Overwatch 2 Hero Guide – Lucio




Overwatch Lucio Hero Guide – Lucio

Today we will be taking a look at the next Support Hero in the Overwatch universe, Lucio. As always we will first take a look at the character’s lore, and afterwards talk about their abilities and how best to use them when playing! This is quite the interesting Hero as this is the typical do not judge the book by its cover situation when you look at his story. 

His full name is Lucio Correia dos Santos and is twenty six years old. His official occupation is a world famous DJ and celebrity but there is another side to him as well, the Freedom Fighter. You might be wondering how he can represent such different things but we will talk about that in a little bit. He can be found most of the time in his base of operations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Now let us dive deeper into his absolutely interesting lore

While he may currently be an international celebrity that is known to everyone he did not start off on the top. Lucio was born in Rio de Janeiro and grew up poor in the crowded favela where he lived. He did not have many opportunities in front of him as most of the people there were left to fend for themselves after the Omnic Crisis. 

The people were in a dire situation and depression was everywhere around him. That did not bring him down though as he has always loved cheering up people and helping them in any way he can. He had a talent for music and that is the way he chose to lift the spirits of the people around him. He started off quite small with performing on street corners or block parties. 

Wherever there were people he would always try to be there to bring them happiness and distraction even for a little bit of time. As he got older so did his fame and he started appearing at legendary underground parties. His community was overall quite close and they tried to help each other as much as possible. All that was thrown in disarray as the giant corporation Vishkar was contracted to develop a big part of the city. 

The development overall was supposed to improve the lives of the locals but unfortunately that did not go as planned. Vishkar went the incorrect way and started imposing curfews and cracked down on behavior that they did not approve of. It was all supposedly meant for the greater good of the favelas but they did not understand the people that live there properly. They even started exploiting the people living there as a cheap labor force and did whatever they wanted with them. 

Lucio though could not stand idly and watch how his people were being oppressed

He stole some advanced Vishkar sonic technology meant to suppress his people and changed it into a symbol and tool to rally them around him.  They organized a massive uprising which chased off all Vishkar representatives from the neighborhoods and that made him into an overnight celebrity strangely enough. He became a symbol for positive social change and improvement so did his music as it became extremely popular. He started filling up numerous arenas with his concerts but he did not let the fame get to him. He constantly strives to be a symbol of difference and make the world a better place for everyone. 

Now that we took a good long look into who exactly is Lucio, let us dive deeper into it and check out how his abilities work. Overall he is a musician that can shoot sonic waves meant to damage or push enemies while at the same time his music heals or boosts the movement speed of his allies. 

Up next is his weapon and skills:

  1. Sonic Amplifier – This is Lucio’s weapon and it fires a three burst shockwave as the main firing mode of the weapon. The alternative one though pushes the enemy back and is quite useful if you position yourself properly. Because of his high mobility and ability to glide on walls navigating through the map and pushing the enemies when they least expect it is quite a valid strategy with Lucio.

  2. Crossfade – This is the main skill of Lucio, which is always active. He energizes his allies with his songs, meaning that in an area around himself he either heals or increases the movement speed of allies. He can change between the two at a moment’s notice. This is quite a good ability but you will have to constantly keep your eye on the teammates around you and try to be placed at the ideal spot. Do not stop moving as well because you will become a very easy target for the enemy and your ability has decent range so you do not have to be right next to your teammate.

  3. Amp it UP – Lucio will increase the volume of his songs, which basically means that they will be much more effective. This ability is a lifesaver at times as you will start healing quite a bit more and your whole team can be saved from a dire situation. Also when relocating or spawning it is useful to utilize the speed buff of the ability as you and your team will relocate faster, which will give you an advantage.

  4. Sound Barrier – Lucio’s Ultimate Ability provides himself and his allies around him personal protective shields that deteriorate over time. This ability is a game changer if used correctly as the shield that it provides makes you almost invulnerable for a couple of seconds, while you dish out damage. It is very important though to save it for the correct time as not to waste it. For example it should be used if you are on the last point and your whole team is there. This will give you a serious advantage over the others. 

Lucio’s abilities are quite fun to use and do not take much to learn. The hard part to learn of this hero is the mobility and shooting. His weapon takes some getting used to as the shots are kind of slow. The most important thing though is the mobility as he can glide on walls and if used correctly, you can be very hard to hit by most heroes.

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