Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Mercy




Overwatch Hero Guilde - Mercy

Up next in our Overwatch Hero guides is the iconic character which almost everybody knows, Mercy. A lot of us are familiar with this Hero as she has been always thought as the ideal healing support in the game. Ever since the release she has taken many forms as there have been quite a few reworks of her abilities. The reason for that is her ability to resurrect allies as that is a serious game changer. 

Also strictly support wise, she is the epitome of such a hero. She is what you would expect if you hear about a healer in-game. She does have a pistol to defend herself but most of the time you will not even use it in a game as you will be constantly healing and buffing the damage of your allies. Enough about introductions though, let us take a look at the story of this amazing hero before diving into her abilities.

Mercy’s real name is Angela Ziegler, aged 37 and her base of operations is located in Zurich, Switzerland. 

From there she practices her jobs as a Field Medic, First Responder and Scientist. Angela started off her career as an incredible head of surgery in a big Swiss hospital. There she had the resources and technology to improve her abilities and advance her technological research. Her specialty except surgery was applied nanobiology science. She even got a breakthrough in her research which led to radical improvements to the treatment of life-threatening diseases and injuries. 

It was this that brought her to the attention of the organization Overwatch, which wanted to invite her to work with them. She was not receptive to this at first as she was strongly against the militaristic take on saving the world which the organization had. The reason for this is that she lost her parents to the war and did not want to see people getting hurt like this. 

After some time though she realized that Overwatch could give her the opportunity to save more lives than ever before and thus reconsidered her offer to join them. She became the organization’s head of medical research and focused her work on improving the healing in frontline crises. That is how she created the Valkyrie swift-response suit and even piloted one herself. 

She is an incredibly headstrong person and often got into arguments with her superiors regarding the goals of Overwatch. After the organization itself was dissolved she went back to helping those of the people that were affected by war. She roams around crisis areas helping out in any way she can and from time to time even dons her Valkyrie suit in order to assist those in need. 

Up next we should take a look at her abilities and how she is able to assist us in-game

Overall Mercy is a Hero that always keeps close to her allies and is something like a guardian angel keeping them safe and strong in the fights. 

  1. Caduceus Staff – This is Mercy’s main weapon, which cannot be strictly considered as a weapon even. This is more like her main healing and buffing tool as that is all it can do. This is not meant to damage enemies but only help out your allies. The staff itself has two modes of operation, one is healing and the alternative fire increases the damage done by allies. 

Keep in mind though that this can be done to one Hero at a time and cannot be done to yourself. The beam which this staff creates also gives out your position to the enemies so you should always try to stand behind cover at all times. You will always be their target due to the abilities you possess. 

  1. Caduceus Blaster – Mercy’s secondary weapon, which is also the only way that she can deal damage to enemies. This pistol is not a bad weapon in the hands of an accurate player as it has decent damage and can definitely save you in a tight situation. There is not much else to say as the sidearm is just a basic weapon and accuracy is key.

  2. Guardian Angel – Now this is Mercy’s mobility ability which is amazingly helpful as she can quickly get to an ally that is close to death or even already dead. You will be able to get out of tight situations quite easily with this but also be careful as it can get you in really bad spots as well. Always be careful when going to an ally that is under fire as you can get focused on your way to them.

  3. Resurrect – What the ability does is literally in the name. You are able to bring back a dead ally at full health. Keep in mind though that the cooldown for this ability is quite lengthy and you basically become immobile while casting it. Since this does not instantly resurrect your ally, the enemy can focus you without a problem and kill you before even bringing anyone back from the dead. Always use this carefully and if possible behind cover, in order to avoid getting killed for no reason and leaving your team without precious healing.

  4. Angelic Descent – Mercy’s speed of descent is slowed down, in order to be able to have the height advantage for longer. This ability is very good when paired with a Pharah for example as you are able to stay in the air on par with her. This combination is incredibly powerful if used by skilled players as you can be quite hard to hit and can keep your ally alive for a long time.

  5. Valkyrie – This is Mercy’s ultimate ability that gives her the ability to fly freely in the air and also enhances all other abilities. This one should not be used sparingly as you can charge it up quite fast so always try to have this active during fights as you will be able to keep you team in the fight longer. 


Mercy is overall a pretty straightforward and easy champion to learn and use. She is the embodiment of what people expect when they hear about a healer. If you have to play a Support role in your team but are not sure which hero to pick as you don’t typically play a healer, she is the perfect easy choice.

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