Even more interesting builds to try out in Teamfight Tactics



Even more interesting builds to try out!

Previously we gave you some interesting builds to try out when playing Teamfight Tactics but there are even more out there that combine fun and efficiency. The developers at Riot have put considerable effort to make it so that we have the ability to mix and match any combination in-game. 

Ever since the update where they introduced almost every champion from League of Legends, the possible builds are almost endless. We touched on a couple of them previously and because of that, we decided to compile a bit more for you, as experimenting and trying out new stuff is what makes Teamfight Tactics so much fun to play.

Now let us begin with an incredibly interesting concept, that being the Woodland Assassins

The final composition consists of Ivern, Maokai, Renekton, Diana, Leblanc and Kha’Zix. This is undoubtedly one of the best comps you can make in the early game. The reason for that is because the units you will have to locate for the late game require a bit of patience as not all of them can be found often. 

That is why an early start is incredibly important. In the beginning try to start out with Ivern, Maokai, LeBlanx as the two Druid and three Woodland is a very powerful and solid start. Then continue with adding Renekton and Diana for some damage and tankiness. 

Finish up with Kha’Zix so that there are three Assassins and two Desert buffs at the end. Overall Renekton is the one that will be your game changer and you should take care of him. Dragon’s Claw and Phantom Dancer are enough to make him a machine of death on the field.

Electric Assassin Warden is the next build that we will be taking a look at

Even starting with the name only we can already know that it is going to be a fun one. The final composition consists of Ornn, Thresh, Volibear, Nautilus, Qiyana, Malphite, Kha’Zix and Zed. The beginning should always start off with Ornn and Braum as they provide the two Warden buff. Adding Thresh and Nautilus afterwards provides us with four Wardens and tow Ocean champions. 

Volibear comes afterwards and is basically the first carry you will have in this build. He will provide your team with two Glacial and two Electric buffs. Infinity edge and Jeweled Gauntlet are quite useful for him so try and build those if possible. Up next are Qiyana and Malphite for the two mountain bonus. To add them to your team though, you will have to take out Braum. 

Finally we proceed with Kha’Zix and Zed which will finally provide your team with a three Electric and three Assassins. In regards to Zed, he will be your late game carry and will need at least an Infinity Edge, Ionic Spark or Guardian Angel to dominate the late game builds.

Following the previous damage orientated build we talked about, let us now proceed with something much more defensive and fun. The build is called Inferno Warden and has a very defensive lineup. 

We should start off the game by getting Diana, Maokai and Ivern, which should be quite easy in the start. Something you should strive to get in the starting stages are Thresh and Nautilus as the will drastically empower your team with a two Warden and two Ocean buff. 

Up next we have the Annie and Brand that should absolutely be purchased on sight as they will provide your team with the three Inferno trait. Annie should always have at least a Morellonomicon and Hexctech Gunblade for maximum efficiency.  That is in order to increase her damage output and survivability but there is something else you should also build for her. That being the Warden’s Mail as it will turn her into a Warden for increased defensiveness for your team. 

The following step that we must take is to remove Ivern and Maokai so that we can add Malphite for the four warden synergy

Lastly we have to try and find Soraka and Janna as they provide the team with the two Mystic buff. This will finally be your end build, which of course can be changed around if you like but do try it out as it is quite fun to play. 

Something else that you should keep in mind about Soraka though is that she has to be on the rear. Place her there so that she does not get focused too much and provide here with a Rapid Firecannon, Speak of Shojin and some defensive item for maximum efficiency. Overall quite an annoying team for any enemy to handle.

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