Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch




Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

The long awaited port of Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch is finally upon us! Today we will be taking a look at Overwatch a little bit, for those of you out there that have not yet experienced the game, as well as what is offered with the Switch port. Let us start off with the game itself and what it is. 

Overwatch is team based hero first-person shooter which was released in May 2016 and has been a staple in the genre ever since. The interesting part of the game which separated it from the rest at the time of release is the heroes themselves. They are all different and offer at least three unique abilities that can be used in-game the last ones being ultimate abilities.  

Almost all of the base heroes in the game were taken from the canceled MMO Titan which was in development before they decided not to continue with it and instead pivot to Overwatch as we know it today. That is why all the different heroes are so unique and interesting. 

The developers at Blizzard have kept the game alive by continuously releasing new and free content over the years. Their monetization model is quite generous for us players as you are not forced to purchase anything else and all the new maps and heroes come to us for free. The only thing that can be purchased if you wish, are cosmetics. They come in the form of loot boxes, which some of you might not like but if you gather enough credits you will be able to purchase any cosmetic that you wish. The only bad thing is that you can possibly get duplicates, which are converted into coins. 

The plot of the game is set thirty years after the event called the Omnic Crisis

Before said event humanity was flourishing and they even developed advanced AIs called Omnics. Everything was peaceful until one day the automated facilities that produced them started rolling out series of lethal and hostile robots that attacked all humans. Because of this event Overwatch was formed in order to combat them and restore the peace. The organization managed to keep the peace and handle a lot of the issues that the world was dealing with but because of infighting a lot of allegations of wrongdoing and failures were thrown their way. 

Sadly there was an investigation started but during it the headquarters of Overwatch located in Switzerland exploded. After this unfortunate event the UN passed the Petras Act that officially disbanded the organization. Six years later we come in and start our journey in this amazingly interesting world. 

Stakes have never been higher as corporations are taking over the world as well as constant terrorism plagues everyone. Even a second Omnic Crisist is possibly starting in Russia, no one can be safe even in their homes. This is why Winston has decided to bring back Overwatch and try to protect the peace once again.

Overall that is what you should expect from the game if you decide to jump into the newly released Nintendo Switch Version. But now let us take a look at what you can get out of the version for the portable console. When you purchase the game you will also receive 3 months of included Nintendo Switch Online Membership, so that you can enjoy it with friends, wherever there is internet. It is the ultimate gameplay experience if you are perhaps travelling or just want to enjoy gaming outdoors. Just keep in mind that you will receive this subscription as a code and afterwards it will auto-renew so be careful of that also remember that a Nintendo Account is required.

Also there are in-game goodies that will be acquired with this purchase. If you log in by December 31st you will get a free golden Loot Box that will guarantee you at least 1 legendary skin. You will also get access of course to all released maps and heroes as well as 15 skins already unlocked, five legendries, five epic ones and five origin skins! There are quite a lot of bonuses if you decide to purchase it and jump right into it. 

Also regarding the port itself, reviewers have said that it is a really beautiful and well made one with an amazing frame rate, pro controller and motion controls. Playing Overwatch will feel smooth as playing on your PC, even when playing in handheld mode feels smooth. Especially for people that have not player it until now the game is amazing for its price as it has years of free improvements and additions already in it. So if you are interested feel free to check this port out as you will definitely not be disappointed if you want quick paced and enjoyable fun.

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