Overwatch 2 Horizon Lunar Colony Map Guide




Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Guide

Today we will be taking a look at quite the interesting and unique map with fantastic low gravity mechanics as well as a lot more, called Horizon Lunar Colony. Now let us begin with some tips and tricks which will definitely help you improve yourself and be the player you always wanted to be. 

In the beginning both attackers and defenders have good high ground options so snipers are always useful here if you can play them of course. So for those of you that prefer playing sniper roles always try to position yourself well and you will be a beast in the beginning stages of the map. The second part of the map was made by the developers with lots of flanking positions available to players. 

The reason being is that they didn’t want you to be pushed through a tunnel where the enemy will constantly attack you. They gave you the option to attack from various positions so don’t forget to utilize them as much as possible! While the whole map area was planned from the beginning to have low gravity the Overwatch during the course of development the team decided not to go through that route as it would break the game mechanics and make it unplayable for competitive.  While as always they play with numerous ideas behind the scenes it is good that they didn’t implement it. Blizzard has shown numerous times that they take great care when implementing new ideas. When making this map it is evident the developers put their hearts and souls into this work. We hope that the development teams will continue working on different ideas and some day we might even see a sequel to Overwatch with whole new technology implemented.

Although they left for us a low gravity zone that can be accessed by going through the air locks and there players can make amazingly fun and memorably plays. Also an interesting tidbit is that you will be able to investigate Winston’s past as this is the location where he grew up and some of you might remember the trailer which is also based here.

For attackers when advancing on the first point always try to move on the higher ground as it will make it much more easier for you! Since point A is quite small a valid strategy is just to swarm the defenders. But for you to be able to do that, try to get on the same page with your team beforehand. 

When someone from your team takes a sniper try to position them on the balconies as they will provide that extremely important moral attack on the enemies. It will force them to hide on the point or the narrow corridors which is perfect for your swarm strategy. Just tell them not to make the decision to not move as that is something a lot of beginner sniper players do.

Mobile heroes like Genji or Winston are also perfect to get to the point and take the attention of the enemies away from your team. Here every kill of the defenders counts as they have quite a long way to run before getting back. So don’t worry about sacrificing one or two teammates as long as you manage to get a kill it will be worth it. 

For the defenders the high ground is also quite important so try and contest it so that the attackers don’t get this advantage. Unfortunately the run from the spawn is quite long so try and get heroes with more movement. In this map don’t forget that 3 enemies dead for one of yours is still good for them as they don’t have such a distance to cover. 

Also an interesting pick for defense here is Soldier 76 as he can stay on the balcony healing himself and raining hell from above all match. If possible try to have a Mercy on your team as her revive will negate their sacrificial attacks being made on your teammates. 

When attacking point B there are lots of entrances you can get in through so don’t always go for the main door as they will expect it. Use the terrain to your advantage and also when you kill an enemy call out to your team to rush the objective as the defenders will be forced to fight you with one man down. This is extremely important as their spawn room is quite close to the point. 

On the top there is a metal framework on which a Pharah can perch herself and rain rockets down upon the defenders. It is quite a good position as you will be able to attack them without being at the center of the fire. 

When defending you will have to cover many entrances as your enemies will appear from many positions. Try to get a Torbjorn as his turret can locate enemies instantly and they won’t catch you by surprise. He is a key defensive hero in this map. 

Another thing to look for as on the previous point is the high ground as it is vital yet again. Do not let the enemy take it as you will be sitting ducks if they do. The reason for that is that the high ground is made in such a way that they will be able to hide themselves and attack you constantly. 

Mobile heroes are key for defenders as they will be able to close the gap instantly wherever the enemy might come from! 

Something else that you can try is to pick a harassing hero as you will be able to disrupt their organization and delay them as much as possible. Tracer is really good for this as when they try to push the point the healers are always on the back line which can be accessed from a lot of places. 

Hopefully this guide was useful to you and you were able to learn something new. If you have any feedback feel free to contact us at any time as we will be more than happy to assist you with anything.

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