Placement Games Boosting Importance


Overwatch placement games boost and overwatch placement games importance. How do they work and how are they are important, are questions we will try to answer for you.


First we will explain what Competitive play is. This is a mode designed to be a bit more serious experience where you rank up every season. In this mode, you will have to stay on the same team with the other players for a full attack/defense rotation. Unfortunately you will be unable join another game if you leave your original match before it ends so be careful as there will be stacking penalties. Only start your game if you are sure that there will be enough time to complete it. In addition, continued leaving may result in being restricted from Competitive Play. Also unfortunately once someone leaves there will not be another person taking his place and there will be an empty spot. At the end of every season you get a specific spray and profile picture as well as a certain amount of Competitive Points which are used to buy weapon cosmetics. To be able to play there is only one restriction and it is to be level 25. But unfortunately to be able to play with your friends there is a couple of things you have to keep in mind:  

Players who are queueing for their placement match are unable to group up with players who are in Diamond tier and above.

Players who are in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 1000.

Players who are in Master tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 500.

Players who are in Grandmaster tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 350.


Now we will talk about what placement matches are and how they work approximately. Placement games are qualifier games that determine where you start off in the new season. They are quite important as they will determine what players you play together with for quite a while until you raise or lower your SR. They shape the beginning of every ranked play experience during the new seasons. Also it all depends on whether you played competitive previous seasons or not. If you did play Blizzard typically puts you with and against people that ended their season close to yours. And after you complete the 10 games you will most likely be placed close to where you previously were last season. If you did not play any competitive on your account Blizzard will typically try to determine your hidden MMR by the way you play. By doing that they will try their best to have you play with people close to your skill level. Also typically when you haven’t played at all competitive your first time ranking will be a bit lower than what you might expect. The rank tiers currently ingame so that you might get an idea on the possible advancements after completing you placements are the following:  

Bronze - 1-1499 SR
 Silver - 1500-1999 SR
 Gold - 2000-2499 SR
 Platinum - 2500-2999 SR
 Diamond - 3000-3499 SR
 Master - 3500-3999 SR
 Grandmaster - 4000+
Top 500 - Among the 500 best players in that region


Here we will try to explain why it is important. The placement games are your first major step in the beginning of each season and that is why you should always try your absolute best during them. They will be either a blessing or a curse for you if you want to climb the ranking ladder. As they will always try to place you where your skill should be but unfortunately sometimes they will put you in a lower tier. The problem there is if for example you typically play at a Platinum level but unfortunately you messed up on a couple of your games you might be placed at middle/high Gold Tier. That means that you will play with mostly lower Platinum and Gold tier players which might be an issue as there is a possibility of bottlenecking your growth. Meaning that as Overwatch is a team game since your rely a lot on your teammates and they might underperform so will you and because of that you might not get back to Platinum easily. That is why placement games might be considered the most important part of each season.

And now this is where we come in to help if needed. We offer Placement Games Boosting to insure that you will have a good win rate on your ranking games so that you won’t end up in a lower rank that the one you deserve to be at. Our Overwatch Boosting will guarantee you a 70% winrate up to 4000 SR and 60% guarantee above 4000 SR last season. Also for our Overwatch Boost we will offer you for every loss below the guaranteed winrate during the OW Boost 3 NET wins. Also if you want OW Boosting for less than 10 games we have certain guarantees as well. They are the following:

1 game- no win rate guaranteed

2 games - no win rate guaranteed

3 games - 1 win guaranteed

4 games - 2 wins guaranteed

5 Games - 3 wins guaranteed

6 games - 3 wins guaranteed

7 games - 4 wins guaranteed

8 games - 5 wins guaranteed

9 games - 6 wins guaranteed

10 games - 7 wins guaranteed

If you are above 4000 skill rating, the guaranteed wins are reduced by 1.

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