Is Overwatch 2 a MOBA?


Is Overwatch a MOBA?

There is an incredibly interesting question we will be taking a look at. Many people have asked themselves is Overwatch a MOBA and at the same time an FPS game. We will be talking about the definitions of both of these abbreviations as well as comparing them to find out if it truly is a MOBA or something in between.

What exactly MOBA means and what kind of games fall into that category

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is the full name of this abbreviation and it is a subgenre of the strategy games that a lot of us generally familiar with. The MOBA genre is typically categorized as two team that have an objective of destroying a specific structure and it combines AI units as well as real Players. 

There is also another categorization and that is the map itself. Ever since the beginning of these types of games as a mod the map has stayed relatively the same in its simplistic but still quite well made design! 

This is the main reason that it has not change during the evolution of these types of games as it is itself quite good and why break something that works. The interesting part here is that at times there are also various win conditions except destroying structures but that mainly depends on the game.

 A special thing that Overwatch players will definitely know which also symbolizes the MOBA genre is the Heroes. They are unique characters that have a small number of varying abilities as well as different and unique design. 

This can be considered as something that Overwatch has that is familiar to a lot of players. The structure is always a couple of abilities with an Ultimate one that is very powerful but has to be charged up or has quite a longer cooldown timer. 

In the case of Overwatch we also have this but it can only be charged up

The MOBA genre is something incredibly popular and influential in the gaming world due to it being the core idea of some of the most played games out there. 

The interestingly simple yet complex blend of strategy and quick reflexes make this a loved game mode by many. Starting off in these types of games is always easy but there is a learning curve once you reach higher levels of play which is what makes it complex. 

While something could have worked while you were starting out, once you face against more serious and dangerous opponents you will have to adapt and overcome this curve.  There are some things that Overwatch player might recognize in this description but now let us look at the other side which is the First Person Shooter.

FPS is an abbreviation for the First Person Shooter genre which almost everyone that has played any games is familiar with. This is a genre that is incredibly old and generations have enjoyed while it may have evolved particularly from what it once was, the core stays the same. It is typically centered on a gun or other type of weapon but the main idea is that you see it from a First-Person perspective.  

The genre was originally comprised of action games but since the inclusion of proper 3D graphics it evolved to what is today. There are a lot of fans all around the world of this type of gameplay and Overwatch is part of the giant roster of games that actually made some changes and some might say improvements. While it was definitely the first of this kind, the polish and attention to detail it received was greatly appreciated. 

Since v rarely diversify to a giant extent and most often they rely on storytelling and effects to show what they can do, Overwatch is a tad different. They decided to rely more on the gameplay itself and the desire to make it very fun and different but not too much.

Now is Overwatch a MOBA or and FPS is the main question which we can now address

Overall it is nothing like the core type of MOBA but it does borrow some stuff from the popular genre. The game is a pure FPS experience though and is definitely considered part of the First-Person Shooter genre. The idea that the developers had was to implement what we know from the classic shooters and at the same time try to add something fresh and popular as well. 

That is where the hero based shooter came from, a combination of two things we greatly enjoy. The game itself is an evolved version of what we typically got before its release. After that many other games of this type started showing up and various other franchises started adapting this. 

The Hero Based shooting mechanics started even showing up in Call of Duty games, surprisingly enough which shows that the idea is quite solid and others are happy to also find some use for it. We hope that this question was as interesting for you as it was for us as it is a surprisingly often asked one.

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