What is dive comp in Overwatch 2?




What is dive comp in Overwatch?

With newer patches and updates more and more new metas come into play among the Overwatch community. The meta nowadays as you probably already know is called a “dive composition”. The dive comp has become useful on any map. The name of it describes it all – teams dive into the enemy, targeting one hero to get a fast first kill.


Winston, Genji, Tracer and D.Va, Lucio

Some key heroes to utilize in the dive comp are Winston, Genji, Tracer and D.Va, Lucio – basically for that composition players pick highly mobile characters to stomp at the enemy’s back lane and quickly get into position. Due to the increased mobility, dives can go from passive to aggressive very quickly the enemies can’t react properly most of the time because of this. The most targeted heroes for the dive comp are less mobile characters like Zenyatta or Ana for example. It is also a great strategy for dodging enemy attacks. 

With all those high-mobility heroes it’s easier to escape, split and come back for a counter attack. Splitting could make Reinhardt’s and Zarya’s job harder to get the most of their ultimates in. Some dive with just Winston and Tracer, leaving D.Va behind to protect the support, others dive as a combination of four heroes respectively. D.Va is a very important element to every dive comp, because of her high damage output and being able to defend at the same time more than every other hero as well as her amazing mobility and survivability. 

Pokey Dive is also on the map with long-range dps that could provide damage from a far, where it is safer. Support as Ana could fit in the poke dive, giving both damage and boosts to her allies. Pharah and Mercy too have found a place in the composition. With the damage boost from Mercy, Pharah can easily obliterate her enemies from higher ground.

Since the ability to move fast and overcome obstacles around the map is a key element to the dive composition, one way to counter it are heroes that are able to slow, stun and apply any immobilizing abilities to the diving heroes. Mei is an effective pick against D.Va so when needed always try to take her. 

Her primary fire cannot be blocked by her and once D.Va is frozen she becomes an easy target for Mei’s team. Her wall can also prevent her from using her bomb and she can even freeze herself if D.Va manages to fire her bomb anyway.  A good Reaper could easily get her out of her mech suit with his double shotguns. Once she is out, your other aggressors could ult away and melt the rest of the enemy team. 

A hard counter to the dive comp is the GOATS composition

Constant healing, large HP pools and death ball style makes it extremely hard to take on individual players. Roadhog, Brigitte and McCree could crowd control them, breaking their momentum 

Your team needs to stick together as tight as possible. That eliminates the effectiveness of the dive comp to kill off stranded targets. Defending highly targeted heroes could also disable that composition, as its sole purpose is to eliminate valued characters like boosting and healing supports and squishier targets. So cover and protect that endangered Ana or Mercy on your team. By doing this you can bait them out as they will definitely try to kill off your squishy heroes so try to take Zarya for example as she is perfect for protecting a healer and destroying their momentum.

Make sure you and your teammates don’t overextend. Overextension can easily give the dive comp an edge, as their one goal is to eliminate enemies one by one. Try to not overextend, especially when your team is defending.

Other popular meta in Overwatch is the GOATS comp. The basic GOATS comp consists three tanks and three supports. The main idea of that composition is to keep these three tanks’ huge health pools up, while they are breaking through the enemies ranks. Even after couple of nerfs, the GOATS comp is still viable and counters the dive, like we already explained.

The GOATS play style resolves around variation. Most have Brigitte, Lucio, Zarya and D.Va with a Reinhardt to take most of the DOT’s and waste most of the cooldowns of the enemy team. Winston could be included in some cases to give the team that mobility. 

For supports Moira is used to provide the AOE healing. Zenyatta’s GOATS resolves around taking down the enemy tank, giving more space for his teammates to advance. His team also benefits from his ultimate. Some teams have replaced D.Va for Baptiste, giving them longer range DPS poke. 

The best way to counter a GOATS team composition is good coordination. Also having four DPS heroes is helpful to deliver burst damage to them faster, than they can be healed. GOATS can be brought down by intensive poke damage from Junkrat or Pharah. Sometimes the best way to counter a composition like that is to just pick another variation of it. 

Overwatch has even more play styles 

Some of them are: 

  • 2-2-2

  • Quad Tank

  • Death Ball

  • Pirate Ship

  • Triple Tank

2-2-2 or better known as 2 DPS, 2 Healers and 2 Tank heroes. The goal of it is to have the most balanced team possible in terms of healing abilities, damage absorbing abilities and damage output. A standard 2-2-2 composition is build by a main tank in the face of Orisa, Winston and Reinhardt, a secondary tank like Roadhog and D.Va , two DPS heroes depending on the objectives Tracer, Pharah, Genji for attacking, Widowmaker, Mei and Junkrat for defending, a primary healer Mercy, Moira or Ana and a secondary one like Zenyatta and Brigitte. 

Death Ball comp consist Soldier: 76 , McCree, Ana, Lucio Reinhardt and Roadhog. It is resolved around moving quickly and taking down as many enemies as possible. 

The Pirate Ship is dominant force on an escort map and can be very difficult for enemy teams to bring down. It is built by Bastion, Orisa, Widowmaker, Mercy, Zenyatta and Reinhardt. The key of the comp is Bastion. Put him on top of the payload and protect him with Orisa’s shield. The secondary shield is complimenting his DPS and it gives a great protection. 

Adding Mercy to the team is very important, as she provides that damage boost and she is able to resurrect Bastion if something goes wrong. When the enemy shields are down, Widowmaker and Zen can then strike and hit them headshots from a longer range.

In the Triple Tank comp you can see characters like Zarya, D.Va, Moira, Ana and Reinhardt as the main heroes of the play are Rein and Ana. It is focused on Ana, getting her Nano Boost charged as fast as possible. Then, she soups up the Reinhardt while he charges in the enemy team.

Quad Tank composition is mainly used to secure objectives as quick as possible. Most teams would not expect four tanks on a team and are most likely not prepared for that kind comp to be rushing at their faces. The Quad Tank comp consists of Orisa, Zarya, Moira, Reinhardt, D.Va and Lucio giving them all of the boosts they could possibly need. With two healers like Mercy and let’s say Zenyatta, four tanks can easily push to an objective. 

No matter what composition you and your team choses to play around, with good communication, some map knowledge and a bit of sense for the game you are going to have a pretty good time, no matter wining or losing. If you end up losing couple of games don’t beat yourself up. Find a comp and a position you feel like enjoying the most and suits your play style, experiment even. 

The game is all about experimenting with what works and what don’t. Remember to always have fun, try not to tilt yourself and/or your teammates and keep your head in the game if you want to get higher in the ranks. If you are in a team with random players, be friendly, pick heroes to compliment theirs and try to work out a strategy, as that is a key for victory in Overwatch. And always remember communication is key for a successful game.

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