World Building and Character interactions in Overwatch 2


                Overwatch released in 2016 is still going pretty strong, with some players staying from the start and still keep coming back, keeping the game afloat. While all that is happening, ‘’Blizzard’’, on the other end, is pumping out constant updates, ranging from simple bug fixes or more substantial ones, for instance new maps or characters. The game does not seem to show any restlessness in terms not having anything to do, with an ever-changing mode ‘’Arcade’’, which does introduce new mechanics into the game or simply twists existing ones in an ever innovative way. Many different characters, each with their own unique play style, each map with a certain objective that needs to be done, so victory can be achieved. ‘’Blizzard’’ has made the world feel lived in, with certain techniques that we will get in depth with.

                We all know that ‘’Blizzard’’ does not keep world building and characters on the back-end in their games, they are at the forefront of every game, the soul and heart, as it is also known. ‘’Overwatch’’ follows a pretty long timeline set presumably in our modern times, but highly twisted as to keep up with the futuristic theme established in the game. The furthermost date set in the timeline is called ‘’The Birth of Legends’’ where some of the older characters of ‘’Overwatch’’ are born, the oldest ones are, as established in the lore, ‘’Reinhardt Wilhelm’’, ‘’Ana Amari’’, ‘’Torbjörn Lindholm”, arranged from oldest to youngest. Many more and some that are not even playable, but are possible hints to future characters that could be released at some point or just there to enrich the world building aspect of the game.

 As the lore goes on the ‘’Overwatch’’ setting truly begins when most of the characters are already born, and that marks the beginning of ‘’The Omnic Crisis’’. The main idea of the crisis is that man and machine are trying to find a middle ground where they can live in peace, despite their differences, which can be said about certain nations in the real world, but that is best left to free interpretation. After 10 years of the crisis, ‘’Overwatch’’ enters its, as stated, ‘’Golden Age’’, where every mission that they are sent to is accomplished without any difficulties or a high body toll.

Furthermore, not even 10 years after that, begins ‘’The Fall of Overwatch’’, where ‘’Overwatch’’ is being torn apart from the inside, hinting at some of the characters getting corrupted and so forth. That is where the game is based lore-wise as of us playing it, we caught you up to the current years of ‘’Overwatch’’. From here, you can see the story unfold, but with you in it this time frame. The use of animated shorts on their respective YouTube channel ‘’PlayOverwatch’’ is one of their strongest cards in terms of building the world, highly stylized, filled to the brim with info and short enough to keep you interested till the end, some of them we wish would have gone on longer or possibly even made into full length feature movies. Giving you a glimpse of why they act as they do in the game, peeping into their character as per say.

Furthermore, the place where the short is held at is also a map that is in the game or some map that you may have to watch out for in the future, even certain details from fights in the short get transferred in the map, that is what we call attention to detail. Digital comics is another way that ‘’Blizzard’’ is expanding the world, giving you an option to read and watch the action unfold this time in page form. We continue to the interaction part of the game, these are just little snippets of dialogue at the start of every game match, where 2 characters are talking about something that has happened in the past to them, referencing the lore in a small, but meaningful way. Characters can cover stories ranging from pretty serious topics, where they barely got out with their lives or more comedic ones, where every character can hear them talk it out loud. This is more for the people playing the game, rather than the characters. It is pretty interesting to hear about ‘’Reinhardt’’ an old war veteran with a big scar on his eye being told that he has done some pretty goofy stuff in his younger years, as we all can relate. This way, at least for us, is how more games should do it, rather than giving you a big lore dump, as it is known to happen often, where you don’t know where to start, because 2 or 3 characters have new stories released or some map now has lore. ‘’Blizzard’’ has found the perfect harmony between big lore dumps or nothing at all, giving players monthly lore updates or comics or animated shorts, or all 3, either way you will never be left without something to read, as long as the game stays afloat. We are eager to see where ‘’Blizzard’’ goes from here on out, continuing the story, hinting at new locations or characters or starting a new world, whatever it is, we are here for the ride.

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