Overwatch map list and Overwatch 2 map types




Overwatch map list and Overwatch map types

Today we will take a look at all the different map types the game offers as well as all the maps that fit into each category. The game has been out for some time already so there are quite a lot of maps to check out as they release new and interesting ones semi-frequently. This is what keeps the game fresh for us players as well as interesting as each new one brings whit itself a lot of new stuff. 

The types of maps are: 

  • Escort maps

  • Control maps

  • Assault maps

  • Hybrid maps

  • Arena maps

We will take a look at all of them as well as their mechanics and the difference in competitive mode for those of you out there that want to improve themselves and become better competitive or even just normal players. 

First off let’s start with the Escort type of maps and learn what that means. An escort map also known as Payload map is where the attacking team’s objective is to escort the payload to several points across the whole map while the defenders have to do their best to stop them for a set amount of time. 

Each time you play on this mode the defenders have a 45 second timer so that they can set up the defenses around the first point they have to defend, while the attackers are locked in the spawn room during that timeframe. Once those seconds pass the attackers are allowed to leave the spawn room and have five minutes to escort the objective to the first defensive point. 

The objective of the attackers is those specific points spread throughout the map. The first point will award them with 3 extra minutes on the clock while each following one will give only 2 more minutes until they manage to reach the last one which will result in a victory for the attacking team. 

While the defenders will have to do their best to stop them or delay them until the time limit is over.  Keep in mind that in order for the payload to move there will have to be at least one attacker located near it. The more people on the payload the faster it moves, the maximum speed can be reached with three players on it. This is really important to know as most people just leave one player on the payload while the rest push forwards to attack the defenders. That is why always try to have your team stay as close to the payload as possible and be careful not to overextend. 

Something else that has to be mentioned is that if it’s left unattended by players it will start moving back slowly until it reaches a gate or an attacker gets on it. The overtime function is activated when the timer runs out but there are still attackers on the point. Always keep an eye out for the timer and if you see that it’s getting dangerously close to the end, try to keep yourself on the payload as long as possible. 

When playing competitive there is a bit of a difference. For example there your timer begins at 4 minutes and the first checkpoint gives you 2 minutes and 30 seconds why every other one gives 1 minute and 30 seconds. Also if an attacking team doesn’t complete the escort to a point a marker is left on the ground where they managed to push it the furthest. If in the second round the enemy pushes the payload further that your team they will win. 

The maps you can play on are the following: 

  • Dorado

  • Junkertown

  • Rialto

  • Route 66

  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar


Up next are the Control maps and the mode itself. In this mode there are three stages that get cycled every round. All of them are symmetrical and have one control point in the middle which both teams want to capture. After 30 seconds both teams are released from the spawn room at the same time and 30 seconds after that the point is unlocked for capture. Once a team secures the point the percentage will start rising by 1% each 1.2 seconds up to 100%. 

While if the enemy captures it afterwards the increase will stop and the enemy will start gathering percentages. In overtime the percentage is paused at 99% until all enemies are removed from the point. The game is played until a team gets two points. There is no difference in the format in competitive mode, it is still best of 3.

The maps you can play on are the following:

  • Busan

  • Ilios

  • Lijiang Tower

  • Nepal

  • Oasis

Up next are the assault type of maps where there are two control points and the defenders have to stop the attackers from capturing them, because if they lose those two points they lose the game. The match starts with the defenders having 45 seconds to set up all defenses while the attackers are locked in the spawn room. 

After that the attackers will have 5 minutes to capture the first point. Every point has two checkpoints where one is at 33% and the second at 66% where it will not go below that. Capturing the first one will award the attackers with extra 4 minutes. Overtime is activated when the time is depleted but there are still enemies on the point. The more attackers that are on the point the bigger the wait time for the respawn of the defenders will be. In competitive each round the attackers and defenders will switch roles until a definite winner is determined.

The maps you can play on are the following:

  • Hanamura

  • Horizon Lunar Colony

  • Paris

  • Temple of Anubis

  • Volskaya Industries

The next ones on the list are the Hybrid maps and game mode. Here it is a combination of Assault and Escort. For the escort hybrid maps and the assault escort hybrid maps all the same rules apply as the previously mentioned modes, the only difference being is that you start off with a defense point and then if you lose it the enemy will start escorting a payload. These are the more fun ones generally as they combine two modes and make the game more interesting.

The maps you can play one are the following:

  • Blizzard World

  • Eichenwalde

  • Hollywood

  • King’s Row

  • Numbani

And so we reach the last one which is something of a combined map and mode definition, Arena. This is a term for several of the modes in Overwatch where the goal is not to attack or defend an objective. The goal here is to kill the members of the opposing team. Matches here are played for several rounds where once you die you can’t respawn until the next one. This mode and maps are mostly used for Custom games or seasonal events.

The maps you can play on are the following:

  • Ayutthaya

  • Black Forest

  • Castillo

  • Ecopoint: Antarctica

  • Necropolis

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