Overwatch 2 Hero Guide D.Va



Overwatch Hero Guide D.Va

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The last Hero in the Tank category which we will be taking a look at is D.Va. She has been around ever since the release of the game and has even had a very interesting animated video done on her. The lore behind her is quite interesting and is what every gamer has thought about becoming at one time or another. She uses her nimble and powerful mech in order to get up close and personal with her enemies and deflect attacks in order to protect her allies. Now before we dive deeper into her abilities let us first take a look at the interesting lore behind this Hero.

Hana Song, also known as D.Va is a former professional gamer that became a mech pilot in order to defend her country. She is originally from Busan, located in South Korea and is currently affiliated with the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army. In order to understand her story, we have to begin before she was even born. Twenty years before the current date in Overwatch there was a colossal Omnic monster that rose from the depts of the East China Sea. This terrible beast caused major damage to the coastal cities of Korea before they managed to drive it back to the sea. In order for the country to be prepared next time it comes up they decided to develop the mechanized armored drone unit, Meka.

Sadly, the beast started emerging every couple of years and assaulted South Kora and all its neighbors. Unfortunately for the citizens this monstrosity started adapting to the weapons used by the countries it attacked. Every time it showed up, there were modifications done to it and had a new arsenal of deadly weapons as well. Each and every time the Omnic appeared, the battle following that ended up as a stalemate. It was getting increasingly difficult to combat it and nearly impossibly to destroy it. At one point in its evolution it even started disrupting the MEKA drone control systems. This forced the military and the government to place pilots in the mechs. At first it was difficult for the country to find qualified personnel to pilot them and that is why they turned to professional gamers. They possessed the necessary reflexes and instincts to operate the advanced machinery. Numerous of gamers were drafted, including the world champion, Hana Song. D.Va was an extremely dedicated professional player that played to win at all costs. She was famed for being ruthless against her opponents.

She jumped at the opportunity to help her country and to experience real life combat. At one point she even started streaming her combat operations to all fans. With this her fame started growing even more than before and she turned into a global icon.

As we can see with her lore, this is every gamer’s dream at some point. To be recognized for the abilities one possesses. Now in regards to her abilities in-game they are as interesting as her lore. They are:

1.       Fusion Cannons – D.Va’s mech is equipped with two short range rotating cannons that lay down continuous damage without needing to reload. Keep in mind though that even if they are powerful, you are sacrificing mobility for them. While laying down fire the movement speed of the hero is lowered to compensate for the constant fire rate.

2.       Light Gun – When D.Va is outside her mech she uses this pistol. It is a mid-range orientated gun that actually does quite a lot of damage. If you learn how to use it properly even without the mech D.Va can still make a huge difference in a fight. Her hero model is also quite small so it is difficult to hit her accurately while she shoots her pistol and jumps around.

3.       Boosters – With this ability D.Va can use her mech in order to soar through the sky. The mech itself launches in the air and she can knock enemies away while doing so. A very useful ability if you need to reposition yourself quickly and attack from an unexpected angle.

4.       Defense Matrix – With this ability D.Va gets a defensive array in front of her which stops all incoming projectiles. With this ability she can help defend her front line and back line as she can quickly move with her boosters and cover a lot of ground.

5.       Micro Missiles – With this ability D.Va launches a volley of missiles that do quite a bit of damage if they all hit a target. This is basically an additional ability so that she can dish out more damage in her mech.

6.       Self-Destruct – This is D.Va’s Ultimate ability which causes her mech to explode and deal massive damage to all enemies caught in the blast. This is a very powerful ability that if used correctly can take down a whole enemy team.

7.       Call Mech – This is the alternative for D.Va’s Ultimate ability which is only available if she is out of the mech. When it charges you are able to call in your mech again.