How ranked mode works in TFT?


How Ranked works in TFT?

With every passing week, TFT is getting more and more options available to test out and it is not showing that it is slowing down anytime soon. Having a few weeks to test everything out and get to know the respective mode better, Riot has decided to add its own progression and ranked system to it. In a way to make the players feel that all this time that has been invested is not for nothing and not for it to be just be another rotating game mode, gone in a few short weeks. By that you can safely assume that TFT is here to stay for the long run, so we just had to cover it.

Ranked was always in the talks for TFT, but surely it won’t be as much demanding as it is on Summoner’s Rift. Since, in its base, TFT is a much more social game with a ton of more random factors implemented into it, it would not make much sense to implement the already established ranked system into it, some changes would have to be made. It should feel you are receiving the recognition you deserve, while playing with your friends of various skill levels. 

Starting from patch 9.14, ranked was implemented into TFT

The same divisions and tiers are still present from the base game, even their respective names are kept. The twist however is that you will lose or gain League Points based on how good you did in the game, to put it simply, if you are in the first or last four. You will gain the most points if you finish in first place, basically you are beating out seven other players and that should feel massively rewarding, to put it simply, if you are barely winning or losing, try for the 4’th or 5’th place, that is where the win and loss of points is minimal. 

Promotion series are not implemented into TFT the moment you reach 100 points you are promote 

In the base game, the moment you reach 100 points a promotion series starts where it is decided if you continue onwards or lose some points and try again. The downside however is that, if you reach 0 points you are demoted momentarily, normally you have ‘’protection’’ as to not be demoted the moment you lose a game at 0 points, but since the system is skipping out on promotions and demotions, you will gain or lose points more frequently, which means that ranked will be going faster here. 

Players have gone fond of end of season rewards, with Gold rank being the bare minimum to get what every other rank is getting plus an exclusive Victorious skin. TFT will surely have some kind of rewards implemented when a season ends, although probably a skin will not be it, but we are sure Riot, with all of their creativity, can think something as interesting as a skin or something even more.

TFT Beta Pass is what Riot is currently testing out on live servers to make you feel like you are progressing to something meaningful with every consequent game. Earning rewards as you are gaining more and more points from daily login and by completing various weekly challenges. Furthermore, since this is still a new system that is being tested, changes may occur and on what scale is not certain as well. Feedback and experiences is what Riot would appreciate from the players, they are asking that with every new mode presented, but with this one, since it is going to be staying, they are pretty eager to hear what you have to say.

TFT is pretty different from the base game modes, currently you are getting experience and Blue essence, the currency to buy champions, in normal games. Furthermore, in TFT you are getting nothing in terms of experience and Blue essence, just the beta pass points, Riot has not yet confirmed if it is going to stay like this or for how long. 

Seasons in TFT are going to work quite differently from the rest of the modes, with a new season starting every few months rather than 1 season for the whole year. The changes between season is also going to be drastically different, with newer champions being added to the ever-growing roster, as well as items and system changes, in a way to give each new season its own unique flavour. Starting a new season every few month is not going to give players the time they normally had with traditional League, having 1 year and having 2-3 month is something of a change of pace. 

Although, as we are accustomed to Riot, changes are quite frequent with them, depending if the time from one season to another feels short or large, all that is left to pure speculation and nothing else. Something that will be kept is the division drop between seasons, since new seasons are expected to meaningfully shake up the pre-existing meta.

Ranked in a mode that is still in its own beta is something not many game companies are will to do, but Riot is always open to experimentation and is encouraging its own player base to do the same. We will be following closely how all of this unfolds and we are hoping that you will be here along for the ride. 

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