Team Fight Tactics – Base Item: Needlessly large rod


Team Fight Tactics  – Base Item: Needlessly large rod


Today we will be taking a look at another base item and what it offers, as well as which champions benefit the most from it. The item in question is called Needlessly Large Rod, most of us League players are quite familiar with it. Especially those of us who enjoy playing mages as well as dealing tons of AP damage use it the most. The use of it in Teamfight Tactics is also quite similar to the one we are used to when playing LoL. 

Now as previously we will make a small comparison with the original version used in LoL and the one that we can receive in TFT. Needlessly Large Rod in the original game is a basic item that provides the wearer with +60 AP and can be built into 3 different items. They are all centered on granting the champion additional Ability Power, and are Rabadon’s Deathcap, Spellbinder as well as Wooglet’s Witchcap. This basic item is the one that gives the most AP from all of the current basic item list and is often purchased by player’s that want to build up Ability Power quickly.

In Teamfight Tactics the effect of the item is quite similar but reduced of course

This item is quite often used by the champions that deal the most damage with their abilities, like sorcerers. Often it is a must for them and it should be prioritized when possible. From it you can make quite a lot of items that will be able to assist you with getting that desired first place when playing ability centered builds. You can build it into 8 distinct items that are all special in their own little way. And not after mentioning the combinations, why don’t we take a look at them, they are the following:

  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow = Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and + 20 spell damage as well as all attacks granting +5% attack speed which stacks indefinitely. This is an incredible item that can be used by almost anyone and still be super effective. Although out of all the current champions the ones that find the most use of it are Lucian, Ashe, Kassadin, Kayle and the amazingly strong Veigar. With this item he is able to stack up his ultimate even faster and also do more damage with it, which is a great bonus.

  2. Needlessly Large Rod + B.F. Sword = Hextech Gunblade: Your champion will heal for 25% of the damage dealt by spells and basic attacks as well as +20 AP and +15 AD. This item is most often used by Garen, Katarina and Evelynn. The more surprising one of the three is Garen, overall he gets quite good bonuses from it because of his AoE Spin which will help him last longer in the fight. 


  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod = Rabadon’t Deathcap:  Your champion gets their ability power increased by 50% as well as getting +40 AP as a bonus to that. The ones that get the most from using this one are Blitzcrank, Karthus, Brand and Anivia. Because of their ability based damage, this combination is a blessing for them. By having this item any one of these champions becomes a force to be reckoned with.


  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Tear of the Goddess = Luden’s Echo:  Your champion’s special abilities, when dealing damage will deal an additional 180 Magic Damage to the first enemy and the 3 other’s the orbs fall on. When equipped Luden’s Echo also provides a bonus of +20 AP and +20 starting Mana. The ones that gain the most are Anivia, Ahri, Brand and Katarina.  They deal AoE damage as it is but with this item equipped they are further empowered and can devastate a couple of enemies at once.


  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Chain Vest = Locket of the Iron Solari: At the start of combat the champion equipped with this item and all other allies within 2 hexes of the same row on either side, gain a 300 HP shield for 7 seconds, when the round starts. Also the wearer receives +20 bonus AP and +20 Armor. The champions that find this item the most useful are the tankier or the more support based ones like Leona, Braum or Lulu, for example. This is quite a useful item as the early game is often heavily influenced by it.


  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Negatron Cloak = Ionic Spark: When equipped on your champion once an enemy casts a spell, they will be damaged for 125 true damage, by the wearer. Once worn, the champion will also receive a +20 AP and + Magic Resist bonuses. This should be used for some of the tankier and more up close and personal champs. A really good one to equip it on to is Braum once again as he is quite hard to take down and has no damage.


  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Giant’s Belt = Morellonomicon: When your champion deals damage with their spell, they will burn the enemy, which means that the target will receive 20% of their max HP as damage over time and will reduce their healing by 80%. When equipped you will also gain +20 AP and +200 HP bonuses. Keep in mind that this is a unique item so you can only equip one and make sure to do it on a champion like Kennen, Anivia or Brand with AoE damage.


  1. Needlessly Large Rod + Spatula = Yumi: Once equipped on your champion, this item makes them into a sorcerer as well as whatever they are currently. Something else you receive is a bonus of +40 AP. This item is surprisingly enough based and named on a champion from LoL and can be effectively utilized for multi buff builds. The champions that go well with this item are basically all of them except the Sorcerers.

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