Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Reinhardt




Overwatch Hero Guide - Reinhardt 

Today we will be taking a look the next hero in our guide roster and that being Reinhardt. He is someone that a lot of you out there might already be familiar with as he is one of the original heroes in the roster. We have also seen him in quite a lot of the media surrounding the game with a personal story of his even being shown to us. 

Overall he is a giant with a heart of gold that also wears an incredibly cool set of armour paired up with a giant hammer to destroy evildoers. He is the ultimate paragon of justice in the Overwatch universe. Before we go deeper and look at his abilities in-game we should look at the story behind this amazing person!

His full name is Reinhardt Wilhelm and currently he is at the whopping age of 61 with his main occupation being an adventurer. Most of the time you can even find him in Stuttgart, Germany where his main base of operations is located. Reinhardt has always valued himself as a knight and has followed the ancient chivalric codes. 

For him valour, courage and most importantly justice have been the most important things in his life. During the founding of Overwatch he was already a very highly decorated German soldier and was even part of the original Overwatch team that was used to put an endo to the Omnic Crisis. After said crisis Overwatch evolved into a worldwide peace keeping organization.

During that time they were trying to keep the war-torn world from another war and at that time Reinhardt proved key in keeping everything under control and peaceful. He always strived to be the first in and last out during any operation as his desire to help others often made him do various sacrifices. He was adored by his peers because of his amazing personality and kind heart. 

Reinhardt also never hesitated to voice his opinions and support the organization but at the same time provide critics when needed. He was unfortunately faced with mandatory retirement during his fifties. 

This did not sit well with him as he felt like he lost his purpose in life and could only do nothing to help others. Even worse during all the allegations pointed against Overwatch he could not bear watching the organization he served and also made to a point fall in disgrace. 

When Overwatch was disbanded he decided not to sit idly on the side while everything went to hell and he once again donned his Crusader Armor to protect the innocents of the world. He became something like a knight errant in Europe and his adventures led him to any place where a helping person was needed.

Now that we got to know the kind giant let us also take a look at his abilities. His overall role is that of a Tank as we have already mentioned in the beginning. He wears a giant suit of Crusader Armour and swings around a giant Warhammer. Utilizing the abilities of his armour he protects his allies with a shield and anyone that gets close to him will feel his wrath. 

Let us begin the dive into his abilities with the weapon itself

  • Rocket Hammer – Reinhardt utilizes a giant rocket hammer which deals massive damage to enemies hit by it. The swings are made in arcs and anyone who gets close will instantly regret it. You should always be careful as the lack of constant ranged damage can get tricky at times. The enemies might tend to focus you as you are quite a big target and your inability to hurt them will be abused. That is why you should always try to be located next to a corner to hide behind and ambush them once they come. 

  • Barrier Shield – Reinhardt projects a wide forward-facing energy shield that stops all incoming damage but does not stop the one done by your allies. It can absorb quite a bit of hurt but it does have its durability. The enemy might focus it in order to destroy it and leave your team out in the open. Keep in mind though that you are unable to do any attacks while the shield is up. That is why you should always try to advance only with your teammates as they will be able to do the required damage.

  • Charge – Reinhardt charges the enemy in a straight line propelled by his rocket pack. He will pin the first enemy hit and will push away all others. If you manage to get your enemy to a wall while he is pinned, the damage done to them is quite substantial. You can always use this ability to disrupt enemy teams and take out key targets.

  • Fire Strike – This is Reinhardt’s only ranged ability which he uses by whipping his Rocket Hammer and sending out a flaming projectile that goes through enemies and does damage to anything it hits. Overall this is a simple skill but if used effectively you can keep yourself safe from enemy snipers.

  • Earthshatter – Reinhardt will slam his massive hammer on the ground and knock down all enemies in front of him. This is an incredibly amazing ability as if you manage to get behind the enemy team and hit them with this, you can count them all dead. This is amazing for disrupting formation and such but also keep in mind that energy barriers nullify this ability and it will not do anything to the enemies.

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