Volskaya industries map guide




Volskaya industries map guide

Today we will be taking a look at the industrial and slightly cold but nevertheless fun map called Volskaya Industries. Here we can directly experience how Blizzard sees Russia in the Overwatch universe! In this map we can expect lots of snow, intense fights and incredible flanking opportunities in order to defeat the incredibly difficult to conquer defensive positions.

Then let us get started with our little guide that can hopefully make your gaming experience more fun and also lead you to numerous of wins down the line. When spawning as an attacker you must often be careful as your first spawn area can often lead to your death in the first minutes of the match. You might be wondering how exactly and we will try to explain why this happens. Often you can expect Junkrat to place his traps on the exit as they are often overlooked by less experienced players and because of that, there are times when a minute into the game you can find yourself dead. Always make sure to look at where you are walking when leaving the spawn and try not to rush too much. 

Another thing you should be aware of is that there are some Lucio players that camp around the spawn or the structure you see infornt of it. This is because when you exit you will see a big drop to your left, Lucio players often try to push out the attackers and sadly there have been cases where 3-4 people of a team die because of that. These two reasons are why you should try not to rush too much and be always on your toes. In higher levels of competitive play this doesn’t happen often but still is a possibility you should try and keep in mind!

Up next in our guide is a look at the first capture point A, called the Outer Courtyard

Its defense is quite straightforward as there is an incredibly hard to get pas chokepoint where the attackers often have issues passing. All the defenders have to do is to place themselves accordingly and hold off the constant attack waves and also it is incredibly important to look out for flanking maneuvers. You might be wondering where from and now we will take a look at the attackers and how they can outflank the defenders. While it is sometimes incredibly difficult to get passed the chokepoint, especially if the defenders are focusing more on a tanky and defensive hero builds, don’t be discouraged. 

Sometimes you only need one good flanker to take away their attention from your assault and you will be able to capture the point. More mobility based heroes can jump through a gap on the left of the archway. By doing that they will be able to get in behind and start either taking the point so the defenders are forced to go back or snipe out the squishy targets so that your team can advance more easily.

 This is incredibly important as the defending team has quite a long walk ahead of them before reaching the point and even one or two enemies less can make an incredible difference. That is mostly it for this point, just remember that when attacking you should always have someone flanking and when defending you should be prepared for this and keep an eye out on your back.

Now we will take a look at capture point B, called the Production Floor

Now this one is quite infamous in lower level competitive pay and has even made whole teams rage quit. But don’t let that frighten you at all as players often think that it is quite an unfair position for the attackers but in actuality it is not that much. Now we will explain why that is! The defenders here spawn incredibly close to the capture point and can set up quite a good defensive position which is hard to get past especially if they have a Bastion or Torbjorn. 

Because of this lots of players are disheartened at attacking and lose morale but again here we have numerous of flanking opportunities.  Attackers can use the moving platforms in order to get behind the enemy and also on the right there is a safe shortcut behind enemy lines as well. 

Remember to always have flankers and also somebody keeping the attention of the enemy in the middle. By doing this capturing the point is not that hard and you will be able to do it with as little teamwork as possible. Only try to make sure that you talk it out with your team beforehand in order not to have random people just rushing in. That is all there is to it, flanking and distraction. Hopefully these tips will be of use to you players and never be discouraged, try your best in every match as this is just a game after all!

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