What is Overwatch 2




What is Overwatch 2

There has always been quite a bit of talk between fans of Overwatch as well as quite a bit of speculations going around with how the franchise will continue in the future. After all the talk about the game we were finally introduced to the future, that being Overwatch 2. It was announced during BlizzCon 2019 and at that moment people became hungry for absolutely any information they could get their hands on. 

Creative Director Jeff Kaplan, someone who a lot of Overwatch players are familiar with was the person that made the announcement and introduced this interesting news to us. He announced some of the new features we can expect and definitely did a good job at creating hype. That is why we have compiled a lot of the things that we know as well as some rumors which we will talk about. 

Overwatch 2 will go down a bit of a different route than its predecessor but will still keep things familiar for long time fans

With the sequel we will be introduced to new PvP modes, maps, cosmetics, characters and even a story mode and hero missions. This is absolutely welcome news as people have always wanted to know more about the heroes and world of Overwatch and this will make it easier for developers to keep building on the lore.

Before diving deeper into what we can expect in terms of content we will first take a look at what we know of the release date. During the unveiling of the game Jeff Kaplan stated that it is still in early development and that they will take their time with polishing so that it becomes a great game on release. 

Officially the developers have no given a date for the release but there have been some rumors and possible leaks going around. There was a tweet made by the Brazil Playstation Twitter account that stated the release date will be some time during 2020. 

While it was taken down later on there was another Tweet from the Overwatch League team Vancouver Titans which also stated 2020 as the date to expect it. While both of them were promptly deleted and no official news was given by the developers, we cannot say anything definitive. If it is a 2020 release date though, a lot of players will be happy to get their hands on the game as soon as possible.

Now in regards to gameplay information that we have, except the already announced hero they have been quite tight lipped about the roster

While that may be so we at least have confirmation that there are quite a lot of heroes in the work and even that the PVE maps are twice as large compared to current ones. This will allow us to take a more tactical approach to handling enemies during such Co-Op missions. 

The hero progression that was talked about will be tightly connected to the story aspect of the game. The missions themselves will be made in a way so that you can replay them many times over after completing the main story campaign. This replayability and hero progression is an interesting system that they are working on in order to make it fun and not tedious.

They will be taking a more narrative based approach to the games and will address a lot of the request that people had from the original game. While they will make quite a bit of new implementations with the inclusion of Story modes, the PVP aspect is still incredibly important and will also experience changes. 

They have announced that there will be a lot of time and care implemented into the new PVP modes and changes. They will work on making it the best it can be and will continue providing new content for it. 

Also with the new engine upgrade there will be some visual changes and other hidden stuff which will make the game feel better. With this upgrade they will be able to implement the bigger maps and more diverse enemies they talked about. While it may look a little bit different it is all for the better as it is after all some change to what we already know all too well.

Some welcome news for the big player base of the original game is that all cosmetics will transfer to the new game

All those skins that were acquired during events will still be accessible in Overwatch 2 which is really good news especially for players that have put a lot of time into gathering them. 

Hero missions are something else that was talked about. This will be a mode which is made in a way that it is replayable and fun at the same time. Here we will be going around the globe defending locations from Talon and even Omnic invasions. 

Upgrading heroes through this mode is something that will be a main focus. For Co-Op play there will be many changes that can be done to heroes and their progression. For example Reinhardt’s Fire Strike can be made to ignite nearby enemies and do continuous damage to them. With many changes like this we are sure that this mode will be quite fun and different at the same time. It will all depend on how you build your hero, which will give something like an RPG feeling to the players.

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