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Overwatch top 500 boosting and what is top 500 in overwatch.

Today we will delve into the upper leagues of ranked play. But before that we will remind you a little bit about competitive play in general regarding Overwatch.  Competitive play in the game is considered more of a serious experience where players play against people in their respective skill group and rank up. This mode encourages more of a team play match compared to the others, for example communication is extremely important as if the other team communicates with each other they will surely prevail. Also it is currently the only mode that gives out Competitive Points which can be used as a currency to purchase the highly sought after golden skins for your weapons. Also keep in mind that you can enter the game as a team but there is a restriction depending on the group skill rating. And a little bit of trivia, keep in mind that new maps and heroes only become active in competitive mode two weeks after their respective release dates.

Competitive play is separated in seasons at the end of which rankings are always reset and a period of time called off-season is implemented. Each season has a different theme and reward for it as well as mostly a different duration as they tend to change sometimes. For example season 9 was 56 days with the theme of Hollywood and season 11 was 58 days with a theme of Hanamura.

Now we will delve into the different formats of play so that you know what has to be done to get to the upper competitive leagues of top 500. Competitive matches have different formats as to create a balanced gameplay. Every type of map which is Control, Assault, Escort and Hybrid are included in this mode. But each type of map has a specific format which is:

Control maps-Here you play a best of three format, where one team defends a point while the other attacks it and at the end of each round points are given out. If one team achieves two points that means they are the winners.

Escort maps- Both teams play two games as a rotation: one attacking team and one defending team, and both teams change sides after one round. And again the final score is announced at the end of the round.

Assault maps- Both teams play two games as a rotation attacking and defending and they both change sides after one round. The final score and the remaining time will be announced after each round.

Hybrid maps- Again it is rotation based and one team attacks while the other defends after each game they change sides. In the beginning the attacking team gains a percentage that is based on the amount of the control point they have captured above 1 tick.

Now lastly before we talk about the incredible top 500 league we will mention what you have to do to get started on the competitive scene. The placement games are the start that each player must take every new season. They determine a lot about the game, the ten games that you must complete are counted as eligible Competitive matches where all the same rules apply as normal competitive. Also experience and Competitive Points (for the winner) are awarded after every match so don’t worry you can grind a bit of levels doing it as well. But keep in mind that there are some restrictions for grouped competitive:

Players who are queueing for their placement match are unable to group up with players who are in Diamond tier and above.

Players who are in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 1000.

Players who are in Master tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 500.

Players who are in Grandmaster tier are unable to group up with other players which have a skill rating difference of more than 350.

Now all that is left is for us to explain to you the different ranks and how they relate to the coveted top 500. They are the following:

Bronze - 1-1499 SR
 Silver - 1500-1999 SR
 Gold - 2000-2499 SR
 Platinum - 2500-2999 SR
 Diamond - 3000-3499 SR
 Master - 3500-3999 SR
 Grandmaster - 4000+

And at the end of that is the top 500 which can be achieved by any of these ranks as it depends on the overall ranking list in your region. This means that it’s possible for you to be top 500 even if you are Master. But there is also a little catch where you have to play for quite a bit so that you don’t fall out of it or even if you are upper top 500 ranking you might fall out of it because of decay if you don’t play.

Now we will look at what top 500 gives you. First of knowing you are one of the best in this game and all of its players which is quite a good feeling.  You will also have a special icon for your skill rating with a distinct sparkle lightning lens flare effect which will remind you a bit to the in-game effects surrounding your readied ultimate skill. No matter what rank you are at the moment you reach top 500 your icon will change into the special one. But keep in mind that in order to be placed at top 500 you will have to have won at least 50 competitive games during the active season.  Also the top 500 leaderboard is released 2 weeks after the season’s start during the inactive time you unfortunately won’t be able to be placed in top 500.

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