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Moira Guide Overwatch

Up next in our guide series about Overwatch heroes is the infamous Moira, she is the next Support character in our list. She has quite an interesting story behind her as well as her being quite scary in the game itself. Moira is a tremendously powerful character that can deal quite decent damage as well as heal the whole team. 

A lot of players even consider her the easiest of all the heroes but that is true only for the lower ranks. While she might seem incredibly simple to use, there are quite a bit of hidden things about her. That is why today we will be taking a deeper dive into her skillset as well as talk a little bit about her incredibly interesting lore.

Moira O’Deorain also known as just Moira is a 48 year old geneticist in the game

She is an absolutely brilliant and controversial scientist that is on the cutting edge of genetic engineering and constantly investigates the way that life works. Some time ago Moira published quite a controversial paper that detailed a method for altering DNA itself. It was though that this new technology could fight against the most serious diseases and even maximize human potential. 

Unfortunately though her colleagues were not so happy with her questionable ethics and with the fact that they were unable to replicate the result! 

Because of this they started thinking that Moira did some questionable things to get to that revelation and in the end the paper which was supposed to make her carrier, absolutely ruined it. There was light at the end of the tunnel though and it came in the form of support from the covert ops division at Overwatch

Blackwatch started funding her work and helped her in exchange for new weapons and technologies being provided to the organization. She worked in secret with them but sadly her involvement was revealed during some inquiries following the Venice incident.  After that she was left in the wind and had to think of new ways to finance her research.  

Moira decided to join the scientific collective which created the city of Oasis. There she received all the funding and freedom she needed. Although there are quite a bit of rumors going around that she is actually a part of Talon and they have been financing her for years. 

They have been helping her and aiding her experiments, in order to use the results for themselves. She is an incredibly dedicated and focused scientist that will go to any length in order to make a scientific breakthrough. Also it should be kept in mind that her discoveries are not even known to most of the world as she keeps them to herself for now. But all that may change in the future as she is freed from all moral constraints and time are changing rapidly in the world.

Now enough about her story, interesting as it may be, we should now take a look at her abilities in greater detail in order to assist you with becoming better with her. Overall her abilities are quite simple to use but you have to time them well and also try not to only deal damage but heal also. She can heal or deal damage from close and long range depending on the ability you use as well as quickly escape from enemies. Now let us jump right into it!

  1. Biotic Grasp – This is her main weapon like ability as you are able to heal with it and do damage. When Moira uses her left hand, she sends biotic energy that heals allies but keep in mind that it does have a limit to how much she can use it.

    Her other hand though sends out a long range beam that is kind of like a vampire beam. It takes health from enemies and heals you as well as recharges the biotic energy needed to heal players. This is quite an amazing ability that can keep you in a fight for quite a long time.

    Always remember that jumping around also helps as her model is also quite slim and sometimes difficult to aim for. It is incredibly important though to always remember to use your heals, as the Supporting role has to always help the team.

    While you are not necessarily the main healer in most composition, you are still a healer in the end. Also try to position yourself in such a way that the healing energy hits as many allies as possible.

  2. Biotic Orb – Moira fires out a sphere, which you can choose the effect of. Once you use the ability you will have to select if it should send out a bouncing orb that heals or does damage.

    Now this one is absolutely amazing for close quarter fights and if you use it in a closed up environment you will definitely do quite a lot of good. The bounce effect makes it so that if you can send it towards shielded up teams and hit them once it goes to them and comes back as well. Also keep in mind that it hits all enemies in range, same goes for the heals that affect all allies in range.

  3. Fade – Moira teleports a short distance. This ability is absolutely incredible for her survival. This is something that a lot of the supports struggle with, especially if they start getting targeted.

    When you combine this ability with the damaging part of Biotic Grasp, you can stay in the fight for quite a lot of time. Always try to use it only when needed as the distance you get from it can be a life saver for you.

  4. Coalescence – Moira will channel a long range beam that heals allies and damages enemies at the same time. You can use this ultimate ability through shields as well.

    This one is quite good for breaking enemy defensive positions. Especially if you shoot out a damaging Biotic Orb towards the enemies and afterwards deploy Coalescence you will definitely see them running towards all sides. Also there is no need to worry as you will be able to tank quite a lot of damage from the enemy as the beam also heals you if you hit your opponents. 

Overall she is quite an incredible hero that can do so much and that is why if you master her, definitely you will be able to climb up the ranked ladder. Just keep in mind though, use your heals and don’t just attack enemies. This is something that a lot of players forget as it is quite easy to stack up damage with her and get a gold medal. 

While that is true, the damage stacks so quickly because you have a lot of AOE damage and survivability. While you may not actually deal a lot to the enemy with the orb but if you manage to hit all six of them the damage will raise quite a lot.

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