What is Overwatch 2 League?




What is Overwatch League?

Today we will be addressing quite the interesting question regarding the Overwatch League and what it is exactly. We will take a look at some of its history and also how to enter it and partake in its activities. First let us give you some idea of what it is roughly. It is a professional esports league for our favourite game Overwatch which follows the model of other typical North American sporting leagues. 

The interesting part about it though is the fact that the players typically get annual salaries and benefits alongside a portion of the winnings and revenue. Overall it is quite a nice system for professional players so that they can be sure about being taken care of and focusing entirely on the game itself.

First off let us talk a little bit about the history behind this amazing League and how it came to be. The initial idea for this was thought up way back in 2013 when the eSports scene was starting to explode due to the popularity of live streaming games. In the beginning lead director Jeff Kaplan was hesitant to establish such a thing as it is always a risk to do so early in a game’s development. 

There was something quite interesting though, that was noticed by the developers

That was the fact that players were already organizing tournaments between themselves during the beta period of the game. This led the developers to the idea that this is something that can be used by them. They decided to take the steps in organizing official competitive matches to keep the players interested and the millions of potential eSports viewers something interesting to watch and cheer for.  

They looked at other sports tournaments and leagues in order to take ideas from them and create something that can work for themselves as well as for the players. They even started looking for investors to purchase Overwatch teams and interestingly enough there was quite a bit of interest. 

One of the main people that showed interest was Robert Kraft, who is the owner of the New England Patriots

He had been looking at other games and their respective competitive field but most of them were just in their infancy. That is why he decided to purchase and establish a Boston based Overwatch competitive team. 

This made lots of other investors much more interested and finally 6 more teams were established in the scene.  All of this brought a lot of money to the table and also a lot of interest by a lot of important people. That is how the League was initiated and brought to the national spotlight.

Now let us take a look at the rules and format of the League itself. It is as you might already know in the typical for Overwatch 6v6 game mode where players will have to fight for specific objectives and have the possibility to select from the hero game roster of over 30 heroes. The two teams that will be facing off will play at least four games and the games will offer a predetermined map type. 

The team selection is made before each game and a team may also call a substitute between each of the games. The most important part in the League placement itself is the win/loss ratio as that determines ties as well. All of these games are played on a custom server so that there is no lag or other similar issues.  This server is a bit different compared to normal ones. 

The reason for this is that of course it also gets updates and tweaks like the normal one but it is less frequently compared to the official server. This is because frequent updates to the competitive scene might confuse the players and have other issues as well.  

Something quite interesting about the League is what the offer to their players

Overall the pay is quite good and the benefits are well thought up. Each player is paid an annual salary with a certain minimum. Except that though, there are benefits like health and retirement plans as well as housing and training support. This is quite a lot not counting the fact that player’s bonuses are at least 50% of the team’s winnings and revenue. 

This is quite a lot of attention given to the players with is of course amazing. The part where these athletes are taking care of is very important as not all of them can have especially long careers. There are some restrictions as well that should be talked about though. Players are expected to act in a specific way of conduct made by Blizzard. If they go against it, fines and even expulsion from the league are possibilities that can happen. 

This is so that the players are always up to par with what is expected of them and so that the ads can continue playing. Companies do not want to advertise their products if everything is not up to par with their requirements. That is why Blizzard is very strict about this and they strive to keep everything flowing properly.

An interesting way to join the league is through the Contenders League which was launched in 2018 with five separate divisions consisting of 12 teams. This is a little bit freer playground where players can move between teams without an issue and also contender teams can be linked up with official league teams. 

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