Overwatch 2 Hero Guide – Orisa



Overwatch Hero Guide – Orisa

Today we will be taking a look at the next hero in our Overwatch Hero guides. She or to be more precise it is quite the interesting character which a lot of you should be quite familiar with as she has been in the Meta almost since she was released. The amazing tank that can make quite the difference during any defensive battle, her name being Orisa!

She is quite the young character compared to all others in the game but that does not mean that she cannot help out story wise as well as gameplay wise. As always we will take a look at her lore and then on proceed with her abilities and tips and tricks about them.

She was created from the OR15 defense robot series that was developed and used in Numbani for a short while

Originally before even the OR15 line of robots was developed a part of which is Orisa herself there was an earlier iteration of the program. The OR14 “Idina” line of security robots was developed in Nigeria in order to help with the defense of the country. After the war alongside many other types of robots they were taken out of service and the program was discontinued.

 After around 20 years later the city of Numbani decided to bring them back and even improve them. Thus they made the OR15 version of the robots. They were supposed to be the future defense force of the city but unfortunately they were all destroyed during an attack from Doomfist. 

Shortly after said attack the program itself was unfortunately scrapped and the government decided to sell off all parts of these robots. Luckily enough though some of them were purchased by a brilliant little girl called Efi Oladele, which despite being at the young age of 11 already had accomplishments in the AI and Robotics fields of study. 

She was quite the genius as and even the Adawe Foundation’s “genius grant” was awarded to her in recognition of her abilities

Interestingly enough though the way she used her grant money was quite a surprise for some people. She thought that Numbani needed a protector in order to help everyone in the city that was under any type of threat. That is why she purchased one of the decommissioned OR15 robots and she repaired and reconfigured the bot with a personality core, designed by herself. 

Upon creating it, she decided to give the bot a name, that being Orisa. She is still learning what to do and how to help but she has been an invaluable asset to the city itself. While not always helping in the most appropriate ways, she still tries her best and even is willing to learn. 

The good thing is that Efi is with her all the way and is happy to make the necessary modifications needed to help out. While she does have much more to learn, Efi’s kind and optimistic nature is there to assist with everything she can. This is the reason that Orisa has even started developing a sense of honor and justice.

We had a look at the interesting backstory of Orisa but now we have to take a gander at her abilities and talk a little bit more about them

Orisa is basically the central piece of your team, which will defend you from the frontline enemies with her deployable shield. Her long ranged attacks and superior defenses make her a certain pick for most situations, where you have to hold ground. 

Now let us take a deeper look at them:

  • Fusion Driver - this is Orisa’s main weapon which is a projectile based automatic cannon that deals quite decent damage if you constantly hit the enemy. Keep in mind though that your movement speed will be slowed if you use it. That is why you should always try to fire only behind your barrier and reposition if needed

  • Fortify - with this ability Orisa takes reduced damage and cannot be affected by any movement or action impairing effects at all during its duration. This is quite the good ability when defending as you will definitely get a proper boost out of it and no one will be able to push you out of your defense nest

  • Halt -  this is quite the interesting ability as Orisa fires a slow moving graviton charge which when detonated slows down enemies and pulls them towards the center. Keep in mind that you can activate the ability at any time while the ball is flying towards the spot you chose

  • Protective Barrier - now this is the most important ability that Orisa has as it will also be the one you use the most. She throws down a barrier at a selected location, which protects allies from enemy fire. The barrier itself will stay there until destroyed or removed by Orisa herself

  • Supercharger - this is Orisa’s Ultimate Ability which can help out your team in a tight spot. Overall she deploys a destructible device that increased damage inflicted by allied. The range is quite good and this ability can definitely make a difference once you deploy it on a defensive spot behind your barrier

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