Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Brigitte



Overwatch Hero Guide - Brigitte

Today we will be taking a look at the next Hero in our Support Roster, that being Brigitte. She is a fairly new Hero that changed a lot about the game. Her interesting mechanics and fun gameplay are what bring her to the forefront of the Support Heroes. She is not a specialized healer per say but she can keep the team in the fight as well as protect them.

Something especially fun to use is her Flail as that brings you quite close and personal with your enemies while you smack them around. Overall her skills are quite interesting and fun but we will take a closer look at them shortly, just after we provide you with some lore about Brigitte.

Her full name is Brigitte Lindholm and is a 23 year old mechanical engineer, as well as an adventurer. She is known to frequently be located in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is the youngest daughter of an already familiar character, Torbjorn Lindholm whom a lot of us know quite well.

Out of his children Brigitte was the one to show the most interest in her father’s work. She would constantly stay in his workshop and hone her skill so that she can become even better than her dad.

Interestingly enough though, she did not show interest in weapon manufacturing and experimentation but in armors and defensive systems!

That was quite a surprise to many people as Torbjorn is incredibly famous for the different weapons he has made over the years.  While it was also expected of her to continue in her father’s footsteps things did not turn out that way.

The reason for that was someone who is incredibly close to the family, Reinhardt Wilhelm. While she was growing up Reinhardt would always tell her marvelous stories of knights and honor, which influenced her greatly.

Wilhelm even decided to become a knight errant and roam around the world, after Overwatch was disbanded. His decision was greatly approved of by Brigitte and she even requested to be his squire. Her duties as a squire included the upkeep of his armor as well as taking care of Reinhardt as while he is old, he is at the same time quite enthusiastic. This meant that there was a lot of strain on his old and already quite scarred body.

This was the main reason that she decided that just upkeep would not be enough

She took the decision to fight alongside him on the battle fields. After constructing her own armor in secret, and learning how to fight she currently is shoulder to shoulder with him on the battle fields.

We looked at her incredibly interesting lore and even the close ties she shares with two of the original heroes in Overwatch. Now the next step we shall dive into is her abilities and how to use them.

She is a Hero that focuses on armor and can heal allies with repair packs as well as when she damages enemies with her flail. Overall she is someone that goes up close and personal to deal with the enemy team. The more she stays in the fight, the better her role becomes. And Brigitte’s abilities perfectly reflect her lore!

But now let us check out her weapon and skills

1.     Rocket Flail – Her main weapon is a melee one, which has an extended range as to make her viable in combat. With it she can keep the enemies at bay and at the same time heal her teammates around her all the while striking multiple enemies.

2.     Repair Pack – Brigitte throws a repair pack that can heal an ally and once it reaches an ally’s maximum health, it will be turned into a shield. This is an incredibly good ability as the healing it provides is quite substantial and can save your tank when they are being focused. Try to use it sparingly as when she throws repair packs, the cooldown is quite long.

3.     Whip Shot – Brigitte will extend her Flail towards a specified location and will deal damage to enemies while knocking them away. It is a very useful skill to have if you need to create distance between yourself and an attacker quickly.

4.     Barrier Shield – She will deploy a small shield which is like Reinhardt’s but the range will not be as big. With this ability you can freely close up to enemies without taking any damage, while the shield lasts of course.

5.     Shield Bash – This ability only works if you have your shield up. You will dash in a specific direction stunning the first enemy you hit. Another mobility tool that will assist you in closing in to the enemy team. With your ability to stun an enemy, you will also be able to disrupt any abilities.

6.     Rally – After Brigitte uses her ultimate she will rally around all of her nearby allies and provide them with movement speed and armor. Try to keep this ability ready once your whole team is around so that together you can rush in before they even know what hit them. This ability is perfect for team compositions that rely on constantly attacking and brawling with the enemy. Also this ability is ideal when you have to capture a point as it will constantly keep your allies in the fight.


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