Overwatch 2 Hero Guide – Roadhog




Overwatch Hero Guide – Roadhog

Today we will be taking a look at our next hero in the amazing lineup that we have. He also carries the role of Tank but is something unique as well. He can become an absolute terror on the field which is not easily handle and will bring fear to all enemies as he can take quite a bit of damage and at the same time dish it out as well. 

He can even be considered something like a Tank Assassin, as much as that does sound strange, it is the best definition for his abilities

The name of this unique and interesting hero is, Roadhog. We will be taking a deeper dive into the skillset that he has but first let us take a look at the lore of this One-Man Apocalypse.

Mako Rutledge, currently known as Roadhog is a 48 year old enforcer and bodyguard with a base of operations located in Junkertown which is located in what used to be Australia. This broken man had an incredibly difficult life and has suffered quite a bit alongside his fellows. 

He is currently a ruthless killer with an incredibly scary reputation of being a person that does not shy away from cruelty and destruction. That was not always the case though as he started off his life as Mako, someone who is different compared to the beast he is now. 

It all started after the Omnic Crisis as the governments officially gifted the Australian omnium and the area around it to the Omnics in order to show willingness for a long-term peace deal. This did not sit well with the residents as the Omnics that were now ruling over them were those that almost destroyed the whole country. 

This displaced a lot of the locals and they became a group of survivalists, solar farmers and other individuals hiding out in the Outback. They just wanted to be left alone but it did not go the expected way! Because of this deal Mako, together with some others turned their passion into a violent rebellion. 

That is how the Australian Liberation front came to be

They started making raids against the robot population as well as the ruling body with the idea of getting back their lands. This all escalated until the day that the Omnium’s fusion core was sabotaged and made to explode. This unfortunate action irradiated the surrounding region and filled the Outback with chunks of twisted metal and wreckage.  

The land became barely inhabitable and all the fighting seemed to be for nothing in the end. There was nothing left of the things they wanted to win back from the Omnics. Mako watched how everything unfolded and something in him snapped. He became an entirely different person and the resistance fighter of old was no more. In his place something else appeared something that was more beast than human, Roadhog. 

He donned a mask because of the poisonous environment and started going around the barely existing highways on his chopper. The more time that passed, the further Roadhog separated from the human being and resistance fighter that was once Mako Rutledge.

Now that we know how the beast came to be, let us take a look at his abilities as well. He is a character who uses a Chain Hook to bring his enemies closer, in order to kill them off with his Scrap Gun. Also he has the survivability of a tank because of his health recovery ability that can heal him almost instantly. 

He has the following kit:

  • Scrap Gun – This weapon is something like a shotgun that can also deal decent damage in longer ranges. It fires blasts of shrapnel that split and deal damage with the metal fragments. The fragments themselves deal quite a bit if they all manage to hit the enemy hero.  His alternative fire is also very nice for those enemies that like to keep a bit of a distance as he fires his shrapnel ball further. It is overall a really good weapon that if used skillfully can do quite a bit of hurt

  • Take a Breather – This ability restores a chunk of health almost instantly and can be a life saver in heated situations. This ability is the one that officially makes Roadhog into a tank as it is something like a second life for the Hero. If you are being focused and need to run away or even stand your ground by using this heal, you will definitely be able to

  • Chain Hook – This is the absolute best ability in his roster as he throws a hook towards the enemy and pulls them in close and personal. With this you can disrupt whole team compositions and even make yourself into a roaming assassin with it. That is why the hero itself is a combination of these two roles, due to him being able to get behind the enemy and take out their back line with little to no difficulty

  • Whole Hog – Now we come to the ultimate ability of Roadhog and it is quite a nice one, especially on open area maps. He will cram a top loader onto his gun and he will start shooting out numerous of scrap bullets that knock back any enemy hit by them. This ultimate is really good as you can push a whole team out of the map or away from a point. The range of the shots is quite wide so you can encompass a big part of the point and a big plus is that you can keep a charging Reinhardt away from you. Overall a really solid ultimate that can find various uses during a match


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