is that Junkrat’s ultimate is nullified if you drop the device fast enough. You should always save it for useful situations and not just throw it away randomly as it can be a game changer. An amazingly useful way that it can be used is if you drop it behind a corner and then peak out. The opposing team will be unable to kill you or to destroy the device.

  3. Exo Boost: This is Baptiste’s passive ability which if you hold the crouch button, you will begin charging your jump and will be able to reach difficult locations, because of your exo boots. The longer you hold down the button, the higher you will jump. This passive is amazing as with Baptiste positioning is extremely important and this helps out quite a bit.

  4. Amplification Matrix – This is Baptiste’s Ultimate ability and it is basically a wall that amplifies all projectiles and heals that pass through it. Amazingly enough it stacks with other damage amplifying abilities like Orisa’s Ultimate or Mercy’s damage buff. With that stacking damage it can deal a lot of hurt to the enemy. Keep in mind that you will still receive damage from enemies so try to throw it down in front of an Orisa wall for example. Also if possible always warn your teammates before using it as it will definitely help out with the coordination and proper use.

This was our small guide for Baptiste, overall you should always be careful of your positioning as it is extremely important for this Hero. Try your best to use the abilities as thoughtfully as possible and you should be able to start your road to mastering him.

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