Overwatch 2 Hero Guide Sigma



Overwatch Hero Guide Sigma

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Up next in our Overwatch Hero Guides we will be proceeding with quite the interesting character. Some people call him mad while others call him a genius but as we know sometimes the line between those two is not really big. He is Sigma and is a tool of Talon that has quite the interesting story behind him. We will be taking a look at the lore surrounding this awesome Hero and of course his abilities in-game.

Siebren de Kuiper, also known as Sigma is a really complex character with quite the sad backstory. At the time of his introduction to the Overwatch universe he was already 62 years old. This is quite the age for someone that constantly fights in the front lines. Let us dive a bit deeper into the lore and find out what has happened to make him fight in the front lines.

Dr. Siebren was one of the most famous and talented astrophysicists of his time. Unfortunately during one of his experiments something went terribly wrong and he gained the power over gravity. This led him to a path of being manipulated by Talon for their own personal gains.

He used to be a genius in his field and he wanted to be able to harness the amazing power of gravity for various uses. While he used to be a tad eccentric at times, he really did have a deep passion for his project and worked really hard in order to achieve his life goal. His main research location was located in The Hague but in order to conduct his most important and dangerous experiment, he had to relocate to an international space station. During said dangerous experiment, something went wrong and a black hole opened up out of nowhere. During the brief time Siebren was exposed to it, his body and psyche experienced some major changes. Due to this accident he became mentally unstable but something else also happened to his body. He became able to control gravity itself, because of this he was evacuated quickly back to Earth. Over there he was quarantined by the government in a top secret facility for his safety as well as theirs.

During his containment various tests were made on him and the conclusion was that he was not safe for the general public. This meant that because of his constant ravings about the universe, fractured mind and the constant gravitational anomalies that happened around him, he would not be released any time soon. They nicknamed him project “SIGMA” and while he was isolated, Dr. Kuiper retreated back to his mind and his symptoms became worse. After some time, Talon got wind of this secret facility and decided to break him out and use him for his research. After they managed to infiltrate it and get him out Kuiper started practicing his gravitational powers. It took some time but in the end he was able to gain full control over his powers and gravity started further experimenting with his powers. Because of the failed experiment though, has fractured his mind, which is something he struggles constantly with!

Now that we know the story of this genius gone a bit insane, let us take a look at what his abilities are and how to use him properly. As he is a tank as you might expect he will always be in the thick of it and fight on the front lines while providing shields to hide behind. His abilities are also quite unique like the man himself and revolve around gravity. They are:

1.       Hyperspheres – This is Sigma’s main attack which fires two gravitic charges, which will bounce off walls and blow up after a short duration.  This explosion has quite the decent radius so you should be able to hit a couple of enemies at once if targeted correctly.

2.       Experimental Barrier – With this ability Sigma propels a floating barrier to a location at his choosing. While the barrier is travelling at any point you can stop it and even dismiss it. You should always try to position your shield in a way to cover as much ground as possible. If you have another Hero in your team that can provide additional shields you will have enough time to cast your Barrier once theirs drops and rotate like this with your teammate.

3.       Kinetic Grasp – Sigma will freeze incoming projectiles in mid-air and convert them into shields. This is an especially useful ability when you are up in front and protecting your team.

4.       Accretion – Sigma will gather a big chunk of debris, forming them into a bolder of sorts and will fling them at a chosen location. This ability knocks down enemies so that your team can quickly finish them off on the ground. A very good ability if you manage to hit the tank for example so that they cannot protect the squishy units in the back.

5.       Gravitic Flux – This is Sigma’s ultimate ability as he unleashes his full powers he will take flight and lift all enemies in the area into the air as well. Once they are up there he will smash them back to the ground disrupting their organization and dealing damage as well. An incredibly useful ultimate if used correctly it can turn the tide of a battle.