OW Year of The Pig



Overwatch Year Of The Pig

It is time for the Lunar New Year even once again and it brings with it new and old skins and other goodies.

Let us see the meaning behind the Lunar New Year event first and how it has advanced throughout the years. It is based on the real life Lunar New Year which is practiced in various Asian countries most prominently in China. This seasonal event started all the way back in 2017 with the Year of the Rooster event which brought with itself the first round of unique Asian themed rewards. The following 2018 we got the Year of The Dog Lunar event which introduced the capture the flag map Ayutthaya. And this year we have the Year of The Pig Lunar New Year event, which introduces again a set of incredibly interesting items, skins and tweaks as well as a festive Capture the Flag version of the Busan map with the patch. Also keep in mind that all previous skins and items from 2017 and 2018 are available for purchase at a discounted price and possible to drop from a loot box.

We will look over some of the changes introduced and also if you are interested in the story behind these amazing skins please check out the New Map and short history article on our website.

Let us start off with what everyone has been waiting for…the skins. This year we have a really interesting selection of skins Introduced for Tracer, Reinhardt, Reaper, Brigitte and Orisa. Blizzard introduced this year 6 legendary and two epic skins. Five of these amazing items are from the legendary Three Kingdoms period from Chinese history. They are based on some of the most famous generals, strategists and warlords from that era, Guan Yu (Reinhardt), Lü Bu (Reaper), Huang Zhong (Hanzo), Zhang Fei (Torbjorn), and Zhuge Liang (Zenyatta). Orisa, Tracer and Brigitte though get skins from the incredibly interesting Korean lore. We have a general Brigitte, Sanye Orisa based on a lion dance costume and even a legendary Korean hero Hong Gildong Tracer. You can also get slightly more info regarding all these characters over here!

Now we can continue with the returning competitive capture the flag mode which is an interesting take on the competitive scene. Many people often have difficulties as they haven’t gotten used to it as much as normal competitive but it is an extremely fun mode none the less. If you are having difficulties with this mode don’t worry its absolutely common and we are here to help if needed. We can offer Overwatch Boosting for this mode. It won’t be a problem to have someone do your placements for you or even raise your SR. We can definitely find someone to help out with this Overwatch Boost any time of the day. Also keep in mind that the changes implemented in CTF last year are still active an unchanged. We will remind you what some of them were:

-Flag pickup was made instant but can’t be picked up for five seconds after being dropped.

-Mobility and invulnerability skills will make you drop the flag and also music will play while you carry it.

-Sudden death was implemented to break ties at the end of a mach.

-When time runs out the round will start over and the flags will be brought closer to the center of the map and the first team to capture it wins.

Now let us see what other new changes this year’s Lunar patch introduced.

First we will start with general hero updates and reasons for the changes. Damage reduction from armor will be reduced from -5 to -3 the reason being is before this change, armor reduced all incoming damage by up to 5, maxing at half of the normal amount. This change reduces the damage reduction to 3, while still capping at half.  You will notice this change mostly with heroes who fire quickly or in bursts.

Brigitte also has a little tweak done to her. The maximum duration of rally was made to 30 seconds as this skill could sometimes cause a snowballing effect, making it too difficult to deal with the increased health of Brigitte’s allies before she built up another one. This change will limit how long Rally’s effect lasts so that it’s a little more manageable.

D.VA will have her defense matrix cooldown increased from 1 to 2 seconds so that there will be a little more downtime before uses.

Reaper will have his life steal increased from 30% to 50% of damage dealt. This might be a controversial change but it’s done to make the character more aggressive. With the added life steal it will be particularly effective against tanks as they have a bigger hit box for his guns and do less damage.

That is all for hero changes now we will look at Bug Fixes implemented in the patch.

For heroes we will look at what issues were found and changed. And first we will start with the general bugs and go into further specific issues afterwards.

General - [PS4/XB1] fixed a bug that caused a delay for heroes loading into the victory screen line up if they had a golden weapon equipped

McCree - [PS4/XB1] fixed a bug that caused McCree’s model to distort if he used Combat Roll to the right with the Sherlock skin equipped

Tracer - Fixed a bug that caused Tracer’s Pulse Bomb to detonate on the wrong side of Orisa’s Protective Barrier when it was placed on the front

Wrecking Ball - Fixed a bug that prevented Wrecking Ball’s proximity mines from being disabled by Sombra’s EMP

[PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug that caused Wrecking Ball’s golden weapon to display incorrectly when using certain skins

For competitive play there was also one issue that was found and had to be fixed.

Fixed a bug in Competitive Play that prevented the team color on the payload progress bar from switching after a round transition

And lastly for the update we will look at the map bug that the developers removed.

Nepal - Fixed a bug that allowed players to capture or contest the point from its exterior on Nepal’s Shrine stage

To finish it all off we would like to give you some info on how we can help you with this event. We can offer you OW Boosting for levels which will help you grind out those loot boxes for the amazing new skins this year. Or another OW Boost we can offer you is placement games for the capture the flag event and even SR boosting for it. It you are interested feel free to message us on the live chat or directly purchase and we will try to assign someone for you as soon as possible. We are here 24/7 for you and will do everything in our power to make you happy and satisfied.