Overwatch 2 Paris Map Gudie




Overwatch Paris Map Gudie


Covering maps in Overwatch is something we try to do on a semi-regular basis and while giving you tips for how to play it most effectively, we are even learning more and more details about the map. Blizzard’s art department is one of the best in the business for sure and with the Paris map, they push their respective limit even further. Overwatch Paris is without a doubt one of the best-looking maps in the game, blooming flowers placed on the side of every window and having hot-air balloon drifting thought the blue sky. 

Situated in a cabaret is the singing Omnic robot Luna and that is where the attackers are spawned, from there on they have to through the streets and back alleys of the city on their way to the capture point. Defenders, on the other hand, begin in the library of Chateau Marat and are able to explore the grounds on their way to the control point. Furthermore, two fully functional pianos are placed in the map and players have been experimenting since the map came out and have garnished some amazing results.

Attackers have a slight distance advantage compared to the Defenders, but something specific is that both teams are placed further than usual to the capture point. Characters who can move faster than normal will be helpful here or just get a Lucio, who can do just that. Mercy is also a good pick here, since her ability to revive a fallen teammate will save a lot of travel time trying to get back to the brawl. Furthermore, Paris does favour characters with mobility options, Attackers will be funnelled through a narrow chokepoint just after passing by the back alleys surrounding the cabaret.

To the left of the main chokepoints, there is a building situated with sloped blue roof. Although, the roof isn’t flat enough to place a teleporter, but it provides an alternate route for let’s say, a third of all characters. Having the ability to sneak past the Defenders main defensive chokepoint is crucial and can lower the gameplay duration so the games are faster. 

Out of all the characters, Doomfist is probably the hardest one to pull it off, since he does require you to have some background experience with him. From the Tank category, D. Va can just fly over it and Winston can simply leap over. Wrecking Ball will require some tricky to find a good tether position. 

Reinhardt, Zarya and Orisa are sadly out of luck here and will have to punch through the defences if they wish to join the rest of the team. Supports like Lucio can wall ride up the wall, Mercy will require someone already up in the air so she can latch onto him. Brigitte, Moira, Ana and Zenyatta will have to hang back and wait for an opportune time to pass. Damage characters have the most options. Junkrat can bomb over it, Hanzo can climb and lunge forward, Genji can climb and use Swift Strike and Pharah doesn’t really need much explaining as she is almost all the time in the air.

Onto the opposing side, the Defenders are going to have a pretty tricky time trying to defend the first point, being exposed and not having much in the way of cover is troublesome, heroes who have long sightline will be favourable. Widowmaker, Hanzo and Ashe can set up a makeshift shooting range on the point and pick enemies off. The balcony of the hotel next to the capture point is a great sniping position, but they may need to share the ground. 

The point is above street level and the Attackers will have to climb a set of stairs to reach the point, positioning Symmetra turrets behind the newsstands just in front of the stair can surprise and annoy the attackers. McCree and Soldiers 76 will be able to bunker down on the high ground that looks down on the chokepoint. There is a pillar to the left suited especially for snipers. This pillar is also good for spotting sneaky characters trying to pass through the aforementioned blue roof.

Approaching the second capture point, Attackers here are on the disadvantage. It is located deep inside Maison Marat, which so seems to be interrupted in the middle of a fancy catered party. Furthermore, this capture point is vastly different from the first, which means that some players may want to swap their characters to the better advantage on the terrain. 

Being enclosed will require some mashing up of different strategies. The main feature of the point is the enormous statue of a female water bearer situated in the middle of the point, it can be used as cover and even some characters can use it for something drastically else. Picking sneaky characters like Tracer and Sombra, and making your way to the capture point as to take some attention away from your team, since there is again a chokepoint in which characters will have some hard time fighting through. 

Symmetra’s teleporter is also useful here to get the whole team past the front lines. Lucio can sneak past by sticking to the wall. However, tanks like Reinhardt or Wrecking Ball can both disrupt the enemy’s front line long enough for the rest of your team to pass through. Once past the chokepoint, Attackers have a few ways of attacking, keeping to the left will take them near the river, but care for environmental kills. On the right, the path is long but safer, leading to some raised platforms overlooking the control point. The third way is directly from the gate to the point, but is the least safe of all the options and the enemy will have line of sight almost all the time.

Defenders have it better here, there are a few health back near point B and only one large health pack is outside the chateau near the aforementioned river. Several small ones surround the perimeter, Sombra can make short work of them by having the option to disable them. 

Although many health packs are given to the Defenders in this assault map, but if you do think that the risk is too high, returning to the base is always an option. Symmetra can hide her turrets on the central statue and Wrecking Ball can spin around it forever if he so pleases to. Characters like Ashe and D. Va can get their ultimates blocked by the statue, also Bastion and Torbjörn, who can place or even become turrets will always have a blind spot. Pharah and Winston will be banging their heads on the ceiling and Doomfist will have to aim his Rocket Punches carefully since the statue is the only solid object near the capture point. Moving past these restrictions, normal defensive characters should do pretty fine here. Mei and Junkrat will find plenty to do and long sightlines means that all four snipers will have something to do.

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