Overwatch 2 – Can it revive the hype?



Overwatch 2 – Can it revive the hype?


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As we know the developers at Blizzard have announced the continuation of the Overwatch series. Overwatch 2 will be a brand new game that is also closely connected to its predecessor in several ways. The game itself is something of a new formula which we haven’t seen before and will definitely be interesting to check out once it is done.

As we know the current Overwatch was a game released in back in 2015 and has had various of changes done to it but it still resembles the game on release in some regards. The mechanics have evolved during these past 5 years and we have new heroes and maps. The gameplay though is still almost the same and the co-op modes with a story behind them have been few and mainly temporary releases. This game has lasted for quite a bit of time mainly relying on the multiplayer aspect. This is incredibly surprising and also praiseworthy as not many other purchasable games can say the same. Of course we are excluding the free to play market as it is an entirely different one.

The gameplay is so well made that even after all this time, people constantly go back to it and actually enjoy it. The issue with it currently though is that the model has started to feel a bit old and players don’t tend to stick around for a long time. Also in regards to the story all of it has been driven forward from comics and video shorts. We can definitely say that all of them are top quality and quite intriguing but the lack of story representation in-game causes some issues. A lot of players feel closer to their favourite heroes if they can experience some part of their life. If it is especially in-game and they can play through it first-hand the connection grows. A big part of the community has always wanted for a single player or co-op aspect of Overwatch during these five years. This is what the developers have definitely noticed and plan on implementing in Overwatch 2.

Another important aspect of the original game is the visual department. Overwatch has slightly improved its visuals ever since release and they still try to make it as good looking as possible. While it certainly did age well, the fact remains that the game has indeed aged. It is not ugly to look at per say but compared to newer games you can definitely see the difference. The engine has shown its years at this point and it is evident that without a complete overhaul there cannot be further improvement. This is another thing that will be addressed in Overwatch 2. Visual improvements are quite evident from all the currently released videos and pictures of the game.  

The model for the upcoming games is also quite interesting. Bothe Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will be connected to each other. This means that if you want to play with updated visuals and the PVE maps you will have to purchase the new game. Everything else, which is including new heroes as well as new maps, will be the same for both of the games. Even the Multiplayer lobbies will not differentiate between games and have everyone together in one match. Also in order to transfer all of your unlocked cosmetics and achievements, you will have to purchase Overwatch 2. Once you do so, all of your progress from the original one will move over to it and you can continue enjoying your favourite cosmetics. This is amazing as a lot of us have been playing the game for quite some time and have acquired a lot of things we enjoy. During all those years, constant releases of new cosmetics that can be purchased only once a year has made a lot of the players cherish their precious accounts. The fact that all that time was not wasted is greatly appreciated.

Now let us also talk about the other new stuff in the upcoming game. We will have access to a new game type called Push as well as a new map Toronto on release. The new mode is basically a tug of war robot that both teams fight for control of. The objective is to push the robot to the enemy team’s spawn and achieve victory by doing that. Another interesting thing is the PVE aspect of the game which features Co-Op missions set in the time after Winston called back Overwatch. They are intended to bring more lore to the game and be something like a campaign which we can enjoy. With this type of mode, they will be able to constantly release new missions and move the story forwards. This is amazing as it means that more lore will be available to us fans of it.

Overall Overwatch 2 cannot be called a completely different game than the original. It can be considered more like an Expansion and Visual Remake of Overwatch. It is definitely interesting and we cannot wait to check it out once it is released. Time will tell though if Overwatch 2 will revive the community and bring people back as well as keep them there. We are hopeful though as that means the game we enjoy will prosper and we will have more people to play with.