Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Wrecking Ball



Overwatch Hero Guide - Wrecking Ball



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For now the last hero we have to look at in regards to the Tank role is the cure but deadly Wrecking Ball. This little animal with intelligence matching a human, rolls across the battlefield and uses numerous of weapons and the body of his mech to annihilate enemies. He is overall an interesting hero that the developers decided to take experiment a bit with. His mechanics and movement style are quite innovative and interesting, even if they take a bit of time to get used to. Before we get into the abilities of Wrecking Ball, let us take a look at his interesting lore.

Wrecking Ball whose original name was Hammond is a 14 year old genetically modified hamster. He was raised on Horizon Lunar Colony as part of the ongoing experiments on the base. There were a lot of animals given genetic therapy there in order to see how they adapt to extended periods of habitation on the Moon. This was an experiment made so that they can see if humans can also adapt to that environment and hopefully in the future start living there as well. Many of the animals showed unexpected side effects, which included exceptional growth and highly advanced brain functions. Most of his other animal companions were gorillas and other primates but there were some other exceptions like himself.

His intelligence grew immensely and just like the other animals there he became incredibly curious about everything around him. The other scientists were constantly being puzzled by his actions as he would often escape his confinements and roam around the base. While they would always catch him and bring him back to his cell, they never understood why he would escape. The real reason he would always do this was to explore the base and also learn how to be a mechanic in order to escape.

The colony itself experienced a great tragedy once some of the gorillas rose up in defiance in order to take down the human scientists. They were successful in this coup and managed to take full control of the base. While not every animal participated, like Winston who was making plans to escape as well, neither did Hammond. He was more interested in exploring Earth and once he sensed an opportunity he created a capsule, which he secretly attached to Winston’s spacecraft just as he was blasting off. Once they both entered the atmosphere, Hammond detached himself and landed in the Australian Outback.

While he unfortunately landed in a really barren and dangerous location, that would not stop him from making a living and surviving. He would modify his escape pod into a battle mech and start participating in the battle arena of the Scrapyard. There he became infamous as Wrecking ball and would even achieve the title of champion. No one actually knew his real identity and he was an incredibly mysterious figure to all. While earning wins constantly he would also improve his mech in order to be able to fight against anything thrown at him. After some time, he would finally be able to achieve his dream of exploring and adventuring. He left the arena and started his grand adventure of exploring the whole world.

Now that we have a better understanding of Wrecking ball and all that he has been through, let us check out how that affected him ability wise.

1.       Quad Cannons – This are his main weapons, which are two automatic assault cannons that are more mid-range orientated. He can dish out some serious covering fire with them in order to keep enemies away from his teammates.

2.       Roll – This is Wrecking Ball’s interesting way to move around the map faster. He transforms into a ball and increases his movement speed substantially. By using this you are able to quickly reposition yourself in order to catch the enemy off guard.

3.       Grappling Claw – This one is an interesting ability as he launches a grappling claw which anchors him to an area which he can swing from. While swinging he charges up and is able to damage any enemy hit by him. Basically you should always try to get the higher ground with this ability or even anchor yourself to a wall and increase your movement speed. You can slingshot your way to the enemies and damage them while pushing them aside.

4.       Adaptive Shield – With this ability Wrecking Ball temporarily gets a shield that absorbs damage. The interesting thing about it is that the more enemies there are nearby, the stronger the shield becomes. With this you can take quite a bit of damage once you drop down between the enemy team and disrupt their formation.

5.       Piledriver – Once Wrecking Ball is in the air he can use this ability in order to smash down to earth and do damage to enemies, while pushing them upwards. It is an incredibly useful ability when the enemy is defending a point and someone needs to break up their defences.

6.       Minefield – This is his ultimate ability which deploys numerous of mines that activate upon contact with the enemy. If you time it just right while above the enemy team you can use this amazing ultimate and rain down serious hurt on their heads.

We hope that his information was helpful to you and also you learned something more about Wrecking Ball. This is an incredibly interesting and innovative formation breaking hero that once learned properly can definitely make a difference in any game.