Overwatch 2 hero Guide – Zarya



Overwatch hero Guide – Zarya

Up next in our Overwatch hero guides we will be taking a look at one of the toughest and most interesting heroes out there. A renowned athlete that will do anything to help her family, friends and country! Her name is Aleksandra Zaryanova also known as Zarya. She is a soldier from the Krasnoyarsk front located in Russia and is part of the Russian Defense Forces. 

She is a symbol of strength and unity for her people and she aims to be the ultimate paragon of Virtue for them. Now before we dive deeper into her skillset and how she can help us win any game, let us take a look at her interesting and unique story.

Aleksandra was born in a small and remote village, located in Siberia

Unfortunately her childhood was not the best due to her home being located on the front lines of the Omnic Crisis. It was quite hard to live there due to the region being devastated from all the fighting that took place there or near the place. 

Even if the Russian forces managed to defeat the robots all this destruction could not be easily fixed and left most of the surrounding areas desolate. Aleksandra was a child that grew up in such a harsh environment and she swore to herself that she will gain the strength needed to defend her family and friends as well as help them recover. This was not an easy task she burdened herself with but she was not a weak person that will give up on achieving her dreams.

She decided to focus on weightlifting and bodybuilding which led her to being recognized by the national Russian athletics program which deigned her as a potential star

They had quite the high hopes for her, because she was an incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated person who would always give their best. She trained constantly and improved herself in a steady pace, which led a lot of people to think that she would beat a lot of longstanding records in her field in the upcoming championships. 

Everything was basically going perfectly and her future was quite the bright one. Unfortunately though all that changed really quickly because a dormant Siberian omnium woke up and her home was once again turned into a war zone! 

Because of this unfortunate issue, she immediately withdrew from the tournament in order to get back home and join the local defense forces! Unfortunately though by doing this she sacrificed her lucrative and career as a professional sportswoman. 

She does not regret her decision though as this sacrifice was absolutely worth it to her

She became a symbol of hope for her people and a loyal companion to her fellow soldiers. For her this was the absolutely best decision she could make due to the fact that she got to help her people with the strength she always wanted to acquire.

Now that we took a good look at here interesting story and how she became what she is today, let us proceed with talking about her abilities and how to best use them in order to help your team win all games.

She is a Hero that if used correctly can make quite the difference and even take quite a bit of punishment before going down. She relies on powerful personal barriers that make the damage she takes into power for her Particle Cannon. She is an invaluable hero which if you learn, will definitely make your victories easier. 

Now let us start with her abilities and weapon:

  • Particle Cannon – She fires a constant short range beam that does constant damage to enemies, with her alternative fire also being capable of throwing an explosive charge which does damage to enemies in an area. You should always be careful about your range of attack and when you can always try to lob the energy balls when players are closer together

  • Particle Barrier – She envelops herself with a defensive barrier that absorbs damage done by enemies and increases the damage and width of her energy beam. This is quite useful especially if you are focused by a lot of enemies. Overall the more the merrier in this case as you will get stronger with each hit taken.
    Keep in mind that often more experienced players will stop shooting you when you pop the shield. That is why you should use this to your advantage and rush them at that moment in order to take them down

  •  Projected Barrier – This ability basically works like the last one but you attach it to an ally instead. By doing this the shield will once again absorb damage and improve the damage you deal with your weapon. This is especially good if you see the DPS or Healer being focused

  • Graviton Surge – This is her ultimate ability and the actual game changer in her kit. She shoots out a graviton bomb that draws in all enemies and deals damage at the same time. This ability is incredibly powerful if used correctly. If you manage to link it up with other ultimates, keep in mind that the enemy is as good as dead

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