How to win games in Teamfight Tactics?



How to win in Teamfight Tactics?


Team Fight Tactics is the newest game mode to be added in League of Legends, but to differentiate itself from the older ones, to give an example would be URF and Nexus Siege, weekly updates give reason to believe that something is about to change. Normally, League brings these modes with different ideas in mind, some do turn over the rules on their head, some add newer and newer items locked for their respective mode, and others change the game from the root TFT. Being here for merely a few weeks, people have had plenty of time to get to know the mode, at least to be called a beginner. Moreover, there is a pretty sizeable variation of ways to actually win here and that is what we are going to cover.

Origins in the game

Firstly, lets cover the wide variety of origins present in the game, from which, depends solely on the champion, they are divided into respective classes, which is whole other thing altogether. 

The origins are as follows: 

  • Demon

  • Dragon

  • Exile

  • Glacial

  • Robot

  • Imperial

  • Noble

  • Ninja

  • Pirate

  • Phantom

  • Wild

  • Void

  • Yordle. 

Furthermore, the classes are: 

  • Assassin

  • Blademaster

  • Brawler

  • Elementalist

  • Guardian

  • Gunslinger

  • Knight

  • Ranger

  • Shapeshifter

  • Sorcerer 

With everything covered in terms of classes and origins, there are still plenty of items brought from the base game, but with a certain twist to them. Let us continue to different combinations of origins and classes, to forming a team and to actually winning a game. We do encourage constant testing to find out what works and what does not, but a team full of Assassins, jumping around the map and landing critical hits on everyone and everything, is fun in its own way.

One way to build an altogether strong team is to focus on Knights, since they negate damage being done to them, the more Knights you have on the map, the more damage from physical attacks is reduced. Early game you get an option to pick some Knights from the start: Darius, Garen and Mordekaiser are all 1 coin champions, which means that they are going to appear in the early game and start disappearing as the game goes on and ultimately start to be replaced by higher cost champions, as we enter mid and late game. 

Having the frontline covered with Knights, maybe mixing some Guardians, as their buff is to +30 armour to champions who are adjacent to them, makes for a really strong frontline. For the backline, you have much to choose from, but with Knights, normally Gunslingers or Rangers are the best, since they have the most likely change to have the same origin as someone from the frontline, which gives another buff altogether. 

Early game Gunslingers are Graves and Tristana, with Tristana being more beginner forgiving, since she does not require much thought for where she should be placed, while the positioning of Graves is rather crucial. Their buff is that they have a 50% change to attack an additional target if you have at least 2 placed, and if you have 4, all targets in range. Rangers are also pretty viable with Knights, Vayne and Varus are the early game Rangers who have a rather effective buff, every 3 seconds they have a 25% change to double their attack speed for 3s, this can really change the tide of battle and rather fast at that.

Let us move on to another viable comp, this normally is for those who just want to get in and cause carnage to all 

Assassins are pretty high risk, as they are in normal League of Legends as well, but they are undoubtedly pretty fun to experiment with. Early game Assassins are: Kha’Zix, Zed and Pyke, with Pyke having the most useful out of the three, since he can stun the entire opposing team, if aligned correctly, buying time for the critical hits to land. Mixing them with Blademasters and you have a pretty high damage but not really a survival comp. 

Assassins having their respected buff of having 3 Assassins on the field boosts their critical damage to 150% and having 6 to 350%, which is absolute bonkers and absolutely melts anything. Blademasters having 35% change to double strike an enemy if you have 3 on the field and triple strike if you have 6. Early game Blademasters are: Fiora and Shen, with Shen actually being able to keep the frontline with his ability to block basic attacks for some time. This comp can normally evaporate the first comp’s backline, but they are going to have a hard time with the frontline. 

Bringing Brawlers in the company of Sorcerers is another way to bring havoc on the opposing team. Early game Brawlers are: Warwick, Rek’Sai and Blitzcrank, with Blitzcrank having the most useful ability, being able to grab and pull the farthest enemy next to you. Brawlers are not Knights in terms of raw defences, but do make it up in health, having 2 Brawlers present buff their health with 300 and having 4 with 700, which having them in the front can really slow the opposing team down and buy time for the backline. Here we have the Sorcerers, who can work miracles with their buff, with which they buff each other’s damage, having 3 with +35 ability power and with 6 being able to give +100 ability to not only them, but the whole team, which in turn boosts the spell damage of the frontline as well. 

Some early game Sorcerers are: Kassadin, Lulu and Ahri, the Yordle sorcerer Lulu can enlarge an ally who she decides is in dire need of health, which in turn can save someone and even knocks all enemies near him. Out of the three comps, this one for sure does the most rely on having their spells ready at all times and blasting over and over the enemy. 

Moreover, playing the long game is another way, which means that you are losing your first rounds on purpose while and selling champions to get some capital of coins and items. With all that stored, the moment we enter the end of mid-game, you start spending money, upgrading champions and equipping them with items, to make an easy game for the enemy, to one who will need to think twice about ever doubting you in the first place.  TFT is still growing and growing with every week and we are eager to see and experience along the way. If Riot does decide to keep it as a constant option or take it out as they do with previous modes, just keep in mind that they all have returned once or twice and with that introduced a whole lot of new intriguing stuff. We are here for the ride, does not matter long or short it may inevitably be.

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