Who is the most powerful character in Overwatch 2?



Who is the most powerful character in Overwatch?



We as gamers all know that most games are lacking that fine tuning. Balancing can get a little rough some times and Overwatch is no different in that aspect. Today we are looking at the most overpowered characters in the game’s history. During the course of the game there were heroes that dominated the meta. Some of them had some insane kits or some slick mechanics that made them so deadly.

Reinhardt’s original earth shatter was 100% stronger and was wider than now

It was meant for a strong push, but it was so powerful, that he just used it to one-shot squishier enemies. He is one of the most powerful tanks in Overwatch and once you learn when to dive into the enemy team swinging your hammer he can very easy carry to victory. That is the most important thing regarding Reinhardt as most people just rush in and get focused down in no time.

Mercy has always been a sure pick for any meta and map ever since release up until now

In the beta stage of the game she was able to use her resurrect ability within 40 meters range as well as raising everyone in range. She could resurrect allies without even been seen by the enemies. The ultimate was instant, so even if caught off guard she could just ult and killing her was extremely difficult. 

Her damage boost ability is considered to be much more powerful than it is today. Buffing ally heroes with 50 % instead of 30 %. Eventually she got her range nerfed and placed in the danger zone when using her ultimate which was remade to only raise one person and has a cast time so that it isn’t so overpowered.

Zenyatta is insanely strong if you learn how to use him

His Orb of Harmony lasted an infinite amount of time, so the flankers of the team had constant regeneration. His shields have been buffed, having 50 points to his shield from 150 to 200, he sustained much more and was often independent from other healers. 

His Orb of Discord is still great though. The speed increase of transcendence was lowered, but it was once insanely strong, you could say that he was like a race car. Zenyatta has been rebalanced now to a reasonable level by reducing the damage of Orb of Discord down to 30% , but after several patches he was a must pick and was able to turn a whole game around by perfectly timed and placed Ultimate.

McCree is another OP hero even in today’s meta

At one time he was the best sniper character in the game. He is able to pick of enemies from long range with lots of damage, all you have to do is practice his aim game. McCree is able to deal incredibly high burst damage as well in close and personal combat, especially to tankier opponents with his right-click. His kit is more aim dependent than other heroes, so the player needs to put more work in his headshots, but he’s high risk playstyle is incredibly rewarding. That means that if you put time and effort in learning him you won’t be sorry as he is an incredible hero.

D.Va is a great hero to help you carry yourself in the ranks while being really enjoyable to play

With the dive comp being strong and all, she is a very important part of every dive comps. D.Va is extremely mobile and durable. Her Defense Matrix is probably the most powerful basic ability in Overwatch. It’s able to negate every projectile and many ultimates as well. With her 600 health points, she can be an incredible diver when a more experienced player uses her. Even when out of her mech suit she does a surprising amount of damage. 

Her skill level being at low-mid tier makes her a great hero even to newer players. Having the shield can help your team last longer in battle, so you have to learn to preserve it for the perfect moment. Her broken nuke of an ultimate with a huge range can give you multiple kills as long as you position her good enough, most players tend to use it in the air so that it becomes something like a nuke falling from the sky.

Even though Genji isn’t a quite popular pick for casual players, he is amazing for carrying you and your team because of the strength of the dive compositions

His kit resolves around harassing enemies with his shurikens and hunting down vulnerable targets. If you master him, you will be able to take down key members of the enemy team without even a drop of your blood being spilled, that and his mobility to get faster to health packs and to your supports will keep you longer in the fight compared to some other heroes. 

He can be difficult hero to master, but once you learn his basics he won’t be that tricky. Prioritize your target and learn how and when to get into the fight when your team needs you to distract someone and you will be able to carry with no problems. 

Pharah is a powerhouse and always has been. Her insane dps from above is able to splatter, dealing even more trauma to the enemy team

She gets even more powerful when played with a good Mercy, giving her the healing to last longer and the damage boosts, Pharah becomes nearly untouchable. If she gets her first shot before the enemy character, Pharah could easily kill pretty much everyone on the opposite team before they even notice her in the air. 

Pharah’s ultimate is able to deal an incredible amount of damage with little to no effort if she is positioned right. If you learn how to master her you will definitely not regret it. Starting off with her is not a bad decision as her splash damage makes her easier to use compared to McCree, for example.

An OP hero in the dive comp and a key element to it is Winston

He is extremely powerful once you learn how to focus the right target and dive at the right time. Winston’s kit is simple enough for newer players and not so hard to master as well. He is able to pick any squishy target by himself. He is a fun hero to play once you learn how to get around and be as annoying as possible by focusing healers. 

Doomfist can be absolutely annoying if used correctly

You could be minding your business and he can just go crazy on you all of a sudden. He seismic slams you, gives you a rising uppercut and then hand-cannon’s you in the face. Doomfist is hard to master, but the amount of damage he deals makes up for it. He is able to leave his enemies helpless while he stuns them with the slam. He has lots of counters but when mastered, Doomfist can wreck most of the characters. 

Junkrat is one of those heroes that can easily carry, if he is not countered

He can be a primary source of kills in a team with his burst damage. His bombs are incredibly effective at close quarters for example small rooms. His ultimate ability can take out multiple targets if well placed. Once you get used to him he can be extremely fun, combined with his ability to take down targets quickly, Junkrat can be very useful for your team.

A very frustrating hero to play against is Widowmaker if a pro uses her

If the player knows what he is doing with her, she can easily take down multiple enemy team members before the fights even begins. She is a very mobile sniper, able to disrupt the enemies one by one. If Mercy is on her team, giving her the attack damage boost she can one-shot kill squishier targets without even a headshot. If you manage to master this hero the payoff is worth it as you can dominate the game all by yourself.

A safer pick can be Soldier: 76. He can perfectly fit any meta there is

His insane dps is enough to break Reinhardt’s shield, clear the skies from Pharah’s presence and end teamfights with his ultimate ability. His kit is plain simple, so the player will be more focused on positioning and aiming, which is very important if you want to be a successful Soldier. 

The character isn’t hard to play and he brings familiarity to players used to the fps genre. He brings to the table high damage output, mobility and even slight healing, which could be very helpful in choke situations. We recommend mastering him if you want something closer to a generic FPS hero but still powerful.

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