What is Overwatch 2 Skill rating?




What is Overwatch skill rating?

Today we will look at one of the most asked questions in regards to the Overwatch competitive play, what exactly is the thing called skill rating.

First off let’s start with some information in regards to the competitive mode of Overwatch so that we can better understand it. Competitive is one of the modes that can be accessed in the game menu. It was designed with the idea of a more serious and harder experience. You progress through the ranks by gaining skill rating points and at the end of each season you receive specific rewards depending on where you placed at. Also this is the only mode where you can acquire competitive points, which is a currency used to purchase cosmetic items, specifically golden skins for your weapons.

Competitive Play is separated in a couple of segments which are called seasons

They last for about 3 months each and at the end you will receive your rewards depending on your end of season placement. Also at the start of each season your SR will be reset and you will have to play 10 placement games to see your new position on the ladder.

Keep in mind that placement games are one of the most important things in regards to competitive. The reason for that is that they will decide where you will be placed, which is extremely important as you might be placed in a lower division that the one you were previously.

The issue here is that lower divisions are sometimes quite hard to get out of and that makes some of the players quite agitated and sometimes uncooperative. That is why always try to do your absolute best during placements but if you don’t want to risk it we offer Overwatch Placement games on our site which will definitely help you out.

Also we would like to mention that even if it’s off season players can still queue up in competitive but you won’t receive any competitive points or skill rating, the thing you will get is experience and a bit more serious game.

Let’s take a bit of a closer look at the placement games and their requirements

You will have to complete 10 games for your placement each season to determine your starting skill rating. Season 3 implemented a bit of a better system than the previous one where your SR will depend not only on the 10 games but your previous placement as well by using that and the hidden MMR it’s supposed to be much more precise.

The ten games are like normal competitive games, meaning that the same rules will apply as the ones in official matches and you will get competitive points and experience every match. There are some restrictions to group queueing and they are the following:

  1. Players who are queueing for placements can’t join with someone who is in Diamond tier or above.

  2. Players who are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond can’t group with players who have an SR difference of 1000 or above.

  3. Players in Master tier can’t group up with players that have an SR difference of 500 or above.

  4. Players who are in Grandmaster tier can’t group up with people who have an SR difference of 350 or above.

Up next is the skill rating itself as well as the divisions that depend on it

The skill rating is a points based ladder system that is implemented in the game. It varies from 1 to 5000 and your location on the ladder is based on that. After you do the placement matches you will have to start the famous grind, each game rewards or takes away points depending on be it win or loss. How much you win or lose depends on the overall performance of the player and the skill of your opponents.

For example if you win against a stronger team the amount of points that will be received is higher.  An interesting tidbit of information is that because some players wanted to achieve the lowest possible SR they started throwing matches, to combat this the developers implemented that everyone bellow 500 SR will be shown as “<500”.

The divisions that you play in are extremely important

As we said earlier lower divisions during the ladder grind are sometimes almost impossible to get through even if you are an all gold player. The reason for that is that lower divisions rarely have proper communication which is key for this team based game.

Another issue is that players sometimes get frustrated so much that even if there is communication they will refuse to listen, keep in mind this also happens at higher divisions but it’s less likely. If you want to improve yourself and get to the higher level of play we recommend you try out always talking to your team even if they don’t always listen.

This is a huge morale boost and better strategies can be made when you communicate with your teammates

Also try to play something you are comfortable with but always have a back up plan if you can’t specifically play what you want. For example if you are a soldier main, change to a healer if you see that there aren’t enough heals going around and have someone else take a DPS if no none wants to change before you. Something else that can be done is to try and play with friends as you will receive extra experience and it will definitely be more fun.

Up next let’s check out the top 500 that every competitive player strives to reach

Typically the top 500 Leaderboard is released 2 weeks after the start of a season. Even if you are eligible to be amongst these players the top 500 rewards will not be applied until it’s released. In order to qualify for this status a player must win at least 50 Competitive matches in his desired region and also getting skill rating decay will disqualify you immediately so be careful of that.

Many players have struggled because of this condition.  To be part of the top 500 there is no requirement of a rank, at any rank you can get this status. The important thing is to be amongst the top 500 of your region. When you reach this the player will receive a special icon with a unique sparkle lightning effect so that people can recognize you.

The moment you reach this status you will be informed of your position on the list and the icon will take effect. Keep in mind that for you to end up at top 500 in the end of the season you will have to grind a lot, as people tend to rush for higher SR as the season comes to a close, because of that the range 450-500 is not stable at all.

We offer services to get you to top 500 if you desire and even keep you there until the end of the season. Out Overwatch top 500 boost is something we are proud of as the people that play on the account are all top tier players and can do it without a problem and even keep you there as well if you decide to purchase that option as well.

The top 500 is the ultimate gameplay experience that you can acquire from the game

The reason for that is, because it’s the closest thing to an esports game as it gets. There you can play with actually good teammates and the communication is extremely important. The best strategies are only used there and people typically would expect you to know them.

We recommend every player to try to reach that status as the game will definitely change in your eyes for the better. If you are interested and unfortunately just can’t reach it on your own feel free to message us at any time.

Up next is the skill rating decay

This feature was implemented so that people are made to be active in the game and not just passive after they reach a desired division. There used to be quite an issue with people just getting to where they want and not playing until the end of the season.  

The bad thing here is the wait time for higher divisions as there were not a lot of people playing actively. Skill Rating decay starts to take effect when you reach Diamond, Master and Grandmaster divisions. The players that are placed there have to play at least 5 games every 168 hours which is a week. There is a timer displaying the amount of time you have before the decay takes effect. You can push it up to 36 hours every time you play a game and you can bank to a maximum of 168 hours in the timer.

You can find the timer in you Competitive information menu once you reach Diamond. We also have to mention what happens if you actually run out of time. Unfortunately the decay starts right away as soon as you hit 0 on the timer. This means that you will lose 25 SR right away and start losing that same amount every 24 hours after that.

The decay can be stopped if you play one match and get some time in the bank or when you reach 3000 SR which is the threshold for Diamond. You have to be really careful with the decay as its normal for people to forget about it sometimes. That is why they designed it this way so that you have to play only 5 games a week. If you do one each day there won’t be an issue with it.

Let’s continue with what rewards you can get out of competitive mode

Each match that you win will net you 15 competitive points and each draw awards you with 5, this is an improved version as it used to be before season six 10 points per win and 3 per draw. The other rewards you can get are separated in two special tiers. Competitor is for everyone who completed 10 placement matches and you get a unique Player icon and Spray depending on the season.

The other Tier is Hero and that is for every player in the top 500 status in their respective region. You will receive an animated variant of the Competitor Spray and two unique icons to show off your status, one is a generic top 500 and the other is specially designed for the season. Also at the end of each season depending on where you end up at there will be different amounts of competitive points awarded.

Something different that you can expect from competitive games is the penalties for player conduct. For example if leave an ongoing game you will be sanctioned with a reduction in SR. Also if a player is inactive the first two minutes of a match said player will be kicked and punished and also the game will be scrapped. If you continue making such penalties the time you will be restricted from will increase and may even lead up to a ban from the current season.

Overall the Skill Rating is something implemented to help out players that want to play with people close to their actual skill. That is why the hidden MMR is extremely important and the more you play the better matches the system will make for you. If you are interested in a bit more serious take on the game feel free to hop in and try your best. Hopefully the information we gave you was helpful.

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