Overwatch 2 map guide Eichenwalde




Overwatch map guide Eichenwalde

Today we will be taking a look at the next map in our roster and that will be the amazingly interesting and atmospheric map, called Eichenwalde. The map itself is a Hybrid one and it is set in an amazingly beautiful Bavarian location, which is at the same time ancient and modern. This might seem like a strange comparison but once you play on it a little bit you will definitely understand what we mean by that. 

The location itself is full of chokepoints and quite a lot of areas to flank, which is always nice as you don’t get bogged down for too long if you know the map. The map knowledge in this particular one is key in order to get a victory. Now let us dive into some tips and tricks that will hopefully be helpful with improving your gameplay experience!

Let us first look into the attacker side of the map and what they can do in order to defeat the defenders and get that payload to the last point

Now in order to capture the first point your team will have to constantly harass the point in order to distract the defenders and make them retreat back to it. After you do so, the tankier and slower heroes will have to advance through the front gate and keep on suppressing the enemy. Every kill here is crucial as they have a long way to run in order to get back to the point, while you are quite close. Slow and steady is the strategy here and constant pressure. Now in regards to the choke points later on, an Ana and Reinhardt are quite important. Their presence will definitely change the course of the game. 

The big man with the hammer can hold out quite a bit and Ana with her Ultimate can help your team break through blockades.  Also keep in mind that since there are a lot of open spaces here, a Mercy in the team is not a bad thing and can help out a lot. The defenders will definitely want you to come to them and camp out the fortress gate as they have an amazing view on you while advancing and can harass you constantly. For that reason you should try your best to bait them out a little bit. 

Go around the flanks and try to make them follow you and constantly keep them under pressure and not the other way around. Here if you just try to take it and tank everything while advancing it will not work if you have experienced defenders against you. 

Teamwork is very important here as most of the time your team will have to be split in two, so that they can handle the harassing and advancing. Also an absolutely important tip, have someone on the payload. This might seem quite obvious, but trust us often people forget to do it. Let us wrap up the attacker side with a few more words. Overall you should have dedicated people for harassing so that the enemy is distracted and you don’t get stuck in certain locations.

Now up next are the Defenders and what you should try to do the next time you play the game

It is quite important in this map to save your ultimates as most of the time, the running distance is quite big if you die.  Keep in mind that the choke points located around the map are your best friend and biggest ally so you should always value them. This means that even if they are close to breaking through, utilize everything you can to stop them. 

Make sure that you always have an ultimate ready for such situations and never waste them. There are also quite a lot of places where you can acquire the high ground and harass the enemy constantly.  Make sure to learn the map in depth and always have someone on the walls or towers, in order to harass the enemy. Although they will have to constantly check their back as the attackers can easily access them as well. Always be careful when harassing as often you could find yourself alone versus a couple of people. 

Practice and map knowledge are key for this one as there are numerous of paths that you can take. Never overextend here as that is what the attackers will be looking for, in order to make a hard push. Take it slow and steady and always be close to each other so that they are unable to pick you out one by one. If they manage to break through the castle gate, then they will enter the inside, where you will have the biggest advantage. It might sound cheesy and annoying for some players but the defensive strategy of Torbjorn, Symmetra and Bastion can bring hell to the Attackers. The corridor is not that big and enemies can be melted before they even know what happened.  Here you should turtle up and not let them take a moment to group up and coordinate properly. Constantly keep them under pressure and before you know it, the Victory Screen will show up.

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