What tips can help me to improve at Overwatch 2?




What tips can help me to improve at overwatch.

This is an interesting question which we as gamers often ask ourselves, when we start off a new game. But today we will try our best to answer it in regards to Overwatch

Overwatch is an extremely different game to what we had before it was released and while many have tried to copy it none have been able to do it properly. It’s hard to copy it as it has an interesting mix of simplicity and strategy involved. It is easy to approach and start but hard to master at higher levels of play. This is what makes it a really fun and challenging game. 

Keep in mind that it is not like other shooters like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, while it may be an FPS like them it is more like a team FPS. You can’t win it with only getting the most kills, the most important part in the game is the team based aspect of it. 

Don’t chase the solo glory or things like that, play with your team together and cooperate as much as possible. 

The different roles in the game are incredibly important for your team as if they are properly chosen you will have an easier time at winning. For example tanks and healers are very important for the team composition as they are the backbone of the game, you can’t only play DPS even if that might be the most fun role overall. 

Most of the healers can do both damage and heals excluding Mercy which is mainly a traditional healer that can revive and buff players. The tanks hold the frontline or push it respectively depending on the situation. There are sniper heroes that are kind of hard to master but if you do it will pay off because you will counter enemy DPS and healers which is quite important.

A good tip is to try and master at least two heroes of each roll

This is kind of mandatory if you want to be good at the game overall. You must do this because the game has a free swap mechanic implemented in it which means that adaptability is key as the enemy team composition might change drastically mid game. 

This mechanic is the thing that makes the game quite a bit more different compared to traditional FPS games. One moment you might be winning as your heroes counter the enemy, but the next they will adapt to it by changing up their selection and you might start losing at that point if you don’t overcome the change. 

Good picks for starting players are always Mercy, Lucio and Moira for healers

They are easy at earlier levels to use especially Moira and Mercy but to be really good with them at a higher level of play, you will have to practice a lot. The reason being is that at the higher levels enemies will often target you and because of that your positioning is of key importance. A good pick for tanks are Orisa, Roadhog and Reinhardt. They are beginner friendly, because the skills they use are not that hard to master. 

We would recommend using Orisa if defending because of her wall

It is a very useful skill as the cooldown on it is low and it can take a beating before the defense on it fails. Roadhog is a good pick if you already have one tank and you want to have a second one that is also kind of like an assassin. 

You might be confused here as how can a tank be an assassin, well its quite simple. The skills he has are perfect if you want to kill of a healer or a squishy DPS. The hook will bring them to you and then the shogun comes to play. Also the healing ability is quite good if you want to go behind enemy lines and survive the fights. 

For Reinhardt the key thing is not to rush in even if does seems fun to do unless you are followed up it’s a death sentence. The best thing to do is just to move with your shield up so that you can cover everyone else as they do the damage. This might not seems fun but it is essential for the objective. 

And now we will continue to the part you might find most interesting and that is the DPS heroes

Here there is a much more diverse number of heroes you can play. The easiest amongst them for beginners are Mei, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier and Torbjorn. Mei is often considered an unkillable damage dealing machine. The reason is that she can one v one most of the roster because of her freezing weapon. Also even if she gets danger close to death her cryo-freeze ability can save her as she turns into a block of ice and heals herself. We would recommend her if you want to start off easy. 

Next is Pharah, she is a tad bit more difficult but we put her here because you don’t necessarily have to hit your enemies directly as the rockets do splash damage. But if you do manage to master her weapon she deals tons of damage and can lead your team to victory. 

Reaper is one of the most iconic characters of the game and he can utterly destroy tanks with his duo shotguns. The idea with him is to surprise your enemies and kill as many as you can before you disengage with your wraith form. 

Also if you do manage to position yourself well his ultimate can destroy a whole team without them even knowing where you came from. Be careful though as you can still be targeted by enemies and killed while casting Death Blossom. 

Next up is Soldier: 76 he is what you may call a more traditional FPS character. If you are an FPS player that comes from COD for example this will be your go to hero. His abilities are quite basic and easy to use for beginners. But if you do manage to master him he is a real game changer as he deals tons of damage if you manage to headshot people with him. 

Lastly we have the good old Torbjorn, who after the remake is a bit less reliant on his turrets but is still the powerhouse he used to be. Most people would stay around his turret all the time and repair it but that is a bad decision. The best way to use him is to throw the turret at a good location and start roaming as his weapon does major damage and can destroy everyone. Especially when he uses Overload he becomes a little ball of death on the battlefield. 

He gets more movement speed as well as armor and damage which can be used to get in a fight and get out with a couple of kills before they manage to kill you. Up next are the more difficult subsection of DPS and those are the snipers of the game like Widowmaker, Hanzo and Ashe. These heroes if mastered are amazing at destroying whole team compositions. 

Widowmaker is a beast if you manage to learn how to use her as she can destroy healers and damage dealers with a single headshot. Hanzo is also an amazing character that can not only destroy squishy targets but tanks alike. The newly implemented Ashe has quite the interesting skills that are easy to master like the dynamite and the coach gun that can be used to finish of someone or just to run away. Also her ultimate called B.O.B. is extremely good and tough to deal with if it catches you by surprise.

That’s it for the heroes now lets us talk a bit about what else you have to learn and where from. The maps are extremely important as if you learn them you will definitely get better at the game. The locations of the heals for example are key to know in the game as well as different paths you can take to reach your goal. 

For example if the enemy is holed up in a specific place you may get behind them and disrupt their team composition. We recommend playing on the practice maps and just going through all of them so that you can see where everything is located. Also another thing you can do is watching streams of players as they often comment on what to do in certain situations and that can be quite helpful. Also keep a close eye on their positioning and gunplay so that you can understand how to play specific heroes. 

We hope that was helpful to get you started on improving yourself. Just don’t forget to always be on your toes in the game and change up your hero setup if needed as this is an essential requirement to winning in Overwatch. 

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