Which Overwatch characters are the most beginner-friendly?




Which Overwatch characters are the most beginner-friendly?

Greetings fellow Overwatch players, today we will review the easiest heroes in the game, in order to help our newcomers. Before we start, lower difficulty heroes don’t mean that they are the simplest ones, but heroes that are more intuitive for players of FPS video games. 

For those of you searching a damage dealer, we would recommend Soldier: 76, Bastion, Mei and Torbjorn. Soldier:76  and Bastion both have long range point-click damage, minimal recoil rate, which allows players to spray, burst, one tap etc. 

With Torbjorn all you need to do is find a strategic placement for his turret, which do almost all of his damage. Last but not least, Mei is a champion that can freeze enemies and build ice walls. She can even freeze herself. Her abilities allow her to take most of the close-quarter combat heroes. 

For support picks, Overwatch has Brigette, Mercy and Moira as easy picks

Moira is a point-click healer with some damage potential. She uses orbs and by learning the geometry of the terrain you can optimize her healing. It is nearly impossible to miss your target with her mid-ranged attack which is a locked-on beam. With her Ultimate, which is also point-and-click, she is an easy to master champion for newer players. 

Brigitte has a shield to accompany her, knockback and stun abilities. Her healing isn’t too bad as well. Mercy is a sustain healer with great mobility. She is able to fly to an ally, including those in the air and assist them. 

Her heal is a locked beam that can be switched to a damage boosting ability. Mercy can revive a fallen ally hero and return them to the battlefield.  If you are all-in kind of player, enjoying the close quarter fights and being a frontline, Overwatch has a ton of options for the newbies. 

Winston, Orisa, Reinhardt and Roadhog are believed to all be easy champions to master

They all focus on shields and you can protect your team members on the front line without being an Overwatch professional. Reinhardt is basically a walking shield. It is easy for him to juggle enemies with his close range Warhammer, dashing through their lines swinging. It is a great hero to take the squad to the objective point. That is the purpose of the tank heroes in the game. Roadhog’s kit is simple, a chained hook, little heal for intense situations and secondary fire to blow up their faces

Some of you might be in a need for a challenge, so you are in the right place. Overwatch has heroes with medium difficulty, with more advanced kits that are still easy for the newbies to pick up and learn.

DPS heroes for example are McCree, Reaper, Sombra, Tracer and Junkrat

Reaper is one of the most iconic heroes of Overwatch. With his dual shotguns and mobility, he is able to crush his opponents. The key of playing him is mastering his movement abilities. His teleportation allows him to quickly move from place to place making him perfect for surrounding foes and getting behind the enemy team lines. 

McCree is a mid-range, revolver wielding hero. He can dodge easily and stun his opponents with Flashbang stun. His Ultimate ability, which is called Rip-Tire, is an auto-focused snipe. Junkrat utilizes his grenade launcher and his frags explode when he connects an enemy. Learning where to launch the grenades can be tricky, but can provide cover without aiming down the barrel. 

Sombra and Tracer are both equipped with strong mobility and rapid fire weapons. Both can get out of the fight if needed in just a flick of an eye with their teleportation skills. Sombra becomes invisible and Tracer jumps in previous location. Both of their ultimate’s are AoEs.

If you want to play as a support and are used to firt-person shooters, Ana is the way to go. Her weapon is a sniper rifle, which on hit to an ally can heal, but still does damage to foes. There is no switching to different weapons. Her grenades are on the same principle – damage to enemies with the ability to heal your teammates. Symmetra’s left-click attack is similar to Moira’s. Her turrets are like Torbjorn’s, but with lesser range. 

The tanks in the mid-range difficulty are probably Zarya and D.Va

The particle Barrier protects Zarya and charges her weapon. Her beam attacks put her in the mid-range, because it is easier to aim with a beam. Her Graviton Surge, the ultimate ability is an easy way to ensure the kills for your teammates. Newer players can quickly get used to D.Va’s kit, but might need some practice. She is a heavy hitting tank. When her mech suit is destroyed, she becomes squishy target, so don’t get too cocky.

And now, here are the characters that require hours and hours of practice. The hard tier list heroes, that are time consuming to master, but are highly rewarded for that. 

The hardest to master support heroes in the game are Zenyatta and Lucio

Zenyatta is all about charging your attacks and waiting for the right moment. His passive ability is healing from Orb of Harmony. His attack’s hit box is very small so it might take practice to master. 

Orb of Discord is his damage dealing ability. Be sure to keep your Ultimate ability for the most intense fights. Sometimes that can be a game changer. Setting aside the urge to switch between the two radiating team buffs - a speed boost and a healing aura, Lucio can be one of the simplest supports in Overwatch. 

Knowing the maps in the game is really helpful for Lucio players as you can race up and down to your teammates healing them and giving them an edge in the harsh fights while you skate around the map. 

Higher skill characters in the game are Ashe, Widowmaker, Hanzo – the long range damage heroes called snipers of Overwatch, Pharah, an aerial killer and Genji ,  the deadliest ninja of the game.  

The snipers in Overwatch utilize their abilities to get behind enemy lines, climb buildings and move fast. Aiming with them takes lot of practice, but once you master them and start quickscoping it’s an easy win. Ashe also is all about aiming and blowing up stuff. Her gun can shoot her back, giving her some mobility. Being able to hit your dynamite in the right moment takes time to master, but it is highly effective and rewarding. Genji is swift, fast and deadly once you master him. His Swift Strike ability grants him insane mobility and it’s the most important part of his kit. 

There’s a lot of reasons to pick Pharah. She is our airborne character, using her gun to knock enemies away or even herself, getting even higher into the air with Concussive Blast. She is a hero that can get you thinking about other approaches to the maps with her unique abilities. But keep in mind that line of sight is really important with her as you will have to try to get to the perfect spots where you can attack but the enemy can’t hit you.

Keeping your height can be tricky, but when you manage to pull it off, Pharah can release her rockets and demolish everything on the ground. Don’t always go for direct hits, use her rocket launcher to do some splash damage to your opponents.

The hardest tank to master in Overwatch is probably Wrecking Ball. He is unique in every way. His abilities are hard to master, most requires map knowledge and space to execute. Wrecking Ball is a high mobility tank, able to deal damage and knock back everything in his way. 

The best way for newer players to learn certain character is always practice. Pick a hero that looks good and interesting to you. Use your first matches to understand the roles in the game and explore the vast majority of characters. See which fits you best and which are the most enjoyable for your play style. 

Even an “easy” hero could seem hard for some players. Get into the battlefield and try out different play styles. Play with different heroes, the game has 30 unique characters for you and it won’t take long for you newcomers to find out what fits you. You can even watch some streams, see how heroes work under more experienced players. Test your chosen one in a deathmatch, the practice range. 

Learn the rules of the game, how teamwork takes place in the game. Try to learn more heroes from different roles so you can be helpful to your teammates and don’t forget to always have fun and enjoy yourself.

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