Teamfight tactics base item - Negatron cloak



Teamfight tactics base item - Negatron cloak

Up next in our roster of base items is the Negatron cloak. We will be taking a look at how it appears in Teamfight Tactics as well as League of Legends, so that we can make a little comparison between them. First off let us start with the item we know quite well from League of Legends and what it does in the base game. 

Negatron here is an advanced item which is a difference compared to its representation in Teamfight Tactics. It costs 720 gold and provides the wearer with +40 magic resistance. The items itself can be combined into six others at this point. They are Abyssal Mask, Force of Nature, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Moonflair Spellblade, Wit’s End and Zz’Rot Portal. Overall it is quite the useful item if you want some of that magic resistance and the ability to choose amazingly useful items to craft afterwards.

Now let us take a look at its version in Teamfight Tactics! 

In this mode of the game, the item provides us with +20 magic resist, which is half of that we typically get in League of Legends. It is an understandable change as here the balancing is different. There are a lot of useful combinations that you can make with it. 

They are the following:

  1. Negatron Cloak + Chain Vest  = Sword Breaker: Your Champion’s basic attacks have a 33% chance to disarm the target for 3 seconds which prevents them from doing Basic Attacks. Now this bad boy is amazingly powerful and useful, as the lack of basic attacks will also lower the mana gains and can annihilate a champion that has been harassing your team. You should try to give it to ranged units and pair it with attack speed items. The best ones to add it to are Lucian, Grave or Tristana.

  2. Negatron Cloak + Giant’s Belt = Zephyr: If equipped on a champion, at the start of combat they will summon a whirlwind that will remove the closest enemy from combat for 6 seconds. This is an interesting item as by removing an enemy for 6 whole seconds, you can destroy a team that normally beats you. It is quite handy when a turnaround is needed. Braum, Leona and Morgana are nice picks for this as their survivability will increase because of the Magic Resist and Max HP boost.

  3. Negatron Cloak + Recurve Bow = Cursed Blade: Your champion will get + 20% attack speed and +20 Magic Resist as well as your attacks having the 20% chance to shrink your enemy by one star. This is a very powerful item that can turn around games most of the time as champion levels are very important. That is why you should be especially careful when picking someone to equip this item on. It works the best with Lucian and afterwards Volibear, Tristana, and surprisingly enough Graves.

  4. Negatron Cloak + B.F. Sword = Bloodthirster: Your Champion’s basic attacks will heal them for 40% of the damage dealt. Now this one is quite the beauty, because you will be able to keep your damage dealers in the fight for some time. Draven for example works amazingly with this item and if you even give him more attack speed, he becomes nigh unkillable. Some others that vibe with this item are Shen and Lucian.

  5. Negatron Cloak + Needlessly Large Rod = Ionic Spark: When equipped on your champion once an enemy casts a spell, they will be damaged for  125 true damage, by the wearer. Once worn, the champion will also receive a +20 AP and + Magic Resist bonuses. This should be used for some of the tankier and more up close and personal champs. A really good one to equip it on to, is Braum once again as he is quite hard to take down and has no damage.

  6. Negatron cloak + Tear of the Goddess = Hush: Your champion’s basic attacks have a 33% chance to silence the enemy on hit, which will prevent them from gaining mana for 4 Seconds. The extra 20 mana and 20 Magic Resist are quite valuable as well. Hush is very powerful when fighting ability based build and will definitely help you out in tough situations. The champions that you should focus on equipping this are primarily fast attacking ones. Good choices for this item are Lucian, Tristana, Yasuo and Jinx. Because of their high attack speed the power of this item definitely stands out the most in their hands.

  7. Negatron Cloak + Negatron Cloak = Dragon’s Claw: Your Champion gets 75% resistance to all magic damage. This item is amazing if you have an enemy that is focusing on using sorcerers and their buff. It is especially good if you want to add it to your front line for some additional staying power against such builds. It works amazingly well with Shen for example as his ability already provides him with defense against normal attacks. Some other champions that work well with it are Tristana, Darius and Sejuani.

  8. Negatron Cloak + Spatula = Runaan’s Hurricane: The equipped champion gets a bonus of +20 extra magic resist as well as each basic attack dealing an additional missile that deals 75% of the wearer’s attack damage and applies on hit effects. This is an amazing item for your carries especially if they have Hush or Sword Breaker. It works especially well on Jinx, Ashe and Lucian.

  9. Negatron Cloak + Sparring Gloves = Quicksilver: Your champion gets a shield that will prevent the next crowd control effect from applying and this shield recharges every 5 seconds. This is quite useful if you are against a Glacial build as their crowd control can sometimes drive you crazy. This is a really nice item to counter that. It works well with a lot of champion but we would recommend attaching it to assassins like Pyke, Evelynn or Katarina.

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