What mistakes do top level Overwatch 2 players not make?



What mistakes do top level Overwatch players not make?


Being a top level player in Overwatch is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, a lot of dedication and a lot of practice. In order to be among top players you will need to avoid a couple of common mistakes in order to increase your in game performance and skill rating.

But lets start with what a top level player in Overwatch is.

Who are the top level players in Overwatch, also called Pro’s?

Top level players are players in the high end of skill rating bracket – players in Grand Master and Top 500 skill rating divisions. Top rated players are also tournament players participating in Pro scene events. What are the common mistakes top rated players avoid in order to become Pro’s?

Fully focus on the game while playing.

In order to perform at highest level, you need to fully focus on the game. This means you will need to have a comfortable playing environment and reduce distracting factors as much as you can.  This will help you a lot while playing the game and will for sure affect your in game performance and skill rating.

Careful champion pool selection.

Every top level player has its unique playstyle and is comfortable with specific champions pool. Simply, there is no player in the world good with every hero in game. In order to improve your overall performance it is good to carefully choose the role you like playing most and fully focus on improving it. 

If you like being in the front lane you should focus around playing Tank heroes and if you prefer killing people you should focus on DPS champions. The most underestimated role, but for sure the most important one are the supports. 

A lot of people avoid playing supports thinking it is boring to play them but on the other hand this is the most important role for a proper team setup. In order to determine which roles fits you best, we would recommend you to try them all in Quick play and choose the one that fits you best.

Hero selection is important.

Once you determine which role fits you best, you should carefully choose a couple of heroes that you like most. And than focus on playing them mostly. We would recommend you to focus on no more than 3 to 4 Heroes in total and play them as much as you can. At first you should play them in quick play and once you feel confident enough to play them good, you can hop into ranked play.

What happens if your role is taken? This is happening quite often. Besides the role you are most comfortable with you should learn to play with at least one hero of other roles(for example if you are tank main we highly recommend you to be able to play at least 1 dps and 1 support hero). This way you will be able to fill your team needs and maintain the good team composition in order to be competitive.

Swapping heroes based on team needs.

That’s why it is good to have a champion pool with a couple of different heroes of your favorite role. This way you will choose the hero that is better for different maps or different stages of the map. Some heroes are quite good in maps with a lot of free space, while others are good for objective capture or escorts for example. Being able to choose the proper champion for each situation will improve your skill rating and performance while playing ranked Overwatch.


Overwatch is team based shooter, which means that the proper communication level in between participants in a game is quite important. The ability to communicate with other players will for sure improve your overall performance and will help you to learn what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

The proper communication in between players is also quite important during team fights while every player will inform the others in the group what he is doing – for example using ultimate, rushing or focusing a specific enemy team member.

Using your abilities at the right time

This is quite common mistake among the not so skilled players – to try using their skills as soon as they are ready. This is not right, especially when it is related to ultimate abilities. Ultimate might be a game changer if it is used at the right time. But in most cases if you simply pop your ulti right after its ready will not affect the game as much as if it is used with another’s player ultimate and maximize its damage. 

There are some quite good ultimate combos, which can change the entire game if used at the right time. So our advice is be patient while using your Ultimate abilities and communicate with your team mates. This way you will have the maximum value of your Hero capabilities and will help you win games easier.

Theory craft and guides

Every professional Overwatch player spend some time to get informed about specific heroes, maps and in game changes. This way he will stay up to date with the environment of the game and will know which champions he should choose in every situation and on every map. 

Reading hero guides will also help you improve even if you do not like to focus on the new heroes. In order to perform at high level, you simply need to know skills and strong and weak points of every hero in game so you can counter it and the right situation. You should also know how to avoid specific abilities and how to counter them right. Watching some videos about heroes gameplay will help you improve while playing.

Not playing with your team

This is quite a big difference between pro players and casual players. Casual players are thinking they can solo carry games, not coordinating with team and play the game solo. This is a massive mistake that every player should avoid If he would like to climb the skill rating ladder. Overwatch is simply a team based game, so you should play like a team in order to win. Thinking you can solo carry often results in being killed much more than intended as well as being caught out of position or not being able to impact on the game. This is quite common mistakes for players in low divisions like bronze, silver, gold or platinum. The higher skill rating goes the less people are playing like a solo carry, which makes the overall gaming experience much better.

Being able to take criticism and listen to your team.

In order to get better in anything not only in Overwatch you should be able to take criticism and learn from your mistakes. It is quite common that if you make a mistake and someone criticize you, you should listen to it instead ignoring it and repeating it in the future. 

Most common reaction when you are being criticized while playing the game is to not listen to the player who tried to tell you did something wrong, but instead to try to flame him back. This is not good and will result into distracting from the game and focusing on flame each other, which commonly results in losing games. Pro players never complain about their mistakes – they try to improve and avoid making the same mistake again instead of complaining about it.

Flame, hate, rage and complain.

This is one of the things you should always avoid while playing Overwatch. If you start raging at your team, flaming them always complain, will not only result to game lose but might also get you penalized from playing competitive. 

The best advice we could give you while playing the game is to stay chill, relax and do not take the things that personal. Every player can make a mistake, so instead raging at them it will be much better to try to explain them the mistakes they did so this way the game environment will remain friendly and people will be able to focus on playing the game instead flaming each other.

As a conclusion, we will list all the common mistakes low rated players do and how they should avoid them:

  • Playing heroes that are not good for specific maps/situations or even a role that might be bad for team comp. Try focusing on playing what is good for the team. This way you will start playing better and synergizing with other players in your team.

  • Having low knowledge of the game environment and heroes. This is quite common mistake for new players in Overwatch. Our best advice is to read some guides and watch some videos about the heroes and maps in game, so you will be better informed about the entire gameplay. 

  • Not communicating with other players – this is quite typical mistake for lower ranked players. And it is bad for you and your team. The more social game goes, the better experience you will have playing it. 

  • Raging while playing. This always results to game loses, conflicts between players and bad environment for playing. Even if some of your teammates starts flaming you, try to stay calm and focus on the game instead trying to fight back with him.

  • Trying to solo win games. Everyone think he is the best while playing a team based game, especially if he plays with random. But in team based games the best is not the player with highest mechanical skills or best aim, but the one being able to coordinate.

    Have this in mind next time when you try to go one vs six and try killing entire team alone. In 95% of the cases this will simply result in you being killed and losing your ultimate instead of killing the entire enemy team. Of course in some really rare occasions you might get lucky and kill the entire enemy team.