Teamfight Tactics Base Item Recurve Bow


Teamfight Tactics Base Item Recurve Bow

Today we will be taking a look at one of the most powerful base items in the TFT! Overall currently attach speed is one of the most useful stats in the game and this amazing item goes well with so many others. With attack speed we are able to build up ults faster and that can be abused to a tremendous degree.

We will start off with a little comparison between the items in the base LoL game and its TFT variation. In League of Legends this item is an advanced item which is built by combining two daggers and provides us with quite good stats for its price! We receive a 25% attack speed boost, as well as bonus of our basic attacks dealing 15 bonus physical damage on-hit. What we can build it into is four different items, each with its interesting bonuses. They are Blade of the Ruined King, Bloodrazor, Guinsoo’s Rageblade and lastly Wit’s End. This is one of the most used items for carries and many other champions that need that extra attack speed. 

Now on to the important part, and that is how the same item works in TFT as most of us already quite familiar with it from LoL. In Teamfight Tactics when this item is equipped on a champion, they get a bonus of 20% attack speed and we can build it into various items which we will be taking a look at shortly. Because of its amazing variety and usefulness even for Gunslingers, Rangers and Brawlers this items is extremely valuable to get your hands on, out of all other basic items. 

Keep in mind as well that it’s not necessarily only useful for those types of champions we gave as an example. The thing that makes it so valuable is that, for example it can be used by mages as well and help you out tremendously in the game.

While it is goon on its own, the combinations it makes with other items as well are amazing

This is what makes the game so fun, the amazing item combination that can transform your champions into anything. Each game can bring with itself so much variety and most likely you will never have two matches that are completely the same. 

Now on to our list of combinations:

  1. Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow = Rapid Firecannon: Your champion will get +40% attack speed and all their attacks cannot be dodged as well as the attack range being doubled. This is an amazingly useful item on Vayne, Volibear and the ever powerful Draven. The bonus to the attack speed and range can make Draven and Vayne into amazing Snipers and also Volibear is unbeatable if he activates his Ultimate.


  1. Recurve Bow + Tear of the Goddess = Statikk Shiv: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +20 mana with every 3rd attack dealing 100 splash magical damage as well as bouncing to 3 extra targets. This item is quite good with Tristana, Jayce, Volibear and Lucian. These are the champions that you should do your best to equip them with it. 


  1. Recurve Bow + B.F. Sword = Sword of the Divine: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +20 Attack Damage and each second that has passed the wearer gets a stacking 7% chance to gain 100% critical strike. With this item the best gains can be made by equipping it on Varus, Ashe, Vayne and especially Kindred as because of her ult she gains much more time to stack the effect and dominate the enemies.


  1. Recurve Bow + Needlessly Large Rod= Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and + 20 spell damage as well as all attacks granting +5% attack speed which stacks indefinitely. This is an incredible item that can be used by almost anyone and still be super effective. Although out of all the current champions the ones that find the most use of it are Lucian, Ashe, Kassadin, Kayle and the amazingly strong Veigar. With this item he is able to stack up his ultimate even faster and also do more damage with it, which is a great bonus.


  1. Recurve Bow + Chain Vest = Phantom Dancer: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +20 armor as well as the ability to dodge all critical strikes, including those from abilities. If you want to use this item to the best of its capabilities it will be best to attach it to Garen, Shen, Shyvana, Camille or Volibear. Overall this is best used for the front line which will soak up all the damage and will also be able to deal some in return with their ultimates.


  1. Recurve Bow + Negatron Cloak = Cursed Blade: Your champion will get + 20% attack speed and +20 Magic Resist as well as your attacks having the 20% chance to shrink your enemy by one star. This is a very powerful item that can turn around games most of the time as champion levels are very important. That is why you should be especially careful when picking someone to equip this item on. It works the best with Lucian and afterwards Volibear, Tristana, and surprisingly enough Graves.


  1. Recurve Bow + Giant’s Belt = Titanic Hydra: Your champion will get +20% attack speed and +200 health as well as their attacks deal 10% of the wearer’s max health as splash damage. This one is for those champions that have the health and defense to take quite a beating but can’t return it. Mostly used on Cho’Gath and Shen but it is also quite good on most Shapeshifters as their bonus health when transformed makes it quite the damage dealing item. For example once Shyvana transforms with the Titanic Hydra equipped, she will do some devastating damage to all enemies.


  1. Recurve Bow + Spatula = Blade of the Ruined King: Your champion will get +40% attack speed and will also become a Blademaster. This can be used on absolutely anyone if you want to quickly stack up your Blademaster buff as well as any other that you wish for. The effect of the spatula is amazing especially for those of us that don’t want to specifically build only one type of team and want numerous of buffs.


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