Overwatch Workshop and Storm Rising event information



Overwatch Workshop and Storm Rising event information.

Today we will take a look at two extremely interesting topics in the Overwatch world. First off let’s start with the Workshop mode that was announced. Soon after the Storm Rising event finishes the Overwatch team will release this new mode as was announced recently. Players will be given tools to prototype their own heroes as well as build their own new game modes. Kaplan described it as something like a new scripting mode that will allow players to create custom game modes within the custom game browser. Some people might say that there is already such a thing as creating new stuff within the browser but keep in mind that the Workshop will be a much more robust system that can allow you to do much more things. Some of the tools that will be available are the same as the tools used by the developers and will let people play as much as they want with their imagination. An example of what can be done was given by Kaplan and that is the molten floor which will do damage to all players that touch the ground. Also there will be included something extremely important in this mode and that is the Workshop Inspector which is a custom debugger which will allow you to check for errors and will also show them to you so that they can be fixed. The developers hope that through using this tool people might become interested in programming and game development as it’s quite close to what they use to make the game we all love. Unfortunately The Workshop will not allow custom geography or imported art, but it will still be a very powerful tool. Keep in mind that all the work created in the PTR will be saved and transferred to the live servers once this update goes live. The Workshop will be released for PC and consoles and while it might appeal mostly to people with a programming background it is still quite accessible for all kinds of players.

Up next let’s check out the Storm Rising event and what it brought with itself. Overwatch Storm Rising it the third event of the Overwatch Archives series and the heroes in the spotlight this time are Tracer, Mercy, Winston and Genji. The story this time is set in Havana, Cuba where the newly introduced character Maximilien who is Doomfist’s accountant is escorted by an armed convoy with Talon soldiers. The strike team lead by Tracer attacks the convoy with the idea of capturing the evil omnic. After a heated battle through the streets Maximilien manages to escape from his vehicle and goes on the run. After tracking his movements the team goes in pursuit and that is where we the players come in and start the game mode. There are a couple of stages in this new mode. First off after the omnic is tracked down to a nearby distillery the team opens a garage door and fights off several waves of talon soldiers. After this the team enters the distillery itself where there are several more waves of soldiers inside. Next up is the escort section where the team will have to get a truck full of explosives to an old colonial fort where Maximilien is hiding this part of the mode is basically a payload mission which we are all familiar with. And finally after all this is the last part, where you will have to clear our all enemies inside of the fort before blowing up the gates which will finish up the mission. During the whole map we can hear numerous interactions between the characters which introduce new lore to the game. We find out that during this time Talon’s leadership has become fragmented because of the rise of Doomfist. Because of all the internal issues at Talon Maximilien has become vulnerable and has shown his face for the first time in quite a while. This forces the Overwatch team into action. Another interesting thing we find out is that because recently Morrison and Reyes have been arguing a lot regarding missions if they fail this capture the Overwatch team might be disbanded. Following the completion of the event map, Maximilien attempts to flee using a helicopter on the roof. Unfortunately for him though Genji manages to catch up and corner him at sword-point while the others block the exit. Being the practical omnic that he is after he realizes that there is no way out he proposes to negotiate. That is where Mercy jumps into the conversation and requests an introduction which intrigues Maximilien as to who she wants to be introduced to. At the end we jump to a new location where we see Doomfist addressing another omnic and mentioning his desire to fight for the freedom of all omnics and offers his partnership. Lastly let us check out the new interesting skins that were released during this event:

1.       Socialite Ashe: An interesting and slick skin where we can also see Bob in a tux which is awesome.

2.       Deadlock Mccree: It’s another cowboy skin that is slightly disappointing.

3.       Scientist Moira: Kinda basic as legendary skins go but still its simplicity makes it good.

4.       Talon Baptiste: One of the more interesting skins as we can take a look at how Baptiste used to look like.

5.       Gwishin Bastion: Probably the best skin released this batch as it makes Bastion look kinda evil but awesome at the same time.

6.       Formal 76: It’s a pretty skin as it show him in a formal garb which fits in the story.

7.       Clown Junkrat: This skin has sort of a creepy vibe going with it as it shows Junkrat as one of the creepier thing out there, a clown.

8.       High Roller Hammond: An interesting and cute skin for our lovable furball.

9.       Racer Zarya: An interesting take on Zarya but it doesn’t introduce anything especially different.


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