Teamfight Tactics Base Item-Giant’s Belt



Teamfight Tactics Base Items Giant’s Belt

Up next in our review of the base items in Teamfight Tactics is the Giant’s Belt. As always most League players will definitely be familiar with it, especially the ones that prefer playing tankier Champions. This item is especially good for Champions like Garen, Volibear and others that want to be able to stay in the fight longer and the increase of the maximum health is needed for that. Again we will first take a look at the item in the base game and what it offers, in order for you to be able to make a bit of a comparison between the two variations. 

In LoL this is an advanced item which is crafted from a Ruby Crystal and provided the wearer with a bonus of +380 Max HP. This might not seem like a lot at a first glance but it is quite a nice boost, before its upgrade to another item. For example if you sorely need extra health Warmog’s Armor can give you that as well as other bonuses, but to build it the Giant’s Belt is required. Overall this is a nice and affordable item that will always help out with front line engagements. 

Now let us dive into how the item itself is represented in Teamfight Tactics

Giant’s Belt is quite a handy item which will give your desired Champion a bonus of +200 Max HP which is quite close to what you would receive in LoL. The two variations are not all that different but the items that can be created with it are quite a bit more compared to LoL. 

The bonus to the HP is always welcome and it is especially useful for front line units that are supposed to take quite the beating. It is always a smart idea to equip it on a unit that will actually need to be up front. Also the combinations available are designed for champions that take a lot of damage but not necessarily dish it out. 

Now that we started talking about the combinations, let’s take a deeper dive into them and check them out

Giant’s Belt + Recurve Bow = Titanic Hydra 

Giant’s Belt + Recurve Bow = Titanic Hydra: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +200 health as well as their attacks deal 10% of the wearer’s max health as splash damage. This one is for those champions that have the health and defense to take quite a beating but can’t return it. Mostly used on Cho’Gath and Shen but it is also quite good on most Shapeshifters as their bonus health when transformed makes it quite the damage dealing item. For example once Shyvana transforms with the Titanic Hydra equipped, she will do some devastating damage to all enemies.


Giant’s Belt + Needlessly Large Rod


Giant’s Belt + Needlessly Large Rod = Morellonomicon: When your champion deals damage with their spell, they will burn the enemy, which means that the target will receive 20% of their max HP as damage over time and will reduce their healing by 80%. When equipped you will also gain +20 AP and +200 HP bonuses. Keep in mind that this is a unique item so you can only equip one and make sure to do it on a champion like Kennen, Anivia or Brand with AoE damage.


Giant’s Belt + Tear of the Goddess


Giant’s Belt + Tear of the Goddess = Redemption: When your champion falls below 25% Health, all nearby allies are healed for 1200 Health after a 2.5 second cooldown. Now this item can make quite a big difference in a match as it has the power to restore the health of your champions to maximum.  You should try equipping it on front line champions as they will be focused first and even if they die, as long as the heal activates, it is not all that bad. Some of the best ones out there are Braum, Leona, Poppy and Cho’Gath.


Giant’s Belt + B.F. Sword


Giant’s Belt + B.F. Sword = Zeke’s Herald: At the start of combat your champion and all allies within two hexes of them in the same row, receive a bonus of +15% Attack Speed for the rest of combat. This is actually quite a handy item, because the bonus to HP, Attack Damage and Attack Speed makes it quite the universal thing. With this item we combine three distinct bonuses for the wearer.  Champions that gain a lot from this item are Morgana, Leona and Lulu. The bonus to attack speed and also the bigger health pool is incredibly useful for them, so that they can stay longer in the fight and spam out a lot of spells in the mean time!


Giant’s Belt + Chain Vest 


Giant’s Belt + Chain Vest = Red Buff: Your champion’s basic attacks will burn the target on hit, which will deal 20% of their maximum HP as over time true damage over 10 seconds. Also their healing will be reduced by 80% for the duration of the burn effect. While not an item per say, the Red Buff is amazing for fast hitters especially Lucian, Tristana and Volibear.Those three champions gain a lot from this effect and  also receive quite a defensive boost with the bonus HP and Armor as well.


Giant’s Belt + Negatron Cloak


Giant’s Belt + Negatron Cloak= Zephyr: If equipped on a champion, at the start of combat they will summon a whirlwind that will remove the closest enemy from combat for 6 seconds. This is an interesting item as by removing an enemy for 6 whole seconds, you can destroy a team that normally beats you. It is quite handy when a turnaround is needed. Braum, Leona and Morgana are nice picks for this as their survivability will increase because of the Magic Resist and Max HP boost.


Giant’s Belt + Giant’s Belt


Giant’s Belt + Giant’s Belt = Warmog’s Armor: Your champion will start regenerating 6% of their maximum health per second, once equipped with this item. This item also provides quite a big Max HP boost coming up to +400 health and will be irreplaceable if you want to have a strong front line. Warwick, Vi, Cho’Gath and Rek’Sai  are more up close and personal units that will definitely be amazing with it. Vi and Rek’Sai especially because the mobility provided from their ability, they will be able to take quite a beating, run away and then come back almost completely refreshed. This is incredibly useful in order to stay in the match longer.


Giant’s Belt + Sparring Gloves


Giant’s Belt + Sparring Gloves = Trap Claw: Your champion will get a shield that blocks the first enemy spell that hits them, and also the champion that breaks said shield will be stunned for 5 seconds. Now this is very powerful if you are playing against a Sorcerer team as the bonus health and also the +10% dodge chance and +10% Critical Strike chance are a blessing. This interesting and recently implemented item will always be good for a front line fighter. Imagine a Braum that is already tanky as it is equipped with this. The survivability will be raised to the roof!


Giant’s Belt + Spatula


Giant’s Belt + Spatula = Frozen Mallet: Your champion will also have the Glacial Attribute as well as the +200 Max HP bonus. The Spatula as always is an amazing item and especially combined with the Giant’s Belt. The reason for this is that Glacial are always good, the annoying stuns that come with this combination are devastating. Especially if paired with a champion that does AoE damage or has High Attack Speed. Lucian Especially with his annoying dashes left and right when equipped with this will definitely be even more a force to be reckoned with compared to now.


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