What we know about Sojourn in Overwatch 2



What we know about Sojourn in Overwatch 2

This is a hero that has been talked about for quite a bit of time. Many speculations and teases were made about her as well as her role in Overwatch itself. Sojourn has been worked on ever since 2015 and has been part of the game in a more indirect way even if you did not know about it. Interestingly enough we even know about her from the first trailer of the game where she is shown on Winston’s screen.  

During the Maximilian Archives event even if you did not notice, she was a part of it. She was the one that leads the mission to capture this criminal and convict him of his crimes. As you see she has been around for quite a bit of time even if a lot of people did not know. That is why some Overwatch fans are incredibly hyped for her introduction in the game.

It was long overdue for her to be implemented in the game especially as she is the first Canadian character in the game

That is precisely why one of the new maps in Overwatch 2 will be located in Toronto. That is the location where she calls home and she seems to be proud of her country as she wears a maple leaf on her uniform. There is quite a bit of lore surrounding her but in regards to gameplay and abilities we have yet to learn more. 

There is a lot of speculation that has been going around so we will talk about what we know and also give you some rumors that can possibly be implemented in Overwatch 2. Sojourn as far as we can see has changed quite a bit compared to how we saw her for the first time. 

Now she seems to have quite a lot of cybernetic enhancements done to her

Both her hands are currently weapons and one of them looks a bit like the assault rifle of Soldier 76 while the other is a giant cannon blaster. It is quite a substantial difference to what she looked like before but unfortunately currently we can only speculate as to why this has happened. 

It is possible these upgrades were made on purpose or she experienced something like what happened to Genji and she had no choice. All we can do right now in regards to her lore is to wait for more information as even Creative Director Jeff Kaplan said that they will hold off on talking about her too much before release. 

Now a little bit in speculation territory we can assume that she will be a damage dealing hero that can attack with both types of weapons she has equipped. We even saw a little bit of her during the gameplay trailer and at least we have an idea of what to expect. 

She is seen jumping and sliding so her mobility will most likely be quite high. Hopefully it will be something unique to her character and we will be able to have quite a bit of fun playing her. 

Often game trailers don’t necessarily show off hero abilities perfectly but still they are quite close to what we see in-game. This is why it is possible that what we saw will show up in some form when she is released. 

She will be a most welcome addition to the roster 

While we may not see her soon that does not mean we will forget about her. She has been circulating the Overwatch lore and news for quite a bit of time so we can expect her to at least have quite the interesting lore behind her. 

That is of course left to be seen when Overwatch 2 is released and while there may not be an official release date currently announced there have been some rumors. A couple of Twitter accounts have mistakenly given the year 2020 as the date which we can expect the game. 

While they did remove them promptly they were still saved by some users. Keep in mind though that the developers at Blizzard have still not released any solid information regarding the release date. That is why we should not expect to definitely see her in 2020. 

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