Overwatch 2 Hero Guide - Zenyatta



Overwatch Hero Guilde - Zenyatta

Up next in our Overwatch Hero guides will be the Robot Monk called Zenyatta. His full name is Tekhartha Zenyatta and he is surprisingly enough only 20 years old. This amazingly interesting and enlightened wandering Guru is a genuinely impressive machine that leaves everyone he comes in contact with, deeply changed. Today we will be taking a look at his lore as well as his skills and how they can be utilized, in order to improve your performance in the game.

He used to be part of The Shambali, which are Omnics that received spiritual awakening after the Omnic Crisis. They even established themselves in an old monastery deep in the Himalayas. There they decided to forgo their original programing and seek enlightenment and understand their existence.

It took them quite a bit of years in meditation but in the end they surmised that the do have something more inside them than just artificial intelligence, they actually had what humans call an essence of a soul. This is exactly what made them realize that they are not actually that different compared to their original creators.

The Omnic monks decided to strive for equality between everyone and their leader, known as Tekhartha Mondatta, strived to mend the wounds caused by the unfortunate and dreadful Omnic Crisis. Exactly this belief made them celebrities around the world as more and more people came to accept them.

It was a truly wonderful thing that happened but Zenyatta didn’t completely agree with their position. In his mind they had to repair these problems by engaging personally with everyone and did not like the way of the constant dogmatic teachings.

He was as some of you might say a man of the people. He wanted to engage with as many as possible, in order to show them personally that there aren’t that many differences between races. This is the reason why Zenyatta decided leave the communal monastery and wander across the world.

He wishes to help everyone he meets with handling their personal struggles and wants for everyone to have inner peace. That is truly an admirable stance taken by him. Beware though as he does not take lightly to the abuse of innocents and will fight to protect them. For him it matters not if the abusers are Human or Omnic as he will always defend the weak whenever he can.

Now enough about his lore, interesting as it is, let us dive into a little bit about his skill and how exactly they work

He is quite the interesting Support hero as he can deal quite a bit of damage as well as heal allies at a constant rate, playing Zenyatta requires some practice but it is definitely worth it. His skills are the following:

  1. Orb of Destruction: Like the previous heroes we talked about he has two modes of fire. The first one sends out the orbs one by one and is perfect for surpassing enemies and if you manage to land a few shots it also deals quite decent damage even without the Orb of Discord, which we will talk about a bit later.
    The second fire mode is if you hold down the alternate fire button, he will start charging and gathering his spheres around him, the more you hold the stronger the attack becomes. After you finish charging up, he will send them flying all at the same time. This can melt enemies before they even know what hit them if aimed correctly.

  2. Orb of Harmony: Now this is his main healing ability, which sends out an orb that follows your allies around and slowly restores their health. Keep in mind two things about this skill, it will only remain active if your ally is in your line of sight and it can be equipped to only one person at a time.
    This is why you should always keep it on someone like the front line and alternate between allies when needed. The constant healing can help out quite a bit with tanking enemy fire and charge up your ultimate faster.

  3. Orb of Discord: This ability works with the same mechanics as the Orb of Harmony, with it staying active only when the enemy is in line of sight and that it can only be attached to one person at a time. The difference being here is that this can only be sent to enemies and they will receive more damage when attacked by anyone from your team.
    This is quite good for melting down the squishier heroes out there as you can attach it and then charge your attack, which will deal devastating damage. Fear not though as even if you send it to an enemy tank it will help out your team with melting down the front line quicker.

  4. Transcendence: Now this is Zenyatta’s ultimate ability and it can be an absolute game changer. The Omnic Monk enters a state of heightened existence and while in that state he cannot use abilities or his weapon but he is immune to all damage and restores his health and that of allies. If used properly this skill can turn around a game as it basically makes your team unkillable for the duration and if they stay in your area of effect they can still shoot down the enemy team.

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