Echo in Overwatch 2



Echo in Overwatch 2

We will be taking a look at Echo and what we know about her as she is most likely the other hero that will be introduced alongside Sojourn in the upcoming Overwatch 2 game. This quite interesting hero has been talked about for quite some time. Even in the earliest parts of development of Overwatch there were lots of concepts surrounding here even though under a different name, Iris.

This hero has been a long time coming even during the first pitch meeting for Prometheus, the game that would later become Overwatch, they were thinking about implementing her. Even Creative Director Jeff Kaplan talked about her being an incredibly important part of the Overwatch lore to come. She will be a central pillar of what we can expect in the future of the game and while the information at first may be vague, the developers wish to add her to the playable roster.

The first big introduction we got of her was during McCree’s short film where we were also introduced to Ashe and Bob alongside the Deadlock Gang

They were tipped off by our favorite cowboy about a shipment carrying a lot of loot which the gang decided to rob. The real reason he did that though is because Echo was being transferred in said train and he had to get to her. He was carrying some sort of a chip which seemed to be a part of something larger, which was proven to be true. 

After he dealt with Ashe and her goons he woke up Echo by inserting this chip which was like the missing piece of a puzzle. She was sent to Winston in order to help out the newly emerging Overwatch and also seems to have a really close connection to McCree. 

While the developers have still not explored a big part of her story, we can be sure to learn more about her in Overwatch 2. Even during the missions that were shown to us of the story modes in the upcoming game, she was taking lead over the mic. 

In regards to her possible role, a lot of people have been speculating that she will fall into the Support Role and will be there to assist others in battle

While it is most likely where she will end up, due to Sojourn being almost certainly an Offense based hero there are also rumors going around that Echo might also be a part of those heroes.

Her abilities are also currently unknown but we have some serious leads as to what they could be. During the amazing cinematic Zero Hour we saw her flying around and shooting rapidly plasma based shots. Interestingly enough she also made her enemies explode after killing them so that is also a possible ability for her kit. 

Another thing we can be sure of as well is her ability to fly as she has shown it quite a bit as well as her constant hovering. The fact that she is able to fly will definitely be a big part of her kit as well as her mobility due to this. It is highly possible that we will also have a lot of control in regards to how she flies as we can see that during the cinematic she is quite maneuverable. 

While it will take some time before we know much more information except the current speculations we are patiently waiting for her. She has been planned for so long so we can wait a bit more so that her lore and kit are fully fleshed out. 

We can be certain that she will be an interesting addition to the game and will take quite the central role moving forward. Evidence enough of this is her appearance at the end of the PVE story mission demo shown in BlizzCon 2019 to players.  

There she may be an unplayable character but still is quite active in said mission. She is something like an advisor and shot caller that helps with communication and objective tracking. While she may hold a bit of a backstage role here, the developers definitely plan on including her at some point. She could become even something like Pharah and Mercy and even counter them as their flying combination is tough to deal with at times. 

The developers have been experimenting quite a bit with different ways of movement so combined with the improved engine and its new capabilities we can expect her to be quite different. That is yet to be  seen though as a lot of the information we compiled for you could change but still the hype is there and we will love to see her as soon as possible in the game, be that Overwatch or Overwatch 2.

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