Secrets You Didn't Know About The Overwatch 2 Heroes


Secrets You Didn't Know About The Overwatch Heroes

Secrets or easter eggs or bits and bobs, many words or phrases can be used to cover interesting details in games, which in the bigger picture do not change even a single thing, but are there nonetheless. Almost every game uses them in one manner or another, some more, others less, their point is just to flesh out the universe or give something for a certain type demographic. Given their particular formula, which variates from game to game, many players devote their time to finding them. 

These details drive some players to lunacy, where you think you have found something, but you are just digging too much, where there is nothing to dig up. Straight up Pop culture references or just secrets bound to certain characters, make up the bulk of these secrets, as the ever growing catalogue of sources keeps on growing, so do the many possible inspirations.

Overwatch is filled with many different details, all taken from different places and meaning different things

Many of these references are not even part of their respected universe, but are particular quotes taken from many popular films or even series, books that they have read or just other video game references that players like us might recognise. 

Characters like McCree have lines that are 1 to 1 copies of the referenced line, while others have a certain twist to them, in a way to make it more in theme with the spoken character. An example would be Soldier 76, who will more likely reference a war movie made in America, rather than an Anime in Japan. Blizzard have even put in small call-backs to other games, either that they themselves have played, made in the past or just for a fun nod.

Some heroes have different a life outside the eternal battlefield

D.Va is one, who is one of the many pro Korean gamers, which we all know is something unique, even in the real world. That could explain all the gamer talk she keeps spewing out, an example would be ‘’AFK’’, ‘’GG’’, LOL’’ and many more, although not that much in your face. 

Lucio is an actual DJ in his free time, something interesting about him would be that the little musical ques that start every time you press ability are different depending on the ability used which show nice attention to detail. Those are just little samples from his full-fledged songs, which you can actually check on a dedicated site, constructed from the ground up just for Lucio’s music, if that is not dedication, I don’t know what is. 

Another way of telling the story, but in a more unique way is to have the characters tell it through little interactions, between other characters on the team or just speak it out. One such character happens to be Widowmaker, which in her lore states that through serious brainwashing done to her, she had her husband murdered in his sleep. That was before she was transformed fully into the Widow maker you see today, after that tragic incident had befallen her, that was the last push to transform her. 

Many characters have romantic backstories attached to them

All of these stories are in a way to give you more ways to relate to them, well the example of killing your husband in his sleep is not a particularly good way. Tracer is confirmed to be homosexual, through a comic released by Blizzard, not so long ago, we can see the woman she calls Emily, which is the aforementioned heart-stealer. 

Soldier 76 is also confirmed to be gay, but nothing else is confirmed as of this moment. Other heroes for example is Torbjörn, who so happens to have a wife with whom he has 8 children. One of them happens one of the other heroes, Brigitte is one of his daughters with Reinhardt being the godfather. 

There are heroes who outright hint at something more happening between them, that would be Hanzo and Mercy. Following serious injuries done to Genji, which would be covered soon, Mercy is there to bring him and ultimately keep him alive, when almost all had given up on him. 

There is a strong implication that Ashe has a thing for McCree, but it does seem to be one sided sadly. Another couple rumoured to have something between them is Lucio and D.Va, mostly given through quotes and nothing cannon can be accepted as solid truth. 

Not all heroes have a, per say, romantic relationship between them, some are just friends, who have become enemies through events

As stated above, after Genjis fight had ended and he had regained full health, Zenyatta was there to teach him to accept and live with he had been transformed into, making him into one of his closest friends. 

Reaper and Soldier 76 are on such, following the original Omnic Crisis, Gabriel Reyes and John Morrison who have, up to that point, fought together and were the founding members of Overwatch. Although, Reyes was skimmed over and instead the title of Strike-Commander was given to Morrison, which created a rift between the two. The caused tension between them to build up, but both were presumed killed in the explosion of the Swiss Overwatch Headquarters. 

Rumours do state that the explosion was caused by fighting inside the base

Some heroes help each other reach their full potential. Tracer and Winston are another couple, once being the test pilot of the maiden flight of the teleporting aircraft Slipstream, Tracer, unfortunately, got into an accident that rendered her unable to stay still in time. 

After months had passed and the issue still persisted, she met the renowned scientist Winston, who built her the chronal accelerator she wears on her chest. Some have a different approach, a more sinister approach. Junkrat and Roadhog are the menacing duo, after the Australian Omnium had exploded and turned his home into a wasteland, Junkrat had found something that he considered of great value in the remains. After that he hired Roadhog as a bodyguard and they set of on a spree of crime. 

Some maps have references to heroes, some even happen to be the home place to some of their respected characters. Nepal is one of those maps, many people have already found that secret to be exact, but it still is a secret nonetheless. While being mortally wounded in a fight with his brother Hanzo, Genji is brought back to life with some cybernetic enhancements. After that, Genji stays in the room above the capture point, where he stays to recover his wounds to the fullest and where he becomes great friends with Zenyatta. 

You can find in the room a few assortments of interesting items, from his grand painting showing him and his brother fighting to his spare katanas, further back you can find a smaller picture of him and his brother showing simpler times and spare coats. 

Enough about mythical archers and cyber ninjas, let us get back to the wild west, Route 66 is one of the most famous Overwatch maps, who McCree is pretty connected to. It is stated that McCree had visited the diner on Route 66 on multiple occasions, as he can be heard quoting ‘’never get the coffee here." 

Furthermore, this is more is the line of a lore fact, rather than a straight up secret, but it still holds up. Route 66 is also located rather near where the Deadlock Gang resides (which McCree was at some point part of), so he'd have been operating for them in the area at some point. 

As already stated, Overwatch has many different influences engraved in its core, taken inspirations and ideas, to make the world feel lived in

The amazing thing is that even without a single player mode which is typically the way that games operate regarding lore the Overwatch world is still vast. With every new lore release we learn more and more about our favourite heroes which is what makes this title different that others, because it just works even if we did not expect it to. We are waiting for more and more secrets to be dug up or even added to the game, but time is on the side of Overwatch and we are here for the ride, wherever it may take us.

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